Make Up For Narrow Eyes: The Rules And Mistakes

Asians are more likely to have narrow eyes. Others, however, also experience this peculiarity, wanting to visually correct, as they perceive, such a flaw. A special approach is needed for the narrow section of the eyes. Any excess of cosmetics and the wrong colours will make them look like slits. But the right makeup will open the eye and give it expressiveness. You can visually change the face by knowing how to make narrow eyes big.

Features Of Narrow Eyes Makeup

To create the right makeup for narrow eyes, you should try to avoid the typical mistakes. The most basic is the application of an extra layer of mascara to lengthen the lashes. Thus a girl seeks to enlarge the eyes. But in fact the effect will be the opposite. Too long painted lashes will create a dark border, further reducing the eyes’ size.

Another mistake is to draw the eye contour, which is too close to the lashes. As a result, the cut is reduced by several times, and the proportion of the face is disturbed. If you make it a bit higher, the look will immediately open up and the eye will be enlarged and rounded.

Neither should you create a fringed line, which eventually connects to each other. Also, you should try to avoid wearing black makeup. Oily arrows and dark saturated eyeliner should be forgotten. Otherwise the eye will be weighted down and thereby become smaller.

Arrows on narrow eyes, photos of which can be seen below, look most often sloppy and like an extra detail. They seem to stand out as a dark spot and create an even smaller cut. In this case, no other tricks and accenting other parts of the face will save you.

Main Rules For Narrow Eye Makeup

To make narrow eyes more expressive, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations. To the basic rules that should be followed in the makeup, you can include:

  • For a more expressive look, use light pastel shadows to frame the eyelid above and below;
  • To achieve the effect of an open eye will help eyeliner from below, made with a pencil of a lighter shade with pearlescent shimmer;
  • If you want to make a makeup in a dark palette, you should bet on blue, chocolate and lilac shades;
  • A good technique that helps to make the eyes much larger is to draw a line just above the lashes with a gray pencil, which should always be shaded.

Owners of small eyes should refuse to use dark, bold arrows. The best way to create smooth transitions and lines is to use shadows. It will look very beautiful if you apply a light tone to the mobile eyelid that rises to the eyebrows’ line, reflecting and accentuating the facial features. And it is better to cover the existing crease with a matte color.

Makeup for narrow small eyes will look perfect and soft, giving the whole face a sense of sophistication.

A suitable makeup option for small eyes would be to apply a small amount of dark colour on the lower part of the eyelid. The upper part in this case is framed by any light shade. The lower part is shaded. A black line drawn with a dark brown or blue pencil just above the lashes would also be appropriate here. But it should be a thin line.

Narrow Eyes Makeup For Different Colours

For a narrow cut, makeup should be performed according to professional recommendations, which will help open the eyes and make them expressive. But here it is necessary to take into account the colour of the iris, because not all the palette will look perfect on dark or light eyes. It is important to follow this point, otherwise the makeup will emphasize your flaws.

Makeup for narrow eyes should primarily consist of light colors. All transitions, dark places will need to be shaded, so as not to weigh down the look even more. Attention should be paid to the cheekbones in addition to the upper part of the face, highlighting them with blush. This will allow the entire image to look harmonious.

When choosing the most suitable and acceptable colours for narrow eyes, it is necessary to consider the iris shade. It is from this main element that makeup should be repelled. For example, the colours that will look perfect on blue eyes may look out of place when they emphasize the brown iris.

Brown eyes

The brown eyes suggest the use of similar techniques for such a cut. But the shades of shadows used may differ depending on the colour of the hair. Blondes will suit the following tones:

  • sandy;
  • peach;
  • rose colour;
  • noble beige.

Brunettes and brunettes should choose the following tones:

  • gray;
  • lavender;
  • swamp green;
  • A saturated yellow with brown transitions;
  • lilac.

To make up narrow eyes of a brown color, you need to follow the generally accepted principles of makeup. In this case, the outer edge of the pupil is made out with dark shadows, and on the inner corner of the eye a light colour is applied. It is possible to strengthen the effect with a white pencil, which is nicely shaded.

Gray Eyes

Eyes of gray can be visually enlarged by means of shadows of heavenly tones. Blue and gray shades will look stylish. Combining them with a light tone is essential. This could be:

  • noble pink;
  • muted peach;
  • matte beige;
  • camel;
  • nude tint.

Such cosmetics will emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and make them look big. To give them volume, it is possible to move the lighter shades upwards to the brow area by means of shading. As a result, the cut will appear to widen.

If you want to carefully highlight and accentuate grey narrow eyes for an evening or an upcoming holiday, then a gray-silver shadow of a dark shade should be applied to the lower eyelid, which should be shaded. The inner corner of the eye must be highlighted with a white pencil.

But dark shadows should be used carefully and in small quantities: the abundance of gray shades will weigh the eye, and this should be avoided.

Green eyes

Purple and gray can be used to open eyes with a green hue. Such shadows should be diluted with a pale pink tone, which should be applied to the inner corner of the eye.

