Leather Gloves In A Woman’s Image: Personality And Style

Leather gloves, as a classic attribute of the female closet, are designed to complement the stylish images and protect the hands from external influences. Models are combined with summer ensembles and outfits for cold seasons. The accessory is also actively used in evening looks: thin leather gloves with refined decorations can give the image a unique charm and elegance.

Fashionable Leather Gloves: Types And Features

Models are divided by application and purpose:

  • A seasonal closet element. Leather gloves with fur are topical detail in winter looks. Variants with a thin lining are designed for the off-season;
  • A wedding/holiday fashion attribute. White leather gloves with lace inserts harmoniously adorn the bride’s attire. Long leather gloves with decorative elements or short types of accessories are in demand in luxurious evening ensembles;
  • sports equipment. Women’s leather gloves in this category are designed to protect your hands from injury and damage when exercising with sports equipment.

A different type of product – mittens – leather gloves without fingers. Accessory models are available in casual, evening and sporty versions.

Varieties Of Glove Leather

In the production of gloves, natural leather and imitation leather are used. The material for these products is chosen particularly carefully. Strict requirements are imposed on the raw material. Glove leather has high strength parameters. It is thinner and more pliable than raw materials for belts, bags, cases, and shoes. Relevant types of material are such:

  • Pigskin. The raw material is characterized by high density and rough texture. It is an excellent composition for products of the budget segment. The material can provide normal air circulation and keep warm. The product of a pigskin with a wool lining or fur is an excellent solution for harsh winters. This category of products is made by domestic manufacturers and imported from Europe and China. The most popular offers Romanian masters;
  • shevret – sheepskin – the material is soft and flexible but does not retain heat well. This raw material is often used to make demi-seasonal high leather gloves. Winter versions are necessarily provided with dense insulation;
  • Goat leather is a material of high durability and practicality. In addition, it perfectly retains heat. Manufacturers offer presentable products made of goat leather in Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic;
  • husky – made from the skin of sheep and goats after shearing or from the skin of lambs and goats. Thin and delicate material, very soft to the touch. Its high structure density is distinguished and mainly used to manufacture demi-seasonal products. Products are represented in the expensive segment. The best goods in this category are produced in Italy, Australia and Britain. Somewhat more modest look husky models from other countries-suppliers that buy raw materials from the manufacturers mentioned above. Moreover, the prices of such products differ to a lesser extent;
  • Deerskin – has excellent thermo-regulation properties, strength, softness and elasticity. The products belong to the premium class. The characteristic shagreen pattern is the trademark of elite products. Suppliers: USA and Canada, Scandinavian countries, Italy, Germany and Russia.

The thinner the leather, the more valuable the product is – a universally recognized law of glove fashion. The only exception is the deerskin product. Here the value lies precisely in the thickness of the material. Remember this rule if you do not know how to choose the right leather gloves.

Exclusive models of products are made from rare raw materials – reptile leather and ostrich. Products are sewn by hand. The product is sold in the expensive segment. It is most often made to order.

Features Of Seasonal Models

Leather-insulated gloves are popular during the cold season and go well with fur coats, down jackets, and fur coats. The lining of the product is made of wool, baize, dense knitwear, fur compounds, and synthetic fillers. Winter leather gloves can qualitatively regulate heat exchange and protect from the weather due to the material’s special properties.

Stylish accessory in fur is made with the use of natural fur and quality imitation. Models based on sheepskin, rabbit undercoat are comfortable for winter use. In connection with the fashion trend of animal protection the product line with artificial fur insulation is especially popular.

Due to the fur filling, winter versions look a little bulky but can give warmth and comfort in the coldest weather. More elegant models are lined with fine woolen fabric. In the production, we use a cloth with the addition of cashmere fibers, angora or llama, sheep or camel wool.

Demi-seasonal products are made as light models without lining or variants with a thin layer of insulation made of cotton or silk, textile fabric or baize. Summer leather gloves, a lightweight version of mittens, are an elegant accessory without fingers, deep neckline, openwork inserts or perforations.

Style Accents

The fashion collections have model lines of gloves with classic solutions for everyday closets. It provides:

  • The current variations of the accessory – from ultra-short models to versions of extraordinary length;
  • an interesting decorative component;
  • fashionable color accents;
  • A variety of cuts and options for the lining.

In evening fashion, luxury and sophistication, a stylish combination of culture and expressiveness are topical. The elegant models of short or long leather gloves have colorful ornaments or discreet decorations, contrasting accents, shiny colors or deliberately calm solutions. Evening collections are made of fine leather of high quality, with elegant lace inserts and lining of silk or satin fabrics.

Wedding collections present models in traditionally gentle colors. Along with exquisite leather gloves, classic white designers offer samples in noble shades of cream, peach, pink, beige, turquoise, lettuce and even coral. In the trend of weddings, fashion is openwork inserts, embroidery, and compositions made of beads, rhinestones and precious stones.

The Sporty Trend In Glove Fashion

Sports models of leather gloves differ from each other in terms of performance because, in each sport, the equipment is different requirements:

  • Ammunition for martial arts training is equipped with special inserts on the outer surface, which help soften the blows when training with a punch or paws;
  • The back of the barbell or weight equipment is provided with a soft, flexible surface to protect the palm from chafing and blistering;
  • Gloves in the form of ski equipment are designed to prevent damage to the hands from intensive work with the poles and also to provide protection from wind, frost and sun;
  • Climbing equipment is reinforced on the back with thick inserts for better grip on equipment in the form of ropes and other professional equipment.

Motorcycle gloves, cycling or racing gloves, and models for weightlifting or fitness are made of different kinds of leather with other techniques:

  • Are made with full closed compartments for the fingers or without them, that is, in a cut form;
  • Provide a special cut with a reinforced lining on the allocated areas;
  • have leather inserts for the non-slip surface of the back;
  • are provided with a convenient clasp for quality fixation.

The outfit is made of genuine leather in combination with sports materials.


Red leather gloves – a bold note in a fashionable casual look. Accessory of powerful energy is popular in sports-style compositions and evening dresses. Variants for the classic closet are made in traditional colors – black and brown. Blue leather gloves won the love of millions of fashionistas and have been at the peak of popularity for several seasons.

Green leather models perfectly complement business style suits. For a classic look with strict lines it is worth choosing an accessory in a muted palette. If you decide how to choose leather gloves for a look for a formal celebration, pay attention to models in noble brown, deep blue, rich malachite or classic black.

Accessories in different shades of burgundy are a great alternative to the models of traditional colors. At the same time, dark leather gloves don’t lose their relevance in evening compositions and casual looks.

Leather Gloves: What To Wear And How To Care?

Summer accessory is worn in outdoor sets, beautifully combined with romantic images, and used in epatage outfits. Choose models “with a twist,” which can give your closet personality and a touch of charm.

The demi-season and winter categories of the product are perfectly combined with the outerwear of any cut, selected depending on the sleeve length. Contrasting colors are topical. Also, total color compositions are in trend.

Remember that leather is a delicate material. The product should not be washed or dried near heat sources. Leather gloves care dry cleaning using special care products. To keep the pristine luxury of the product for a long time, waterproof compositions, impregnations to maintain color, and special creams are used.

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