Look Gorgeous At The Beach In A Knitted Swimsuit

Look extravagant even on the beach with knitted swimwear. Fashionable openwork models of lush colors are to be found in the upcoming season, emphasizing the appetizing curves and the beauty of the tanned body. Designer products are expensive, but any skilled worker of thread remnants can knit a unique garment with an interesting pattern. If solid swimsuits seem boring, it is recommended to look at erotic bikinis or monokinis. Lace inserts or fringes complement the textured top, make a set with pareos, skirts or shorts.

Features Of Knitted Swimsuits

To date, there are many models of beachwear. Knitted swimsuits have several advantages. Skilled craftswomen advise to arm with a hook or a spit, to knit a model for the beach season based on a scheme from a fashion magazine. Combine a knitted top with a bikini or shorts, complemented by a cape or openwork jacket. Correctly chosen styles can hide a small tummy or add volume to the chest.

Advantages and peculiarities of knitted models:

  • Ability to model an exclusive product. Knitting a swimsuit in a selected pattern is necessary, adding interesting details. Without knitting skills, order a beach garment from a familiar needlewoman, discussing the details.
  • Cotton yarn does not cause allergic reactions on the skin (this is usually fraught with synthetic products). In such a breathable garment will not cause discomfort during a long stay at the beach.
  • The duration of use of the product. Proper care and washing will help keep the fishnet swimsuit’s original look for a long time.

In addition to the advantages, knitwear also has disadvantages. In the sea, the clothing quickly becomes wet and heavy, so it is advised to take another suit for changing. For swimming in salt water choose fused models, and for sunbathing – separate bikinis. Due to rapid fading and deformation, yarn of poor quality is not suitable for knitting the product.


Knitted swimsuits and separates with patterns and descriptions are presented on the information sites. Designers have a lot of models of different textures for every taste. Knitted garments are practical and comfortable to wear, so they remain in demand among fashionistas. Before now, knitting has been associated with warm things for the winter, but now there are many openwork models for summer holidays.

Fitted swimsuit

Girls with gorgeous forms choose knitted swimwear. A fashionable product closes problem areas of the body and demonstrates an acceptable level of exposure. Swimsuits consist of a solid top and bottom, connected by a patterned fabric or mesh.

Swimming in a one-piece garment is comfortable, although it is better to pick up a separate model for sunbathing on the beach. If you want to walk from the beach to a cafe or bar, it is enough to wear a skirt or shorts to a combined swimsuit.


Several decades in a row have seen the popularity of bikinis, covering only the intimate parts of the body. The photo in knitted swimsuits shows swarthy beauties with an ideal figure. Models with different patterns in a bright color palette look intriguing. A clear bodice with swim trunks on the ties promotes not only a tan, but also rapturous glances from men at the beach. From a thin yarn, you can knit things easily by crocheting or spitting, you just need to add a luxurious pareo to finish the image.

Thong models

Lovers of bold choices choose knitted swimsuits combined with thongs. This type of product is recommended for thin girls and to abandon the model in favor of ones with a high waist or shorts.

There are different variations of swimsuits with mini panties:

  • Monokini string – an occasion to show an ideal figure. The product tightens the body like a “second” skin, opening slender thighs.
  • Body-strings will love the sporty girls. In this openwork garment go not only to the beach, but also on a date. For a meeting with a loved one should complement the knitted top with jeans or shorts.
  • Separate swimsuits, consisting of a fishnet top and thong. Slim girls choose minimalist models with thin ties or tassels, although no less interesting looks elongated top.

The optimal option would be a combination of a bandeau bodice and mini panties. In this case it is possible to balance the image, to draw attention to the chest.


Swimwear with shorts will become the embodiment of sports chic. The product will appeal to owners of puffy forms, because the bottom will hide cellulite and stretch marks. These clothes are comfortable not only to sunbathe and swim in, but also to play beach volleyball. Shorts are simply tied with floral motifs and topped with a short or long top. Also, you can choose the length of the bottom – mini-shorts or openwork bottom to the knees.

