Makeup For Blue Eyes

Brilliant topaz, a sea wave, the clear skies of a sunny day – hundreds of comparisons can be made to blue eyes. Is it possible not to admire such rare and beautiful blue eyes? How can one not resist and add to their piercing and mysteriousness with the help of competent makeup?

Choice Of Products

The steps of applying foundation, contouring, and blush are the same for any eye color. All shades of facial makeup products are chosen by skin tone: warm or cool. A universal option for blush is either peach or pink.

The eyebrows in an everyday look are emphasized with a colored gel, and the hairs are finished with a pencil. Create a more precise eyebrow shape with pencil and shadow for an evening event.

Eye Makeup

The most significant difficulties arise when choosing lipstick and shadow colors. It is better to determine your color type for perfect makeup and a more intelligent choice of shades. But in general, specific rules work for blue eyes.


The best way to choose shadows is with the color wheel. Choose colors that are the opposite shade of your eyes – blue, blue, sky, and others. Beige, terracotta and warm and cool brown tones will be universal.

If you want to add some brightness, choose gold, copper, bronze, and plum. For an evening look, you can choose purple and pink colors. Blue and emerald will add expressiveness.

Something more modest: peach, lavender, soft green tones. But do not choose pale shades, neutral ones are possible, but pale ones will give your skin a greenish tint. Blue eyes give a certain pallor, bright accents will be well noticeable, and strongly gloomy ones will give a tired look.

In order not to bother with the choice of color according to the brightness of your eyes, remember one rule – never choose a shadow the same color as your eyes, as it will look cheap. This option is acceptable only for photo shoots, for example, in monochrome style. In real life, the shade should be either lighter or darker.


Replace the black pencil with gray, or better yet, use blue – the brightness is unprecedented. For blue eyes, it is better to choose contrasting eyeliner colors, emphasizing the depth of color.

The arrow doesn’t suit all girls, either. On blue-eyed girls, it can look superfluous. But you can bravely bring up the mucous membrane or draw a thin arrow with a short tip along the contour of the lashes to give your eyes an almond-shaped shape.

Lip Makeup

Blue-eyed girls should not distract attention from their looks with lipstick, considering that the accent is already made. Therefore, if your hair is a light shade, choose nude tones: peach, pink, and coral. If the shade of your hair is dark, you can take a risk and try a brighter color from the same palette. Do not combine transparent gloss with bright eye makeup. Choose colors close to the native color of your lips.

It is better to give up red and berry shades. But if your color type is winter: porcelain white skin, contrast hair, and deep blue eyes, then with minimalist makeup in the evening look, scarlet lipstick will look stunning.

Natural Look

  1. Prepare your skin: wash, toner, and day cream. Then apply foundation and conceal imperfections with a concealer.
  2. Cover the upper eyelid with a light beige shadow with a fluffy brush. On the middle of the eyelid, apply any pigmented shade of your choice and blend it to the edges.
  3. Apply a little highlighter on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow.
  4. Apply a thin layer of mascara.
  5. Add nude lipstick, matte or lightly glossy.

Evening Look

  1. Also, prepare your skin, then apply foundation Contour if necessary.
  2. Choose any bright base shade and apply it to the entire mobile eyelid, tinting the brow.
  3. Apply a well-pigmented shade to the entire mobile eyelid, adding it under the lower eyelid along the edge of the lashes to the middle. In the center of the upper eyelid, add a pearlescent shade.
  4. Using eyeliner or pencil, paint the mucosa of the upper and lower eyelid. You may add a small arrow. Apply mascara in a thick layer.
  5. Apply highlighter above the lip, under the eyebrows, in the inner corner of the eye, and above the cheekbones.

Tips For Creating A Look

An exciting option for blue-eyed girls is wet makeup. Take a peach lip gloss and apply it to your eyelid. It is on such girls that the “wet” eyelid effect looks incredible.

Try not to use a delicate palette for an evening look. You risk getting lost in the general background. But for an everyday look, these colors are just right.

If you resort to a tuxedo evening look, choose gray colors, the black haze will look harsh.

Looking for an unusual, memorable look? Try drawing white, blue, or purple arrows above the eyelid’s crease or along the lower eyelid.

Do not be afraid to experiment. The ideal can only be achieved by trial and error. Because of the different combinations of hair, eyes, and skin colors, girls can fit a fantastic image, especially when self-expression through cosmetics and clothing is in fashion.

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