Long Brackets In 2022 With And Without Bangs

удлиненное каре

Stylish extended brace – the trend of 2022

It adds freshness, creativity, and dynamism. The main thing is to choose the most suitable option.

Who Is Suitable For A Curly Braid Long Hairstyle

This hairstyle will help not only to mask the imperfections but also to emphasize the advantages and expressiveness of the appearance. The long square is a universal haircut, which is suitable for both young people and older women.

with bangs

Depending on the type of face, you can choose the ideal option, taking into account the peculiarities of appearance:

  • round face
  • square face
  • for the overweight

On the one hand, having long hair is fantastic, but it is challenging to take care of it. On the other hand, it isn’t an easy haircut is very easy to care for and always looks neat.

каре на удлинение

a stylish extended brace

Several rules should be followed when choosing a hairstyle to correct flaws.

каре с удлиненными передними прядями

A square with lengthened front strands

medium-long brackets with bangs

удлиненное каре с косой челкой

long braids with slanted bangs

градуированное каре с удлиненной челкой

Graduated braids with elongated bangs

Round face

The owner of such a face is suitable for a haircut, visually elongating the oval. In this case, it is desirable to prefer the asymmetric carriage, which will visually make the cheeks look smaller.

для круглого лица

A long square brace for a round face

Extra volume at the back of the head and covered cheekbones are just what you need for this type of face.

Side curls in the form of a staircase will help correct the face’s oval. If you have bangs, they should not be too short. Also, flat bangs are not suitable for this face. Asymmetric bangs, on the contrary, will elongate the face and visually elongate it.

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Square face

To smooth the massive chin and visually elongate the facial oval – such a square cut perfectly solves these two tasks. Additional volume on the crown will create shorter strands. The front curls will perfectly hide the massive chin.

Asymmetry – is the best option for a square face. This form will make the oval face visually longer and divert attention from the heavy chin.

Owners of square faces should refuse straight bangs, preference for oblique ones. Asymmetry and elongated front strands are suitable for correcting the upper and lower parts of the face.

For the Obese

Women with magnificent forms can safely choose this type of square cut. Asymmetry will hide the fullness of the face and can visually elongate it. Oblique bangs help to hide a part of the face and will not weigh down its features. Long front strands will visually elongate the face. The flared cut on the crown will add volume, lightness, and perkiness.

Long Bangs

The haircut is universal, and depending on the type of face, there can be several ways to design bangs:

  • With a slant to the side
  • with a long
  • outright
  • With a two-way curtain

With a scythe to the side

Add this style’s femininity, lightness, creativity, and playfulness to your look. It is perfect for those with severe and coarse features: bangs will soften the face, and asymmetry will make it look airy and weightless. It is ideal for an angular and square face.

With a long

A versatile option, suitable for any type of face. It is easy to style and does not require trimming. Different ways of styling will hide flaws – from wide cheekbones to elongated faces, from pronounced bottom or full cheeks to high foreheads.

From Direct

This hairstyle will help to give an image of severity and expressiveness. It is suitable for girls with an oval face and owners of a high forehead, balancing the features of the face and softening them. Those with a square and round face should refuse it – it will only emphasize the flaws.

With bangs on two sides

Those who have a triangular or elongated face can safely choose this way. In the first case, such bangs will balance the upper and lower parts of the face. In the second, it will add volume to the cheekbones, resulting in the face looking more proportional. For those who have a round face, the length of the bangs should reach up to the chin. For thick and heavy hair, it is necessary to fillet it to give lightness.

A Long Braid Without Bangs

This haircut is versatile and suitable for women with any type of face, except those with a high forehead anded oval. It is ideal for any age and appropriate for any stop.

Different styling options will help you create a new look every day – from luxurious waves to a strict wisp. It’s a timeless classic. Depending on your preference, you can do a straight or slanted parting – in both cases. The look will look different.

For those who have thick curls, making a filleting or graduation of the ends is recommended – this will ease the look, give it a dynamic, and add flare and volume.

Long Bob

This option is elegant and versatile – the longer curls in the front are shortened to the back of the head. This hairstyle is appropriate in any environment and does not require special care. If you have curls, you should refuse this method – it looks good only with straightened hair. It helps to hide the following flaws:

  • short neck
  • broad cheekbones
  • broad chin

A square face haircut will give lightness, a triangular will hide cheekbones, and smooth cuts of strands to the back of the head will visually stretch the neck.

A Long, Gradualist Braid

Graduation will help model the facial oval by creating volume where needed. For thin strands, gradation in the back will look great. In the case of an elongated face, the side curls can be made shorter by weighing down the middle part of the face.

Styling does not require any special skills. All you need is a hair dryer and a brushing machine – lift the hair at the roots and pull it out with a hair dryer.

On The Leg

The haircut looks creative and modern – the raised nape and flowing strands look very expressive. This is an excellent alternative for those who want freshness and dynamism to their image.

This hairstyle is perfect for owners of thick and straight hair – in this case, the styling will take minimal time. Different variants of bangs, oblique or straight partings will help correct facial features and create the appropriate mood.


Asymmetry on one side is a new solution if you must correct the facial oval and introduce creativity. This haircut will emphasize the length of the neck and accentuate the expressive cheekbones.

The front strands do not require frequent visits to the hairdresser, which makes the hairstyle a practical solution. The asymmetry will hide an angular face and a heavy chin.


You can opt for a torn, long braid if you’re bored with a perfectly straight haircut. The ends of different lengths achieve a slight sloppy effect. They will distract attention from the flaws of the face and add dynamism to the image.

Additional visual volume is another undeniable advantage of the ripped cut. Owners of thin hair can safely choose this option – graduating the ends will add volume to them. For heavy curls, it will give lightness and airiness.

On Thin Hair

Thin hair is a common problem that can easily be solved by choosing the right haircut. Combining short and long strands will give visual volume and liven up the hairstyle. For those with thin hair, opting for a graduated cut is advisable.

The filleted ends will become even thinner and must be trimmed. A gradation will create the necessary highlights and volume.

On Curly Hair

Curly strands have a porous structure, as a result of which they quickly become dull and lifeless. Therefore, the following rules should be followed:

  • Don’t cut it too short
  • avoid the straight cut
  • give Please don’t cut it too short bangs
  • trim the ends periodically
  • Use moisturizers regularly

Graduation is a versatile option for round and square faces. In this case, you should leave your forehead slightly open. The strands of unequal length will ideally correct the oval. They will look light and weightless. For a rectangular face, it is better to opt for asymmetry.

A cascade will help to reduce the time for styling – the strands themselves will lay as it is necessary. Timely trimming of the ends will keep your hair fresh and well-groomed. And turning to a professional will give you a guarantee of a quality result.

Long Staggered Braid

This haircut is a cut of strands in ascending length. It’s perfect for big, angular faces, giving it a soft, feminine look. The ladder perfectly hides the fullness of the cheeks, so the hairstyle is suitable for a round face and full women.

It requires styling – if dried naturally, the ends can look in different directions, which does not add to the appearance of attractiveness. For curly curls, you can make a side parting. Strands cut with a staircase will beautifully frame the face, accentuating its merits.

The straight parting is suitable for smooth hair and a regular face shape, and the staggered cut will give a lightness to the image.

The hairstyle is versatile and suitable for women of all ages. Depending on the execution, you can find the perfect look that can correct the facial contours and emphasize appearance advantages.

Long Braes All Kinds In 2022


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