Swamp shadows combined with ivory will look beautiful. The light shade is applied to the part that is closer to the inner corner, and the dark tones are carefully distributed near the outer corner. Two eyelids, the upper and lower eyelids, are treated with this technique.

To visually enhance narrow green eyes, the palette of colours should be chosen close to the iris shade. The look will be expressive and open. And if, on the other hand, the task is to enlarge the eyes, then it is possible to apply gray-black or dark maroon shadows to a green iris.

Blue eyes

A girl with blue eyes can safely experiment with makeup, as many shades from the entire palette of shadows suit her. Smoky eye makeup would be the most suitable option if her eyes are narrow. In this case, you need to use gray tones and blue with a silvery cast.

In addition to this will look beautiful in such shades:

  • pink;
  • pale green;
  • heavenly.

The most painted area should be the outer corner. But the inner corner should be whitened and shaded, so that in the middle of the eyelid the two shades smoothly merge into each other. Such an application will allow you to apply a calm, soft and neutral applyup.

Girls with blue narrow eyes can try a combination of blue and blue tones with a little nacre. It is better to apply them in one layer, so that the makeup looks easy and relaxed.

Brown-green eyes

For narrow brown-green eyes, purple shadow would be best. Assuming the brunette has black skin and an Asian appearance, you could choose a blue palette to enhance the narrow eyes, starting with pale blue and ending with a rich deep blue.

Very beautiful green-chocolate eyes will be enhanced by olive shadows, which can be supplemented with a light chocolate tone. In this case it is also better to use chocolate mascara. Then everything will look harmonious and laconic.

In most cases, shadows with a pink twist will be suitable for the brown-green eyes. But if the eyelid is overhanging, such palette should be avoided, otherwise the look will look tired and even painful.

Makeup For Asian Eyes

The Asian face type is characterized by slanting eyes that have a narrow slit. Thin, almost invisible eyelashes frame them. The face usually has a yellowish hue, and the lips are plump and expressive.

To highlight such eyes, it is recommended first to smear the eyelids with concealer, and to accentuate the brow arches accurately with a corresponding pencil. The upper part of the eyelid is framed with a calm shade. In this case the tone can be chosen from a cold or warm palette. Red and terracotta tints are the exceptions: they will make your eyes look tired and inflamed.

Doing makeup for Asian eyes, the outer corner can be highlighted with a dark shade, blurring it to the very center of the eyelid. Similarly, the lower eyelid is painted. The eyelashes are painted with only one layer, after which they should be brushed further.

Makeup for Asian eyes can be oriental. In this case, you can use flying arrows and brighter colours. When creating such a makeup is allowed to apply several bright shades at once, but no more than five. In this case, particular attention is paid to the eyebrows, which should also be carefully outlined.

Smoky eyes for Asian eyes

Smoky makeup, especially for eyes, is quite suitable for Asian eyes. First, gently lift the upper eyelid with a thin black pencil. Then the result should be blurred. But not in a simple way, but with the addition of black shades. At the same time it is imperative to take care not to create excessive smudging.

The lower eyelid is also lined with a dark-coloured pencil, and then the blurring method is used again. After that, on the upper eyelid, apply a pale beige tone, as if separating the border of dark and light. Such a transition should flow smoothly upwards, to the brow arches. Eyebrows are painted under, and mascara is liberally applied to eyelashes.

Smoky eye makeup for Asian eyes is best suited for an evening out. During the day, such makeup may appear a bit pretentious. When applying this type of makeup, you should try to blur out all the dark shades. Otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the desired effect.

Daytime makeup for narrow eyes

Daytime makeup should reflect a natural look. If the eyelid is drooping, it is necessary to avoid excessive coloring of the lashes, located near the inner corner. And this is an imperative condition that must be respected.

To create daytime makeup, light shades are used, which are applied to the upper eyelid. The lower eyelid and the outer corner are highlighted slightly with dark shadows, it is better to choose shades close to the colour of the iris. To enlarge the eye, a crease is drawn in the upper lid.

In order to create a makeup close to nature, you should use shades of gold, yellow, beige and muted peach. The first thing to do is to apply a tone on the upper eyelid that is close to the colour of the skin. Then, apply a more saturated shade on top.

Evening makeup for narrow eyes

Evening makeup implies the use of darker and richer tones from the palette of shadows. It is also allowed to use black mascara. But not more than one layer so that the eyelashes became fluffy without weighing down the look.

Light and dark shades must be combined to create an evening look that makes the eyes look open. A gold tone is applied to the mobile eyelid and shaded all over the base of the eyelid. A deep blue with glitter or emerald green shadow is applied closer to the outer corner.

The lower eyelid should be lightly emphasized with dark shadows, but so that it looks like a smoky line. Makeup should not ignore the lips in the evening. They should also be painted brighter, so that they harmoniously echoed the eyes.

The following tones can be used to create evening makeup:

  • terracotta;
  • navy blue;
  • Emerald;
  • deep purple;
  • silver gray;
  • muted gold;
  • brown marsh with glitter.

