Make Your Figure Beautiful And Expressive With Push Up Leggings

Push-up leggings allow you to give a figure seductive forms, so these pants with the modeling effect are popular among slender girls.

Features Of Push Up Leggings

The ancestor of the style is considered to be the leggings from the fashion of the 1980s. Leggings with a push-up effect are made of high-density stretch fabrics. A special technique of cutting pants with inserts and extra seams in some areas helps to correct the female silhouette. With a correctly chosen model it is easy to tighten the stomach and give a beautiful volume to the buttocks. Pants with a push-up effect allow you to emphasize your narrow waist and feminine hips.

If a girl wants to look 100% without putting much effort into it, modeling silhouettes hide excessive thinness. In this case, choosing the right pair of push-up pants is necessary. To improve the image’s visual perception, you should prefer shoes with heels – so it is easy to create a stylish expressive silhouette with a piquant shape of the buttocks and the effect of long slender legs.

Push-up pants are completed with tunics and shirts up to mid-thigh, worn with a hoodie or an elongated cardigan. Sweater dresses or long t-shirts are also considered suitable for pants of this style.

How To Choose Push Up Leggings

Manufacturers of modeling clothing offer various attractive solutions in different fabric densities. In the collections, there are push-up leggings of different lengths in a large range of models of all kinds of colors and patterns. When choosing pants with a corrective effect, you need to consider the figure and pay attention to the silhouettes that best fit the created image.

Push-up models are unsuitable for ladies with attractive figures since the fabric in the buttock area is thickened to give that extra volume and tighten the muscles. To delicately veil problem areas of the figure, plus-sized women should look for leggings with a tightening effect.

How to choose the right model of push-up shorts for women of slender proportions? Here it is imperative to pay attention to the color and size of the product, the density of the material and fabric pattern:

  • For the effect of slim long legs, preference is given to pants in a dark palette of dense stretch fabric. Such material is ideal for modeling silhouettes;
  • The vertical print adds visual length to the legs;
  • It is worth opting for bright-colored pants and versions in a light palette to disguise excessive thinness. Versions in saturated shades of the warm spectrum also contribute to the visual addition of volume;
  • Choose leggings and high-heeled shoes in a harmonious tone. This will add considerable length to your legs, making your silhouette taut and expressive;
  • pants with a checkered print, crossed line pattern and large geometry suit girls with a very slim figure.

To model a beautiful figure with a feminine buttocks and long shapely legs, choose leggings with push-up effect ankle length. Models wearing shorter pants are unlikely to add attractiveness in problem areas, especially if the girl is short.

Where And With What To Wear Leggings With A Push-Up Effect

Sporty push-up leggings suitable for use as an addition to a workout set. Fits tightly to the body, giving the image a slim appearance. Such pants allow you to create a fashionable and comfortable look for fitness, yoga, Nordic walking and other sports and fitness activities. Leggings perfectly combined with T-shirt with length just below the buttocks, elongated top. For cooler weather the pants are completed with insulated hoodies. You can create a layered look with a top to mid-thigh and a sweatshirt.

In a stylish casual look looks fantastic in paired with a shirt dress. A leather belt can be worn with a fashionable image, or shoes with a high heel can be worn. Push up leggings with a short dress or skirt with pleats in combination with stiletto shoes will look both reserved and piquant.

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