Loreal Eyebrow Kit: Quick Application And Ease Of Use

Beautiful eyebrows perfectly complement the overall appearance of the face. Many women go to the salon to make themselves beautiful, to give themselves the right shape. Special eyebrow shadows can help save time and budget significantly. One of the most popular is the colouring products from the French brand L’Oreal.

Eyebrow Shadows Functions

With what tool is it possible:

  • Fix the shape. The wax included in the eyebrow shadow set will help with this. It will stabilize the colour and help the pigment last for a long time.
  • Correct the shape of the eyebrows. With the help of such cosmetic products, you can camouflage hair and smooth out fuzzy lines.
  • Make the look more natural. Applying eyebrow shadows can make your makeup look more natural than using, for example, tattooing.
  • Make blond eyebrows brighter. The pigment in the set will help intensify the natural colour by evenly colouring the hairs.

In addition, these cosmetic products for eyebrows will help to save significantly. The cost of these products is much less than salon correction. A compact Loreal eyebrow kit will make your makeup and image complete.

Correction of the natural shape

Before you start styling your eyebrows, they should be tweaked a bit. The correction should begin with the removal of excess hair. It is those that stick out unevenly that are removed. To do this, the eyebrows are brushed against the growth and lifted.

After that, remove any excess hairs that interfere with the creation of a beautiful curve. You can trim them a little with manicure scissors. Then the eyebrows are combed in the direction of hair growth.

Shape Fixation

At this stage of fixation, the eyebrows are given a beautiful shape. This should be done using a brush. The hairs are combed in the direction of the temples. After that, they take the wax and spend it on the eyebrows. A special brush can help with this. As a rule, it is sold separately in sets with shadows. It is also possible to use a clean brush from mascara.


This procedure consists of filling the gaps with pigment. You will need a special brush with a slanted edge. Light strokes are made with a tool with a bevelled pile. Before this, it is necessary to dip it in an eyebrow shadow. If the edge is uneven, it is masked with a cream corrector from “Loreal.” It is also possible to use micellar water, where a cotton swab is previously dipped. The result is secured with wax.

Creating a natural look

To choose such a product for eyebrows (for example, “Loreal” Brow artist), it is necessary to be guided by the shade of skin and hair. For example, owners of dark brown or black hair should choose similar colours of cosmetics for eyebrows. Blond girls will suit shades of brown and dark gray. The colour of their curls should guide women whose eyebrows have gray.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the colour of your skin. Brown or gray tones of eye shadows should not be used by girls with dark skin. They should be matched with an olive or light skin tone. Black and dark brown shades of such cosmetics should be used with caution.

Advantages Of Shadows From Loreal

This cosmetic has many advantages:

  • Easy to use. You can draw beautiful eyebrows with the French brand’s cosmetic product without much effort. Even a beginner can cope with the application of the pigment. If suddenly it is necessary to correct the shape due to improper colouring, such cosmetics are always easy to erase.
  • These products from Loreal are hypoallergenic and have passed strict dermatological controls. This means that the eyebrow shadows will not cause irritation, skin flaking and rashes. Even owners of gentle hypersensitive skin can use such cosmetics.
  • This product will also be suitable for owners of eyebrows with short ponytails. With the help of these shadows, it can be quickly finished. In addition, the ponytail applied in this way will look very natural. And if it did not turn out, it could always be erased.

In addition to the listed advantages, such cosmetics for eyebrows are inexpensive. And you can buy it in any store.

Set Contents

The manufacturer has made this set very compact. The set looks stylish and is equipped with a special brush. It has two sides: one is made as a stiff brush that combes your eyebrows. And the second one has a bevelled pile. Such an accessory will help to dye the hair and disguise the gaps quickly. The French cosmetics brand has equipped its set with handy tongs to make your eyebrows look natural and neat. They firmly grasp each hair and almost painlessly remove it, not allowing it to break.

In addition, the set “Brow artist” from L`oreal Paris are shadows with pigment and a special wax. It is convenient to fix the hair after dyeing. The manufacturer took care of different types of appearance and released to the cosmetic market light brown and dark brown eyebrow shadows. Every girl can create a perfect finished look with this set. To achieve a visual thickening of the eyebrows will help to apply several layers.

If your hair is naturally light in colour, the wax included in the kit can help make it a little darker and give it a perfect shape. The manufacturer has provided such a tool with a light dye pigment, which does not clog the structure of the hair, and makes them one or two shades darker. Makeup artists recommend bright blondes use only wax.

How To Choose The Right Shadow

The beauty industry experts recommend paying attention to the colour of the curls in the first place. The eyebrow shadows should be chosen several shades darker. In this case, they will look perfectly on the face. A special brush with stiff bristles will help to cope with their application. Its edge should always be bevelled.

Makeup artists do not recommend using an applicator, as the shape of the eyebrows will look smudged. Most cosmetic companies produce special kits that include several colours. Usually, they are beige, brown and black.

To make the product look harmonious on the hair, you can mix all the shades. As a rule, manufacturers make such cosmetic products powdery or creamy. Each girl can find in the kits the colours that suit her.

