Leather Skirt Styles And Appropriate Combinations

Leather skirts are bold and even a bit provocative, and are worn by only confident girls. They are not afraid to experiment and mix. Do you really think so? If yes, then you are deeply mistaken. Although not surprisingly, because this is a very common misconception about skirts made of leather. Why? It’s simple – a leather skirt is perfectly combined with a variety of clothing, suitable for both everyday and more festive occasions.


Leather skirt with accessories and shoes

So, do you want to know what to wear a leather skirt with and some other secrets and tricks? Then proceed ahead.

Office Style

In addition to the strict office wear, a leather skirt will be a great addition. However, it should be the only one in your image, that is, you shouldn’t combine it, for instance, with a leather jacket. It is very vulgar. Let such a choice remain for those who will be attending the costume ball.

We require elegance, which means that it is better to combine a leather skirt with such things as:

  • Jacket and base top. A successful and original idea – a jacket and a leather skirt of the same tone with the presence of matching color accessories. Simple, but with taste!
  • Shirt. If you like an austere look, but, at the same time, not boring, try a suit look in black and white: a light-colored top and a black leather skirt. In this case, leather will act as a highlight and emphasize your impeccable style.
  • Turtleneck. Lightweight closet piece, which, combined with a leather skirt, will make you refined and sophisticated.
  • A monochrome sweater. But, still, the best styles for the office style are a strict fitted sweater of gray color and leather skirt of a similar cut with a matching color bag without bright ornaments, as well as gold or discreet jewelry.
  • Shoes. Well, here everything is clear. For any variants of skirts made of leather only black classic shoes, ballet flats, moccasins or sandals with a low heel. In wintertime, boots or boots of the same color will do.


Leather skirt with shirt


Long leather skirt with a sweater and a shirt. Photo: FashionStock.com

That’s it! Your look for the office is flawless.

Romantic Mood

On a date, however, how do you wear a leather skirt? Or rather, what do you wear it with? Also do not know? The following fashion tips will help you:

  • Jacket. Be sure to match the jacket with a monochrome top and, of course, complement your image with accessories. Especially advantageous such a combination will look in a light color. In this case, the length of the skirt should match the length of the sleeve.
  • And again a sweater. But this time combine a sweater with short sleeves and a long flared skirt with a high waist. As the jewelry will do gold jewelry or the usual bijouterie in light colors.
  • Shirt (you can’t do without it). Combine the shirt with long sleeves and leather sun skirt – romantic, easy and incredibly stylish. And don’t forget the accessories, of course.


Leather skirt and sweater


Brown leather skirt with shirt


Here, there are no limits, it’s everyone’s favorite casual style, don’t you agree? And so with what to wear a leather skirt to create a casual look? Yes with anything! In this case, it really is versatile:

  • Any solid-colored or printed blouses. As for the skirt, the preferred styles: pencil or plaid. No restrictions!
  • Top. Leather skirt of any cut and top with or without print, as an addition use jewelry and original summer bag.
  • Cardigan. Another indispensable and versatile item in the closet. Very stylish looks, for example, a long cardigan and leather skirt with a high waist.
  • Denim shirt. And, of course, how can you imagine the modern fashionista without jeans. Use a leather skirt in a strict style and a fitted denim shirt.
  • Sneakers. Very feminine and at the same time sporty look – black leather mini skirt with sneakers and the same color sweater with open shoulders.
  • A jacket or a jacket with a sporty style. This is a great option for fall or spring seasons.


Leather skirt with a black blouse


Leather skirt with top


Leather skirt with a denim jacket. Photo: andersphoto


Leather skirt with jacket

For leather skirts, considering the time of year, sandals or boots with a small heel, boots, sneakers, jackboots, and even sneakers will work.

Going Out Into The World

Remember we said the leather skirt is quite bold and provocative? So it’s just what you need for evening parties. There are no special rules here, the main thing is to complement your image with shiny elements: a top with sequins, bright accessories, shoes with studs and even a leather jacket. The last one is just the thing for parties!

If you choose an evening gown – do not be modest!


Long leather skirt with top

Skirt Length And Color

Leather skirt can be mini, midi or maxi. Your decision is yours, but remember to soberly assess your feet here. If you can not call yourself “slim”, it is better not to choose a mini model. The ideal choice for you is a skirt to the knee or to the floor.


Long leather skirt

As for colors and shades, the leather skirt can be anything: green, black, blue, purple and even red. The main thing is that it should not be vulgar. And how to avoid it? Try to pick looks in the same tone and make sure that they still fit you well.

A leather skirt gives you real freedom of choice. You can create with it a huge number of stylish looks. If you wear lacquered glitter, you will look exceptional, and original gold jewelry or simple but stylish jewelry will enhance your style.

Now that you know what to wear with a leather skirt, don’t be afraid to experiment!

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