Makeup For Droopy Eyelids

A drooping eyelid is a common feature that bothers many girls. Biologically, this type of crease can be age-related or hereditary, but in any case, it requires a unique makeup.

Common Mistakes

Often, the owners of a drooping eyelid do not realize that makeup does not improve the situation but does everything opposed. The main mistakes of makeup application:

  • Closed eyes Often, women close their eyes during makeup, which can lead to unrealistic expectations. Don’t close your eyes or tilt your head back for the best makeup results. It’s better to look straight ahead for the best results.
  • Sharp, graphic lines Women with such a structure of eyelids will not be suitable for sharp calligraphic or too wide arrows. This will only accentuate the presence of the crease and make the eyes visually smaller.
  • Bright colors Girls should not choose catchy shades to create arrows. It is better to prefer a soft pastel color scheme from popular palettes.
  • Glitter and textures Pearlescent, liquid shadows only accentuate the problem more. Therefore it is recommended to refuse their use for good.
  • Eyeliner on the lower eyelid The peculiarity of makeup for an overhanging eyelid is to create an expressive look. The use of a wide eyeliner makes everything exactly the opposite, as all the accents are shifted to the lower part of the eye.
  • Straight brow line In an attempt to make the look more open, girls try to raise their eyelids and make a gross mistake visually – straight eyebrows. A straight line only emphasizes the peculiarity of the eyes and is considered outdated. Makeup for sagging eyelids requires a unique approach and consideration of minor nuances.

Makeup Technology

To achieve the perfect result, you need to approach the task and prepare carefully:

  • Light and dark shadows;
  • black or brown eyeliner pencil;
  • dark eyeliner;
  • base;
  • mascara.A step-by-step scheme for applying makeup for a girl with drooping eyelids:
  • First, the skin area near the eyes is covered with a base compound.
  • Then use a brush to flatten a light shadow over the convex and mobile eyelids. Shadows with delicate sequins can also be used.
  • Afterward, the crease is applied to the dark eyelid and shaded dark shadows.
  • Next, draw a broad line, shading it outwards with a pencil around the eyes without touching the mucous membranes.
  • Using eyeliner, they draw an arrow, starting with a neat line from 2/3 of a mobile eyelid. The line gradually widens as it gets closer to the outer eyelid and ends at a sharp angle.

The lower eyelid is also suitable for a thin line under which you can shade the dark shadow. This method will add volume to the eyes. If you wish, you can glue on false eyelashes.

The technique of tuxedo-ice makeup can vary. It depends on the color of the eyes (gray, green, blue, brown), shape, age of the girl, and preferences. There are a lot of videos and photos of the creation of evening and daytime makeup using different colors.


A drooping eyelid significantly reduces the size of the eye. To visually correct the look and make it more smoky and open, as well as to improve the quality of everyday or evening makeup, you should take into account a few professional recommendations:

  • The primer is a multipurpose product. You can use it to simplify the procedure and prolong the staying power of your makeup. It is essential for girls with an overhanging eyelid that cannot hold even the most persistent textures.
  • The best solution is to fill not only the crease of the mobile eyelid but also the space above it. This will make the color more visible when the eyes are open.
  • It would help if you had a tissue handy. It is difficult for beginners to make beautiful makeup the first time. To simplify the process, makeup artists advise using a tissue. It should be attached to the outer corner of the eye and gently apply the shadow, moving from the center to the edge of the napkin.
  • Matte beige shadows will provide the desired visual effect. With their help, it will be possible to hide a heavy overhanging eyelid and give an expressive look.
  • It is better to choose waterproof mascaras. The disadvantage of a drooping eyelid is that the lashes often touch it. Mascara does not imprint on the skin and does not spoil the makeup. It is worth giving preference to compositions that are resistant to liquid.
  • “Light up” the inner corners of the eyes means to make them more open. Light shadows with a shimmer will help to achieve such an effect. Apply the powdery texture from the inner corner to the middle of the bottom contour of the eye.
  • The tails of the arrows should not be omitted with such a performance of makeup, look tired and sad. To improve, the makeup can help arrows, the corners of which are directed only upwards.
  • Stretching is the key to a successful makeup look. A girl with drooping eyelids will not do well with graphic makeup, characterized by clear lines. Distracting attention from the folds and expanding the look will help shade shadows.

Taking into account the recommendations will allow a couple of minutes to create the desired image, which will emphasize the face’s beauty and attract others’ attention. A drooping eyelid is not a problem if you consider a few simple makeup secrets and carefully approach each step to visually enlarge the eyes.

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