A bikini with no straps or ties

Bandeau is a bikini without ties, became famous just a few years ago. The bust is covered by a knitted fabric. This product helps to achieve an even tan without white stripes. Swimsuit looks good on any body type, although you should care about the harmonious combination with the bottom.

Knitted bandeau will appeal to women with small breasts. The product will visually add the desired volume, especially if you decorate the top with ruffles or embroidery. It is recommended to buy a children’s knitted swimwear bandeau in the same color as the adult model to emphasize the family idyll.

Large breasted girls should preferably try on a bikini with rigid bones to support their bust. An exception to the rule would be a loop or strap across the neck, designed to prevent the garment from falling off while swimming.

Bra that ties over the neck

Halter is a type of women’s swimsuit. It is a bra with ties around the neck. Women with medium or large breasts choose such a top with wide straps. Knitted swimsuits support the bust and are great for swimming and sports. Girls with small breasts need to decorate the top with ruffles or ruffles.

This style balances the figure’s proportions, so it is recommended for women with narrow hips and broad shoulders.


Monokini and trikini suits will emphasize the proportions of girls with an ideal figure. Thin and plus size women are better off avoiding this model, which emphasizes the abdominal area.

The term monokini refers to a fused swimsuit with asymmetrical or diagonal cutouts on the side. There are monokini models with a wide strap on one shoulder, and the number and shape of cuts may vary.

A trikini is a more revealing version of a monokini. The knitted bra and panties are connected by a thin lace band or chain.

Color Scheme

Ballet leotards are knit from both pastel and bright colors. Choose a shade depending on the desire to hide imperfections. Those with ideal proportions will dress in a snow-white openwork swimwear set which, due to its extra volume, resembles products of a dark or steel palette. Several bright colors combined in one model create an interesting look.

Geometric shapes

Leotards with geometric shapes will hide figure imperfections, will be a bright addition to a stylish image. The number and configuration of stitches depends on the skill of the needlewoman. Girls knit openwork squares, circles or rhombuses, connecting them with threads of contrasting colors.

Vertical and horizontal stripe

This knitted swimsuit will complement any fashionista’s summer wardrobe. Chubby girls use the property of vertical lines to elongate the silhouette visually. Skinny girls buy suits with a wide horizontal stripe to give the body a soft outline.

At the top of the popularity list is a swimwear in blue and white. If you do not want to dress in a striped garment, it is enough to decorate an ordinary swimsuit with a striped edging.

Black or white

A girl in a snow-white lace swimsuit will not be unnoticed. Those with a slender and tanned figure can parade down the beach in a similar garment, which highlights their flaws. Chubby women are advised to pick a model with overstretched tight panties and a bra with wide ties at the neck.

Any type of body type will look good in a black swimsuit. The product is knitted from thin cotton threads, so the girl is not threatened by stuffiness even on a summer afternoon. Slim-fitting garments conceal excessive volumes, allow you to hide stretch marks and abdominal folds.

Blue, blue or shades of seawater

The color blue when knitting swimwear is in demand by girls of different color types. Sky blue is associated with the summer sky, and azure with the depth of the sea lagoon. Blue shades the tan, but looks harmonious against the aristocratic pallor.

Swimwear in aquamarine shades are preferred by women with small busts, and young girls prefer white and blue. Rich azure clothes enhance the beauty of both brunettes and shaven-haired women. Blondes choose a greenish shade of seawater with tanned skin.

Shades of purple and emerald

It will emphasize the slightly tanned skin of brunette or chatty women. Girls with tanned skin will suit models with a deep color like eggplant or indigo. White-skinned beauties are advised to avoid products with purple hues, as the unevenness of the skin will be evident.

Emerald models will appeal to owners of light eyes, ashy or black hair. It is desirable to pick up additional accessories like a pareo, a hat or a purse.

Other shades

The color of the swimsuit often indicates the character of the wearer. Red clothing speaks of a bossy disposition, the desire to dominate others. Yellow is a sign of sociability, and brown is a sign of the family home keeper. The gray color indicates prudence, and romantics chooses the pink shade.

