Lavender In Clothes: How To Wear It In 2022

Lavender is officially recognized as the colour of the year 2022. There are several shades of this colour. Depending on your appearance type, hair and skin colour, the right shades of lavender can make a perfect and fashionable look. You will be able to choose the lavender shades of clothes competently by reading the information from the article.

The new fashion trend: what is lavender and why wear it

Every year the Pantone colour institute determines which colour will be fashionable and the main colour of the current year. According to the official version of the institute, the key shade this year is VeriPeri. This is blue with an added purple-red undertone. Pantone also gave the unique name of the resulting colour.

A side note! Pantone Color Institute is Pantone’s research center. Its main work consists of experiments. The main experts on colours and shades study and experiment with colours, observing their influence on the spheres of human activity. This includes fashion, printing, interior design, advertising, cinematography, etc.

Lavender Is The Colour Of What

Lavender is a colour that combines a shade of lilac with a touch of pink. Lavender is a flower that has exactly this shade. Therefore, the name speaks for itself. Lavender has always been associated with these adjectives, delicate, feminine and enchanting with its mystery.

Lavender is a special colour in clothing. It can be both calm and not. It evokes mixed feelings in different people and doesn’t suit everyone.

Lavender: What Associations Does It Evoke?

Different associations come to mind when people talk about what lavender looks like. When we speak about lilac, it evokes feelings of coldness and aloofness. When they see girls wearing lavender clothes, some people think they are arrogant and conceited. It’s as if they want to declare their tenderness to everyone, but they look austere and cold.

According to most people with different worldviews and statistics, several associations are symbolized by the colour lavender in different shades:

  • Mystery
  • Tenderness
  • Imagination
  • Dreaminess
  • Creativity
  • Depth
  • Sensuality
  • Caution
  • Vanity

This is a traditional symbolism. In some images, lilac/lavender can look softer and warmer if more pink is in the shade. When there is more lilac, it makes it look cooler.

Shades of “lavender” colour

Lavender is a colour whose shades are between very light and slightly saturated. Darker shades are not included here. If we consider the brightest shades of lavender, they are more likely to combine subtones from the medium-light spectrum.

Lavender Pink

Lavender pink is a colour that has more of a pink undertone. It is more feminine, soft and delicate. It evokes associations of romance, love and magic.

Dark Lavender

Lavender dark combines shades of lilac with a pink undertone. However, there is more lilac, and the pink undertones are lighter and lighter. As a rule, this colour is deeper and more saturated.

Warm And Cool Lavender

Warm and cool purple (lavender) are different. Their shades have different blue undertones. The main admixtures of lavender warm and cool are red, which inclines the shade to the warm side, and blue, which pulls the colour into the cold range.

According to Pantone’s version, there are the following basic shades of lavender:

  • Blooming orchid
  • Pastel Orchid
  • Pastel-purple
  • Lavender
  • Lavender shade
  • Violet
  • Colour purple tulip
  • Bougainvillea
  • Purple Paisley
  • Purple dahlia
  • The colour of the flower of passion
  • A luxurious purple hue

Each shade, in its own way, affects the final image of women and girls. For example, a pale lavender colour will refresh in the summer, and winter days will give the image of tenderness and coziness. Even though lavender is the most important colour of 2022, you should treat it with caution. It can make someone look old and someone looks young.

Important: Dark lavender is a colour that should not be used in images of women over 50. Visually, such a colour will add a few years to the top. Brighter and darker shades are suitable for girls under 30.

A gentle lavender colour will emphasize youthfulness and make the image more feminine. But again, the main thing is to combine this colour with the rest.

What colours does lavender and its shades go with?

Lavender (photo below) belongs to the bedding tones. Its main combination is with other linen colours. This includes lemon cream, rose, and apple marshmallows. The combination of these shades will create not just a fashionable look but a real “trendy dessert,” from which you will not want to take your eyes off.

Lavender In A Neutral Palette

The combination of lavender with other colours can be different. Fashion experts recommend not excluding milky-white clothes from your closet if there is lavender. You can wear a suit of milky, almost white colour and complement the image with a bright lilac flower bag or a pink cardigan.

Lavender Combined With Dark Colours

You can gradually introduce this delicate and feminine colour. Black clothes are there for everyone. Try to make the look fresher by adding lavender clothing. For example, a successful combination will be black pants and a lavender-coloured blouse. Also, a top in a fresh shade of the famous flower will look good with dark jeans or other black pants.