The palette of shades of such shadows is quite extensive. There are charcoal black shades and sandy beige shades. And brunettes, blondes, and shades will choose a suitable colour for themselves. Cosmetic brands also took care of red-haired girls. By mixing sandy with brown, you can achieve a beautiful pigment that will look perfect on the eyebrows.

How To Choose The Colour Of Shadows

To create the perfect makeup and image using eyebrow shadows from Loreal, it is necessary to decide on the colour of the pigmented composition. It is obligatory to consider what kind of hair a girl has and how light or dark her complexion is. Makeup artists recommend buying standard colouring kits, which include all the appropriate tones. In addition, they are equipped with handy tools. It is best to choose not glossy shadows but matte ones. They will look as natural as possible on the hair.

It is also necessary to be guided by the colour of the iris of the eyes. The eyebrows should be light or neutral if it is blue or green.

For brown or black eyes, experts in the beauty industry recommend opting for richer tones. Applying such cosmetics in several layers will help achieve a depth of colour. Makeup artists warn about the fact that it is not necessary to overdo it. Otherwise, the makeup will look grotesque and overloaded.

Brown shadows from the palette will look perfect on the owners of the colour type “spring” and girls with blonde hair. Light gray shades will also suit them. As for brunettes, such girls should use dark or black eyebrow shadows.

Achieving a saturated hair tone will help pre-wet the brush in water. This method will make the eyebrows more expressive. For blondes, it is not recommended to use a wet brush. Otherwise, you can severely overload the image.

Loreal Eyebrow Wax And Shadows: How To Use

Such cosmetics from the French brand are very easy to use. All the steps for application are prescribed in the instructions for the product. The perfect novelty Brow artist from “Loreal” for eyebrows is available in several versions: for light and dark hair. We’ll tell you how to correct them with shadows and wax below correctly.

Instructions For Brow Artist Shadows

This product is sold in several colour palettes. The manufacturer offers three palettes to choose from to suit any appearance:

  • brown with dark undertones;
  • black with pronounced colour depth;
  • brown with a lighter undertone.

In addition, the kit includes a brush with two sides, which is convenient for shading pigment. The cosmetic concern from France has also equipped the set with modeling wax and convenient mirror. The set contains tweezers with sharp tips that are comfortable to grasp even the shortest hair. The brush is made of stiff nap, thanks to which you can give your eyebrows the perfect shape.

Creating An Eyebrow Shape

First of all, the eyebrows should be prepared for further modelling. To do this, they are brushed against the growth and then led the brush upwards. This process allows you to see what needs to be corrected. Then naughty hairs or hairs that are out of line are plucked out with the provided tweezers.

After that, the hairs are combed along their growth and checked to see if the shape is the same. Experts warn that the tail of the eyebrow should not be too short. But it should not be too long either. It is better to achieve the optimal length balance.

Applying Shadows

At this stage, the eyebrows are tinted with shadows. The Loreal eyebrow product is applied with a special brush. The palette of shades of this cosmetic product is presented in several variants, which will suit any appearance. It is worth paying attention that the pigment should be dialled in a very small amount, only slightly touching the lint to the shadows in the set. The paint is gently applied with straight sharp strokes, which should repeat the shape of the hair itself. You can do it with a mascara brush (it should be well-washed).

This treatment should be carried out along the growth of the eyebrows. After that it is necessary to check whether the lines are straight. If in some places there are gaps, or the tail of the eyebrow is not corrected, the makeup should be adjusted. To cope with such a problem, it is necessary to dip a cotton swab in micellar water. It is used to erase uneven spots, blot them with a cotton pad and paint with shadows again.

To achieve the most saturated pigment will allow the application of paint Brown
eyebrow kit with a wet brush with a bevelled edge. Don’t get it too wet in water, or your makeup will look grotesque. If your eyebrows look ugly, removing all the pigment from them with micellar or warm soapy water is better. Then the hairs should be dried, and makeup should be applied again, carefully and with concentration. The shadows have a rich, dense texture and are good for blurring, even in places with little hair.

Fixing The Shape Of The Eyebrows

At this stage, the eyebrows are fixed with L’oreal Eyebrows kit wax or gel. The brush is dipped into the pigmented composition in the box and applied along the hair growth line. Makeup artists recommend grabbing a small amount of wax. Otherwise, the eyebrows will look too greasy and shiny. This doesn’t look lovely. It is necessary to draw a line with such a product with quick even movements as if stroking.

After that, it is necessary to look in a mirror at both eyebrows and correct the badly coloured places. Remember that the darkest paint tone should be applied on the head of the eyebrow, the middle – on the middle, and the ponytail should be lighter. In this case, the makeup and the image will look perfect.

Whatever eyebrow shadows are chosen, it is necessary to pay attention when buying not only to the tone of the product you like, but also to its appearance. Its texture should be dense and not crumbly. It is possible to use a sample in the store and find out at once whether such cosmetics covers the eyebrows well.

The brush should be comfortable, have a bevelled edge with a dense pile, and the pigment itself should be saturated. This rule applies to eyebrow shadows of all shades. Observance of such rules will help to make your makeup perfect.

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