The colour should be chosen according to the shade of the iris. Then you will be able to create a beautiful, harmonious makeup that will emphasize the face’s advantages and make it appear open.

Everyday makeup for narrow eyes

To create everyday makeup, apply a light shade on the upper eyelid. It is better to choose something pastel and neutral. It can be:

  • beige;
  • muted peach;
  • white and pink;
  • ivory colour.

Dark shadows are used to highlight the crease and the outer corner lightly. The area below the eyebrows is also highlighted. The eyelashes are painted over with light brown mascara. Additionally, you can use a pencil in a coffee shade.

I don’t use eyeliner for everyday makeup. It will weigh your eyes down in the daylight, making them look smaller. It is better to choose a light palette, and the mascara in this case is also better to be brown or gray.

Casual makeup for narrow eyes should be light and casual. It should only slightly emphasize the look, without focusing too much on it. Lips in this case, too, do not need to be allocated. It is better to choose a gloss of peach, light pink or beige.

Wedding makeup for narrow eyes

With narrow eyes, it is important to keep a measure and get a strong facial tone before applying wedding makeup. You can even out the skin’s surface with a well chosen tone, not forgetting the upper part of the eyes.

Then you can begin to create the wedding look itself. The eyes will be highlighted by means of bright colours. These can be the following tones:

  • golden beige;
  • silver;
  • Muffled emerald;
  • pearl.

The upper eyelid is painted with a light tone. To emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, the shape itself should be marked with shadows one tone darker than the original foundation was chosen. In the area of the outer corner, draw a triangle. And the line, which touches the crease of the eyelid, should be well shaded.

Apply a brighter shade to the central part of the upper eyelid next. It can be saturated pink or deep peach. Using the eyeliner, which harmoniously matches the colour, you should draw an arrow, gradually increasing on the upper eyelid. Such a line should be thin and neat, like an eye extension.

It is possible to do wedding makeup for small eyes so that they expand. The main thing is to avoid pearlescent and shimmering shadows, which merge into one spot.

Common Mistakes In The Narrow Eyes Makeup

The narrow shape of the eyes is not without certain advantages, which should be emphasized through properly selected makeup. Here it is critical not to make mistakes that will visually diminish the cut.

The main wrong techniques include:

  • The abundant use of black eyeliner or pencil, especially at the bottom of the eyelids;
  • contour, located very close to the growth of lashes;
  • The connection of the eyeliner in a single solid line, making the eye even smaller and narrower;
  • the use of a large number of pearlescent and shimmering colours;
  • Applying only the tone from the dark palette to the eyelids;
  • Using multiple layers of mascara to lengthen the look, which weighs it down considerably.

All these mistakes should be avoided in the makeup of narrow eyes of the Asian type. Too dark tones that extend all over the eyelid should also be avoided, otherwise the eyes will turn into two slits. In this case, the look will be heavy and the cut will be very narrow.

Narrow Eyes Makeup Options

To make narrow eyes look wider and more expressive, you can colour them in different ways. The first option is to apply concealer to the eyelids and draw the eyebrows to make them clear. A calm beige tone is then applied to the eyelid. The outer corner could be emphasized with a warm brown shade. It is also better to paint in one layer of dark brown mascara. Such makeup is more suitable for everyday life.

The main thing is not to paint too much, using colours that are in harmony with each other.

Eye shadows can be used in richer and brighter colours if you have to make evening or holiday makeup. The main thing here is not to go overboard. Transitions between colours should be smooth. But contrasts should be avoided, otherwise the narrow eye will be divided into proportions and appear smaller.

Smoky and oriental types of makeup will look very beautiful on such eyes. But they are more suitable for an evening out. In the daytime, such a palette will look inappropriate.

Makeup Artist Tips For Narrow Eyes

To make narrow eyes seem larger, you can enlist the help of professional makeup artists. Their recommendations will help you create a beautiful makeup every day, emphasizing the advantages of the face and hiding existing flaws:

  • The greasy black eyeliner will also have to be abandoned. It will not give volume to the eyes, and, on the contrary, will take up even more space.
  • If overhanging eyelids complement narrow eyes, the contour is never drawn close to the lash line. It is better to indent upwards slightly. Such a technique will visually make the eyes look bigger.
  • When drawing an eyeliner line at the top and bottom, you can’t connect it to each other. Otherwise the eye would look very small. It is better to make a wispy line that looks like it goes up somewhere.
  • The upper and lower eyelids are always painted only with light shadows. Pearlescent shades can be used on the top, and matte tones on the bottom. It is always necessary to take into account the colouring of the iris.
  • If you want to use eyeliner in your makeup, it should be blue, gray, lilac or light brown. Dark colours should be avoided.

Following such rules, it is possible to visually enlarge narrow eyes on your own. The main thing is to start with the special cut, which requires an individual approach.

All the general rules concerning the creation of makeup do not apply here. After all, the task is to turn an individual facial feature into a real advantage, not a disadvantage. By following makeup artists’ recommendations, you can achieve a successful makeup for any occasion.

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