Leather Ballet Flats: The Most Stylish Solutions For 2022

Spring is when ladies are happy to get rid of boots, ankle boots and booties. It’s time for lightweight types of shoes. Leather ballet shoes – a sure-fire option for this season. Do not take these shoes as a purely mundane option. Designers are doing everything to transform practical classics into masterpiece fashion creations.

Trending Shoes For Everyone

The easiest option to have in your everyday closet is black leather ballet flats in a laconic design without any decorative elements. Jimmy Choo, Marni, Tabitha Simmons, Etro, Aquazzura, Lanvin, Givenchy, Tory Burch and many other brands have already released collections which often feature such shoes. Original forms, daring decor, interesting stylistic concepts – new items intrigue and entice.

Pointed Toe And Blunt Ballet Flats

In the new 2022 season, the sharp and blunt rounded toes will still compete. However, teat, rounded or shortened “triangles” are still more in demand. Fashionable women who want to try on everyday leather ballet shoes or shoes with a radically long pointed toe will be in the trend. However, the same analogues of a shorter type will be much more practical.

Open Toe

For several seasons on the catwalks, you can see shoes and ballet flats with open toes and closed heels. Such shoes look sophisticated and feminine. The open toe gives the image a kind of grace and lightness. White leather ballet flats with an open toe are perfect for a cool summer evening.

Shoes With A Neckline For A Hot Summer

Some ladies are so in love with such practical shoes that even on the hottest days, they are unwilling to part with them. Such fashionable women designers suggest wearing women’s leather ballet shoes with perforations. This method is now very popular.

Leather as a material itself allows you to experiment with different techniques of processing the fabric. Perforations can decorate only part of the shoe (for example, the side segments) or completely “hole” the ballet. The more such “holes” the better. The leather will breathe, but the shoes will retain their classic shape and look.

Bows Are The Cutest Trend

In 2022, almost all designers unanimously turned to slightly forgotten trends of past seasons. Cute and infantile bows are coming back into fashion.

Of course, this simple decorative element could be found on casual and ceremonial shoes. However, in the new season, the species’ variety of decor is simply shocking. The most popular decorative options:

  • Exquisite bows of thin leather ribbons;
  • Large satin bows that hold their shape well;
  • Massive bow-tie bows cover almost the entire toe;
  • Bows are made of radically different materials (plastic, beads).

Ballerina flats with a sharp nose are better than choosing a minimalist decoration because large bows can give a massive. Still, the model with a rounded nose can decorate any decor.

Contrasting Sock As An Original Detail

The toe has become a favourite “point” for experimentation in the new season. If suede ballet flats with an open sock look inorganic, you can apply an arc. We are talking about a contrasting sock. It can be a different colour or a completely different material.

Very stylish looks black glossy leather and metal “tip” on the nose. Suede canvas can be combined with glossy leather in a contrasting colour. Such models are more relevant for cold spring or autumn.

There are also more delicate options. For example, white ballet flats can be decorated with blue, red, and black socks. Red soft models are well complemented by plates, contrasting in colour, cast in silver or gold.

Drawings: Main Print Trends

The most dressy option for ballet décor is all sorts of drawings, prints, and ornaments. Two diverse trends will be popular in 2022.

On the one hand, relevant shoes are decorated with many different elements- rhinestones, fancy incrustations, stylish fringes, and original large beads. For example, the blue suede ballet flats can be generously decorated with contrasting embroidery with floral motifs, complemented by a large bow with rhinestones and beads. Volume embroidery will give paillettes and glass.

On the other hand, in fashionable restrained minimalism. The same blue ballet flats can be without decorations and be no less stylish. Only a small asymmetric neckline or barely noticeable embroidery on the edge of the toe will be appropriate.

Ballerina flats are so unique that they will be fashionable and in demand in any form, colour and texture. Every girl should have at least a couple of such products in her everyday closet. As always, relevant will be the leather models. They are practical and durable. However, it would be best if you never abandoned experiments. Fashion is loyal and democratic. It is worth using all the opportunities.


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