Makeup For Older Women

Age makeup can add or subtract a dozen years, depending on how you do it: the right way or out of habit?

Makeup artists recommend forgetting about the habits of youth and paying more attention to applying anti-aging makeup to avoid obvious mistakes and correctly set the accents!

The Secrets Of Makeup

The main objectives of age makeup – are to refresh the face, if possible, to disguise the problem areas, and be inconspicuous.

Therefore, grand ladies must be guided by three basic principles:

  • Lifting – achieve the effect of tighter and firmer skin with creams and serums, which must be applied at least 30 minutes before makeup;
  • Contouring – outline the face oval, nose, and cheekbones with foundations and accentuate them with powder, primer, or rouge with a tone a little darker than the base one;
  • Blurring – avoid abrupt shades, sharp lines, thick layers of primer, concealer, and foundation, especially in facial wrinkles. Rejuvenating makeup involves using natural light shades of pastel colors, no “screaming” or elegant solutions. It is better to prefer a matte effect, as it is calmer and more natural.

How To Do It

After cleansing, toning, and absorbing the lifting cream, the skin is considered ready for makeup. A big mirror, bright light, and let’s get started!

Step-by-step instructions on how to properly apply beautiful age-appropriate makeup.


The most challenging moment is the base. No matter how much you would like to apply a thick layer of a good foundation with a sponge, it is better to avoid such desires.

It is preferable to use light textures of concealers and primers on mature skin and apply them with your fingers, blending well. The application technique should be the same as regular nourishing cream.


Here we work with eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids, and inner corners of the eyes – all very carefully and without excesses:

  • Adjust the shape of the eyebrow with a soft pencil – light strokes in the direction of hair growth, and then add color and depth with shadows;
  • We put on eye shadow – it is better to take two or three shades: the base color, plus the lightening one in the inner corner of the eye and the middle of the mobile eyelid and a neutral beige tone for the upper eyelid;
  • eyelashes are well painted, remove excess mascara, it is better to take brown, it looks natural, not as sharp as black (if necessary, lashes can be curled – over time, they straighten, and can even “look” down).
  • For the note! For age makeup, it is better to avoid brown, golden, and yellow colors; they visually weigh down the eyelid, make it lower, and overhanging. Any pastel, nude, and light pink beige are ideal!

It is possible to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes with arrows to give playfulness. However, it is important not to forget to soften them with a short brush, so there is no crisp line.

Important! No eyeliner on a complete eye, especially on the lower part. Highlight only the tip of the eye!


Use a large, soft brush to apply blush to the cheekbones, a little on the chin (the protruding part), the tip of the nose, and the forehead between the eyebrows and just above.

It is better to choose powdery-pink shades or to match the color of your lipstick. Sometimes you can replace the blush with lipstick by blending it well across the cheekbones.


If you can play with the color of the lipstick and choose bright, juicy colors – such lips will draw attention away from problem areas, then the shape of the contour and the effects of lipstick experiments are undesirable.

With age, the face becomes blurred, and the precise contour of the lips is lost, so it is recommended to make the eyeliner slightly narrower than the natural boundary. Firstly, it will give the proper accent; secondly, it will not add vulgarity even with red lipstick and prevent smudging.

It is worth excluding lipsticks with different effects – chameleon, shine, metallic, etc. Lips should be fully painted.

The signs of rejuvenating makeup are moderation, visual lightness, and perfectly matched colors. And there is no need to be afraid of age-related changes. They are as natural as experience and wisdom.

Makeup Mistakes For Ladies 45+

Classic mistakes in age-appropriate makeup only add years. You should keep this in mind.

Makeup artists make critical points:

  • Be sure to distinguish between the everyday daytime makeup and festive makeup – the former has a minimum of glitter, bright colors, and sharp transitions, and the evening makeup is acceptable;
  • Do not use powdered powder – on mature skin. It is especially noticeable;
  • Avoid a lot of concealing products in the area with wrinkles – it is better to fill wrinkles before makeup with a lifting cream or sipping serum than to hide them with makeup;
  • Do not abuse the base, trying to even out as much as possible the tone and relief of the face – the neck, the décolletage area, arms, gait, posture, hair, and folds of the figure also give away the age.

With age-related flaws – dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, blurred face oval, a second chin or drooping eyelid, better to combat the beautician on the couch or a healthy lifestyle.

Warning. Decorative cosmetics are not makeup but a way to visually enhance your appearance.

If a woman can’t or doesn’t know how to do good age makeup and would like to try something new and exciting, you can go for a consultation with a makeup artist.

A professional will advise you on the right shades, teach you how to use cosmetics properly, and give you a couple of valuable tips on how to look 35 years old at 50!

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