Makeup For Winter Color Type

Choosing a closet and making harmonious makeup, emphasizing natural beauty, is not difficult. You just need to know your color type. It is formed based on the color of your hair, skin, and eyes. The most striking, contrasting, and spectacular color type is Winter. Exciting, alluring, playful cold – Winter is difficult not to notice. As such, girls organically look in bright colors, even extravagant makeup. The appearance is expressive, dominated by the contrast of skin tone, hair, and eyes.


Which girls can safely call themselves Winter? The classic images are Snow White and the Snow Queen. This color type has three subtypes.

  1. Dark (deep, southern) winter
    Hair: Black, dark brown, or dark ash color.
    Eyes: Dark brown, almost black, sometimes dark hazel.
    Skin: transparent porcelain with a white cast, pink, or beige colors, but with a cool undertone.
  2. Cold (bright) winter
    Hair: black, raven-winged, dark brown, and a rare platinum blonde.
    Eyes: blue, blue, dark gray, bright, pure cold colors.
    Skin: snow-white, slightly with a bluish tint.
  3. Light (clear, clean) winter
    Hair: excellent copper, dark brown ashy colors.
    Eyes: bright blue, emerald green
    Skin: cool milky, or light beige.

Selection Of Funds Step By Step

Face design

Choose a light foundation texture, such as a matte fluid. Choose a color as close to your natural skin tone as possible, necessarily with a cool undertone: porcelain pink, olive, or beige pink. It is better to use transparent powder to fortify and matte or your tone to mask imperfections. To neutralize redness, use a green concealer, And silvery bases with cold shimmer will be suitable for an evening look.

Choose cold shades of blush – mocha, dusty rose, cool pink. Use a brush to touch the skin and blush well when applying lightly. Both on dark and white porcelain skin, even a light application of any blush will be noticeable.

Eye Makeup

The primary palette of shadows: lush bright cold colors: purple, blue, fuchsia, black, and all their shades. For everyday makeup, you can choose calm smoky pink or gray shadows. Choose dark turquoise, emerald, and crimson colors to draw attention to the blue, gray, and green eyes. Brown eyes suit the shades of marsh green, dark purple, and bright blue. A smoky-eyes will fit perfectly into festive makeup: a shaded veil of dark shadows in combination with pastel shades of lips.

The eye contour can be emphasized with classic black eyeliner. Or you can accentuate the eye color and make bright accents on the inner eyelid, arrows, or lashes with mascara. The best approach is purple, blue, blue, or white. The eyebrows should be designed under the hair’s color, and ash shades without redness should be chosen.

Lip Makeup

All cool shades of pink and plum will suit you perfectly. Winter can afford conspicuous, luxurious colors. You should look out for crimson and fuchsia colors. Do not use bright red blooms. It is better to prefer cherry or burgundy reds.

Makeup secrets

Choose colors primarily based on preference. For green eyes, you don’t have to use a brown palette, experiment. Winter does not need to look for harmony in nude makeup. Contrasts in the image will only emphasize it and will not seem excessive. Such a girl can not be not bright, she is so from nature, and it is worth playing with it. In the image, you can adhere to the following principles:

  • Please don’t be shy about eye-catching colors, even for every day. They will give you expressiveness.
  • Use rich cold shades of the palette: lilac, graphite black, dark purple, dusty pink, silver, dark green, and lime gold.
  • Please do not use the accent principle on one zone (lips, eyes). Cold and bright shades are suitable for the winter color type and harmoniously combined.
  • Avoid warm reddish, brown, and sandy shades.
  • Remember that you can apply minimal makeup and still remain spectacular.

Dazzling representatives of the Winter color type can afford the contrast of colors alien to Autumn, Spring, and Summer. Even with minimal makeup, it will be hard to outshine her. In cosmetics, you don’t have to follow any strict rules. There is something right for you that emphasizes your personality. So the perfect image can only be put together by experience, but you should start with the palette of your native color type.

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