Long Dresses For Prom And Summer: Trendy Styles

For thousands of years women have worn long dresses, from ancient civilizations to the aristocracy of London in the 19th century. But as the years passed, fashion changed, changing the length of dresses, making it shorter and shorter… In the 60’s girls and women switched to miniskirts. The floor-length dresses were forgotten. Then came the era of pants and jeans. They are comfortable, comfortable, but still they depersonalize the female sex.

The image of a businesswoman gave way to the image of a woman-mother, as in modern society there are new priorities. It was a triumphant return for the dress! Long dresses have been extremely popular for more than 5 years.

The Most Attractive Models Of Long Dresses

Long dresses in 2022 can be classified by styles:

  1. A winter version is a closed dress with long sleeves, with a boat neckline. The favorite is still a long knitted dress, but it is suitable only for slender young ladies.
  2. At the peak of fashion comes the proposal – long dresses with a deep narrow neckline, reaching to the waist.
  3. Alternatively, the dress is short in the front and long in the back.
  4. Long dresses with different drapery, pleats, unusual cut.
  5. The most fashionable dress should have a high cut, which turns even a modest dress with long sleeves into a stylish thing.
  6. Beautiful long dresses made of lace fabric – for festive events. Black or blue dress to the floor visually stretches the silhouette and is suitable not only slim girls.
  7. Summer dress to the floor 2022 should have an A-shaped cut, which is suitable for both very thin and pudgy girls and women. An interesting suggestion is a dress with a gode skirt. Preference is given to natural fabrics – cotton or chiffon.
  8. White long wedding dresses are preferred by almost all brides.
  9. A separate topic – long dresses for prom night. And this dress does not have to be white, you can sew it from a bright-coloured fabric or make it pastel.

Fashionable Accessories For A Long Dress

  1. Long evening dresses with straps or a bolero, fur or lace necklaces, a scarf, shawl can complement open.
  2. For an open long wedding dress is suitable jacket or bolero of fake white fur. Such a variant is acceptable for girls with puffy forms.
  3. Long dresses for graduation, summer dresses to the floor can be decorated with a narrow or wide belt.
  4. Open long evening dress will suit high gloves.
  5. White hat with a wide brim adorns long summer dresses.
  6. A long black dress can be emphasized by a leather belt of the same colour or a contrasting shade.
  7. Costume jewelry – earrings, bracelets, brooches, beads will always be appropriate. The main thing is the sense of proportion. Do not wear more than two jewelry pieces at once.
  8. Long summer dresses can be worn with ballet flats, sandals with heels and without.
  9. Dresses with long sleeves look better with high-heeled shoes.

How To Choose The Perfect Floor Length Dress?

The dress should fit perfectly, be attractive, draw attention to the advantages, and conceal the disadvantages.

Long dresses for short girls and women:

  • The dress should repeat the lines of the chest, waist and hips as much as possible;
  • Will look good chiffon dress in empire style and bouffant models with an accentuated waist;
  • you can use a slash cut;
  • Long dress to the floor for full-length short women should be monochrome;
  • Slender, short girls will suit dresses made of fabric with a pattern.

Fancy colors

  1. A white or blue floor-length dress is the hit of the season. Shades range from sapphire to indigo.
  2. Muted shades of red.
  3. Classic black and white.
  4. Green, yellow, dusty rose color.
  5. The print is plaid, strokes, flowers and geometry.

Original combination of textures

The floor dress 2022 is distinguished by the combination of different textures of fabrics. Colors may also differ, creating the effect of layering. For example, a long black dress is decorated with fur, leather, or lace. And the lightweight chiffon dress may be decorated with organza inserts or openwork. Multilayered styles with a lot of flounces, tiers – a hit of the season. However, these magnificent dresses should not be worn by women with curvy figures.

Choosing Shoes For A Long Dress

Many stylists believe that the right shoes are the most significant additional accent in the image, which can completely destroy it or, conversely, complete it.

  1. Ballet. Comfort and freedom of movement. Perfect for walking and shopping.
  2. Sandals with heels. It is better if the long dress will not be to the floor, but to the ankle. This will allow you to demonstrate the beautiful shoes.
  3. Gladiator sandals go with long dresses of light fabrics.
  4. Sandals and platform shoes are ideal for a long dress.
  5. Shoes and boots with a heel are suitable for the cold season.

Long dress suits all women without exception, you just need to choose the right style, accessories and shoes. In such a dress a woman feels like a queen – involuntarily posture straightens, the stomach tightens. You should not deny yourself the pleasure of buying the right dress, and preferably more than one!

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