What To Wear With Knitted Swimsuit

Fashionistas can’t imagine a beach look without a pareo, which will be an alternative to an airy dress or skirt. If you want a wide cape, you can knit it under the color of the swimsuit. When an openwork product is tied around the shoulders or hips, the imagination is not constrained by a strict framework. It is preferable to choose an emerald, blue or orange color for the pareo.

Other combinations:

  • A bra or top from a swimsuit is successfully combined with short shorts or skirts. Linen and cotton pants or skirts with a high waist are in demand.
  • Knitted lace tunic will complement your summer closet. The product is worn over a garment as a dress, although it can be worn in a set with shorts.
  • Fitted swimsuits completely replace the T-shirt. Complement the image will be shorts, bell skirt or pants.

Wear stylish sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, and decorate your ankles with ethnic chains. A canvas drawstring bag or a denim backpack will come in handy on the beach.


How To Choose Knitted Swimsuit

Most girls choose knitwear depending on their figure and preferences. Bold women will love open bikinis with openwork knitting, and modest women will prefer closed swimsuits or tankinis. Also fused models have a small stomach, but if you only need to cover the bottom, give priority to a trikini.

The choice of beachwear:

  • It is important to pay attention to the material of manufacture of the product. Mercerized cotton or linen with the inclusion of elastane is distinguished by its quality characteristics.
  • The straps are wide enough to support the breasts. Thin straps are suitable for girls with small busts.
  • Examining the light on the panties and cups of the swimsuit is necessary. If there is no desire to show a naked body, choose a garment with dense fabric linings.

When buying a swimsuit pay attention to the style of panties. Not every girl will parade in a frank thong, so it is better to look at the usual models or knitted shorts.

How To Care And Store

The openwork hand-knit product requires careful handling. It is wrong to use a washing machine, because you can damage the swimsuit. Wash only by hand without the use of harsh detergents.

Rules for caring for knitted patterns:

  • Wool or silk yarn is washed with baby shampoo. Angora garments are rinsed repeatedly with water and glycerin.
  • The knitted swimsuit is soaked in a solution of warm water and soap shavings.
  • Do not force, rub or twist the product. Wrap the swimsuit in a towel, then unfold it to dry on a horizontal plane.

Items are prone to stretching and deformation, so wash things as gently as possible. After drying, you can iron the delicate garment through a cloth or gauze so as not to burn a hole.

How To Crochet A Swimsuit

Many beginners do not know how to knit a swimsuit on their own, so the finished product is the same size. Professionals advise to start with the simplest – a separate model of bra and panties. First, work on making a pattern. An old swimsuit comes in handy for the process, the details of which are put on paper.
A simple pencil to trace the contours of the future product, and then cut out.

A scheme must be tried on to determine the required number of loops to knit the selected part with or without a column. Finished panty halves are tied with openwork weave, made on the sides of the ties. Bra knit from two triangles or rectangles, accented with ribbons or cords for tying.

Helpful Tips

Beautiful knitted swimsuits can turn the wearer into the queen of the beach. Although there are several prejudices that relate to the rules of wearing the product:

  • Dry knitted clothes look flattering. The swimsuit constantly tends to move off the body, so it is difficult to relax in such a garment. Wet clothes get soaked with water and cause discomfort.
  • Swimsuit parts pull down after getting wet, exposing the body unsightly. The tight-knit models are especially weighty under the weight of water.
  • Openwork swimsuits are suitable for home photo shoots but are too revealing for the beach. These garments resemble underwear, so it’s better to save them for a romantic date.

Fashion stylists recommend wearing pantyhose with a short top, or even better – a closed swimsuit. The product should match the wearer’s size to emphasize curves without excessive vulgarity.

Knitted swimsuits are experiencing a peak in popularity because of the abundance of styles and colors. If you want a positive mood and an even tan, you need to consider all the nuances before buying a fashion accessory.

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