Main Makeup Styles And Thier Features

In creating a modern and stylish woman’s image, it is difficult to overestimate the influence of makeup. The makeup you choose often influences the girl’s perception by the people around her. Appropriate, correctly applied makeup:

  • gives confidence;
  • allows you to stand out and emphasize your position;
  • shows individuality and emphasizes beauty.

The development of the cosmetics industry, with its enormous variety of makeup products, makes it possible to bring any image to life. Without makeup, it is already difficult to imagine a modern woman who takes care of her appearance.

The Main Types Of Makeup

Every woman’s face has its features. That’s why for every single girl, makeup will have some characteristic features that are peculiar only to her. However, when applying makeup, there are basic techniques, signs of which allow separating them into separate groups, represented by several styles and trends.
At present, the most actual, popular, and demanded were the styles of makeup:

Daytime Makeup

Classic modern makeup is suitable for every woman and does not require complicated skills when applying it. It is appropriate for everyday life and ideal for work and outings. Mostly, it is chosen by women who want to keep a simple, understated, and natural look. Pastel colors are used in the makeup, and the color scheme of brown, beige, light gray, and pink tones is preserved. Dark mascara is applied to the eyes, and sometimes light arrows are drawn.

Evening Makeup

Evening makeup is appropriate for visiting a restaurant, a club, or a night out. Its use in everyday life often looks inappropriate or ridiculous. The makeup is characterized by bright shadows, long thick eyelashes, the lipstick in thick rich colors. Apply such makeup should be careful. The accent zone should remain on either the eyes or the lips. Otherwise, the makeup will look heavy and aging.

Natural Makeup

Makeup without makeup is trendy now because it allows you to create a natural look with the illusion of the absence of cosmetics. Achieving this effect is not easy. In makeup is used foundation, matte powder, and light blush are. The cosmetics are applied with a very thin layer, which does not always allow to mask the skin’s imperfections, so preparing the epidermis for this makeup style is necessary.

Business Makeup

The professional dress code often dictates makeup for work. It implies restraint and naturalness, using a dim palette: of brown, gray, and beige tones. Remember that indoor lamps often make the skin look dull and pale, so you should choose bronzers and blushes of a richer shade.

Wedding Makeup

The right and appropriate makeup for the occasion is essential. In photos, makeup can often look very different than in real life, and it can look faded and unexpressive. For weddings, makeup is used in bright and saturated shades, but the primary colors are pink, beige, and coffee. Matte lipstick with a persistent color will allow you to keep its rich color and beautifully outlined contour throughout the holiday.

Cute Makeup

Young girls often use this type of makeup to emphasize their fresh and healthy complexion, youthfulness, and skin smoothness. To create this image, the initial preparation is carried out: they apply a foundation, combing the eyebrows with a pencil of light brown color. The makeup emphasizes the doll’s expressive eyes with large long eyelashes, and the highlighter accentuates bright, plump lips and the skin’s glow.


A favorite type of makeup for parties and festive events. The main difference in this makeup is the smoky shadows that are shaded all over the upper eyelid. When applying makeup, different shades of shadows are often used to create a transition effect and give the look depth, relief, power, and sensuality. For a long time, makeup artists have been choosing tuxedo eyes to create looks for society events.

Retro Makeup

The classic lives forever and has undergone small changes to keep its relevance for modern girls. Retro style makeup is characterized by thin eyebrows, matte pallor, even skin tone, rosy cheeks, and bright long arrows on the eyes. The main emphasis is placed on the lips: scarlet or burgundy lipstick is used, which gives a cute, romantic, and seductive look.
You can create the most unique and unexpected images by combining expertly performed makeup and selected closet.

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