Leather Jacket In A Daring Lady’s Closet

Natural leather products have always been considered practical clothes for everyday use. Thanks to new technologies of processing and coloring of leather from different animals, fashion designers were able to create elegant women’s jackets. These jackets have a refined cut, emphasizing the dignity of the figure of their owner. And the use of a huge number of ways to decorate leather jackets allows you to create a variety of stylish images of women of different ages.

Trendy Leather Jackets

The demands of modern women are such that clothing for every occasion in life, should be practical, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Therefore, fashion designers offer a wide range of jackets in leather, which can fully meet these wishes, as young girls and ladies older age category. The fashion industry of our century is ready to offer jackets:

  • Classic straight or fitted cut, without special decorative elements, which are suitable as a suit of office or business style;
  • Youth models with stand-up collars or collars, with a large variety of decorative elements;
  • Lengthened, which in the off-season can be used as a traditional raincoat, such jackets look very impressive in combination with a belt to the color of the model;
  • Combined products made from different animal skins, processed in different ways, are now at the peak of fashion trends;
  • Trending models of the season – jackets in wool, tweed or lightweight drape with leather sleeves are considered particularly stylish;
  • The fashionable oversize cut of the elongated silhouette has been at the peak of fashion Olympus for several seasons.

The silhouettes of leather jackets largely repeat the cut of their fabric counterparts, so they can be single-breasted and double-breasted.

On tall and slender women, double-breasted jackets look great, and the short women should opt for single-breasted models. In addition to the fact that leather is an extremely stylish and textured material, do not forget about its practicality and durability. Such jackets are the ideal clothes for rainy and windy days in spring or early fall.

What To Wear With Leather Jacket?

Today, fashion designers position leather jackets as a universal piece of clothing and offer both traditional and the most unexpected combinations with other parts of a woman’s closet. This allows you to create an individual and elegant women’s image for a variety of occasions:

  • Gray, brown, beige or black leather jacket in combination with white blouses or turtlenecks, classic cut skirts, pants and dresses will be appropriate for the office or a business meeting;
  • chic white leather jacket has always been considered a sign of aristocracy and good taste of its owner, the model will look charming and respectable at a secular reception;
    Jacket – a jacket, complete with a dress or skirt of light flowing fabrics in pastel colors or from a material with floral prints, will make the girl’s image very romantic and will be a perfect choice for a date;
  • The young and daring generation of female fans will appreciate the unusual model – a jacket with leather inserts of tropical reptile leather, fur, suede, which will look spectacular at a club or a party;
  • For young representatives of such subcultures as rockers or bikers, fashion designers offer a selection of original jackets – jackets with a huge amount of metal decorative elements and asymmetrical zippers;
  • Red leather jacket will be the choice of women who want to look extravagant in any situation.

Choosing the right shoes to complete the overall style image is important. It is logical that leather shoes will be a worthy match for the leather jacket:

  • Classic black shoes with high or low heels for office and business style;
  • Ballet flats or stylish pumps for romantic dates;
  • Long leather flat-soled boots for cool spring or fall days.

The only disadvantage of natural leather products is their high cost. Modern technology allows the production of artificial analogs of leather of very high quality, which are used to produce affordable leather jackets. The right accessories will add elegance to the overall stylistic solution, so choosing black, beige, and white jackets or models of bright colors should take into account both aesthetic preferences and the natural characteristics of their owners. Listen to the recommendations of experts will not be out of place:

  • Short leather jackets are suitable for those who are gifted by nature with high growth and ideal body proportions;
  • Women of short stature should choose the length of the product to the thigh line;
  • Owners of magnificent forms, vertical inserts of contrasting color leather fragments will make you look taller and slimmer;
  • models with belts allow you to emphasize the thin waist;
  • Leather jackets in dark natural shades will help hide excess deposits in certain problem areas;
  • Jackets in red and other bright colors will look favorably on women with a spectacular appearance.

When choosing what to wear a leather jacket with, selecting the right accessories that emphasize the jacket’s respectability and elegance is very important. Leather bags, gloves, scarves, and jewelry should complement fashionable leather jackets harmoniously. The versatility of a leather jacket allows a woman or a girl properly match it with other items of clothing and accessories to always look spectacular and unique.

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