Makeup For Square Face: Tricks And Techniques

Girls who have been given a square face by nature are not very happy with this “generous gift”. Not everyone likes the prominent high forehead, heavy lower jaw and wide cheekbones. Modern cosmetics will help to correct these flaws. With the help of decorative products you can soften the rough features and correct the square shape of the face.

Makeup For Square Face: Basic Rules

Makeup for a square face shape should be done in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Darken all the prominent, most prominent parts of the face – the forehead, the jaw, the cheekbones;
  • to elongate the oval, brighten the central zone;
  • to put the emphasis on the lips;
  • emphasize and make your eyes expressive.

Apply a darker shade of foundation to the areas you want to hide. You can also hide a wide forehead under bangs. But it should not be straight and short, thick and voluminous. Filigree uneven bangs are the perfect solution.


Even in the morning, you can do some light corrective makeup. Clean your skin and apply day cream or base. To correct it, use blush rather than foundation. In this case, it is recommended to focus on the eyes.

Take a shadow of three shades from the same colour scheme. It is recommended to apply the lightest one on the inner corner of the eye, and the darkest one on the outer corner. Then it is necessary to make a shading and draw thin not long arrows with a pencil or eyeliner, and also to put mascara on eyelashes. If the corners of the eyes are lowered, raise them with arrows. Apply the rouge in an even broad line from the temple to the lips. The final touch is lipstick or gloss of a natural shade.


Cleanse your face and apply foundation. To soften the corners of a rectangular face, darken the lower jaw and temporal area with a darker foundation. Then a highlighter or foundation a couple of shades lighter is applied in the center of the face on the forehead, nose and chin. The border between the foundations is blurred and everything is secured with mineral powder.

On the eyelids you can use a bright shade of dense texture. As with the daytime makeup, there should be three shades here. The darkest of them is applied to the outer corner of the eyelid. To emphasize the eyes, it is necessary to make medium-thick lines with a pencil or eyeliner, and mascara should be applied to the lashes.

The arrows should extend beyond the border of the eye – so the look will be seductive and open. You should paint your lips bright matte or glossy lipstick in the evening. But if you do not want to attract attention to the prominent chin, it is better not to accentuate and use a natural gloss.

Toning Products For Correction

Correcting a square face with makeup is impossible without the right foundation. One “foundation” is definitely not enough here. In your cosmetic bag there should be one foundation that perfectly matches the colour of your skin. Also, you will need two more creams – one a shade darker and one a shade lighter. The first darkens the areas you want to hide, and the second is applied in the center.

Highlighter can be used for sculpting. You will also need a mineral powder in a natural shade to finish the look.


Your cheeks and cheekbones are corrected with blush. There is no need to have blushy, noticeable cheeks – it will draw extra attention to them. Blushes in light tones should be applied thinly. Draw two equal-width lines with the blush from the temple to the lip line, then have a shagging. Make sure that the blush does not extend down to the lips – it will draw attention to the prominent chin.

Eyebrow correction

Makeup for a square face will be complete and correct, if you pay attention to the eyebrows. They should be medium width (too narrow or wide – not a suitable option), shortened and with a slight curve. On a square face straight or round eyebrows will not look good. You can make them a bit darker than the hair, but not black. If your eyebrows are naturally black, there is no need to blacken them with a black pencil.

Eye Makeup

Arrows for a square face are always the right solution. They are especially suitable for girls with naturally small or too narrow eyes. Arrows should point upwards, so that the eyes seem visually larger. In the evening make the arrows black, and during the day use gray or dark blue.

Use different shades from the same palette. To be the eyes more expressive, apply lighter shadows to the inner corner of the eyes, and darker shadows to the outer corner. But if your eyes are too far away, the inner corner should appear darker. Shade well so that the transition between them is smooth and imperceptible. It is necessary to be sure that the lashes are well painted. Mascara is applied in several layers on the upper lashes, and in one layer on the lower ones.

Lips for perfect makeup

A rectangular face can be corrected by applying makeup without an accent on the lips. If they are highlighted with a bright lipstick, it will draw additional attention to the chin, which is not always appropriate. If your lips are thin, you can highlight them with a pencil and put on lipstick of a natural shade. If they are already plump enough, you can skip the gloss. In evening makeup, lipsticks are used in bright, saturated colours. However, it is quite acceptable since the eyes look more expressive with the bright shadows and black eyeliner.

Tips From Makeup Artists

A square face has an understandable characteristic: wide cheekbones, a high forehead and a heavy jaw. Indeed, such a face has a square shape and requires careful work with tonal products. Make-up artists pay attention: if properly applied cream, powder and highlighter, the face will shrink and the features will soften. Therefore it is necessary to darken the temporal areas and the space from the cheekbone to the chin. In addition, it is necessary to lighten the forehead, the back of the nose and the chin. If well shaded toning products and carefully applied blush are used, the face will become oval and visually elongated. At daytime, focus on the eyes, and at night, highlight the eyes and lips, but with caution to use a bright lipstick so as not to “overload” the chin.

Girls who do not like their square face shape, makeup artists advise to postpone a visit to a plastic surgeon or cosmetologist for injections. Instead, they should try to correct the situation with the help of makeup. If you apply foundation, low-bright lipstick, and bright eye makeup, the square shape will become oval, and rough features will become softer.

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