Lavender In Bright Combinations

If you like to dress brightly and have not yet figured out what to wear with lavender, take note of the following tips from the experts:

  1. Yellow or gold. The colour gold is always preferable to yellow, but it is yellow combined with lavender that will make the look bright. Of course, such a look is better suited for the summer season.
  2. Soft orange tones. They are great partners to lilac and lavender. A pair of soft orange and lavender will create a juicy look, and if you add a little pink, it will be even brighter and more interesting.
  3. Peach. Delicate shades of peach combined with different shades of lilac, purple, and violet give a sense of romance and weightlessness.
  4. Green. This is the most successful option for creating a bold, daring look.

Important: Experimentation does not always end well. That is why it is preferable to know your shade of lavender depending on your colour type.

Determining your lavender shade by colour type with photo examples

There are four types of girls: winter, spring, summer, and very. Special features and parameters of appearance characterize each colour type. By determining the differences between each, you can find out which shade suits a particular type better.

Winter Color Type

Distinctive features and parameters of appearance:

  • Dark hair, brown, black, platinum blonde, silver-gray hair;
  • White skin with a pinkish hue, ivory, light and dark olive skin;
  • Eyes I bright whites, irises from dark brown to gray-blue to blue.

The colours that fit best:

  • Black (as a closet base);
  • White;
  • The colour fuchsia and other shades of pink;
  • Snow Blue;
  • Coral;
  • Green;
  • Purple in various intense shades;
  • Red and some shades of gray.

The colour principle of “winter closet” for such women – distinct cold colours with which you can combine several shades of lavender.

The most successful combination possible is green with lavender light. Also, a warm shade of lilac would look good with green and black.

Spring Color Type

Distinctive features and parameters of appearance:

  • Light, pale skin, sometimes a shade of ivory, transparent-golden, bronze;
  • The presence of light shades in the exterior;
  • The presence of freckles on the face and body;
  • Blond hair, sandy and reddish.

The colours that fit best:

  • Golden Beige;
  • All shades of brown, especially the lighter ones;
  • Caramel;
  • Milk;
  • The neutral and warm colour of camel hair.

The best shade of lavender for the “spring” colour type is warm, with a pink undertone. All shades that look more like pink.

Summer Color Type

Distinctive features and parameters of appearance:

  • Ashy shades of eyebrows and hair;
  • Blond hair colour;
  • Dark (brown hair);
  • Tender skin, creamy-milky, pinkish.

The colours that fit best:

  • Muted cool tones – gray, blue, blue;
  • Gray-brown;
  • It’s a little pinkish;
  • Light Coffee;
  • The colour of a fading rose;
  • Shades of lilac;
  • Lavender.

As you can see, lavender suits this colour type. It can also be combined with other suitable colours – gray, brown, and coffee.

Autumn Color Type

Distinctive features and parameters of appearance:

  • Red hair, orange, reddish;
  • Reddish-brown hair, dark brown;
  • Golden-coloured hair;
  • Skin of warm yellow shades, bronze, golden with freckles, peach.

The colours that fit best:

  • Amber;
  • Golden;
  • Red;
  • Coral;
  • Warm brown;
  • Khaki Green, Olive.

The ideal combination would be purple eggplant with brown or green. You can combine shades of coffee with lilac or lavender.

Important: It is better to avoid black and snow-white colours in autumn.

Style guide: how to add lavender to your closet

Depending on the sphere of activity, everyone can choose the right look. Let’s analyze suitable lavender-coloured items for office, casual, casual and evening outfits.

Classic Style

Lavender pants are a great option for work. This colour looks good in pantsuits and in images where lavender-coloured pants are combined with blouses.

The lavender blouse, as pictured, would be suitable for the office if combined with a pink skirt and bright shoes.

Cardigans are very comfortable going to work and maybe this bright colour. You can combine this piece with classic pants and blouses.

Lavender shoes are suitable for the office. The loafer shoes look beautiful in tone with the suit (midi skirt and an interesting sleeveless jacket).

A Lavender coat or jacket is combined with ripped jeans, pants or skinny jeans.


Lavender pants can be tapered, classic pants or short jeans.

A lavender sweater/T-shirt/top in a casual style can be combined with light-coloured pants, skirts and leggings.

A lavender sweatshirt/hoodie is worn with mom jeans. The hoodie can be oversized or fitted. Combine with a lavender hoodie and lavender sneakers in a lighter shade.

Lavender shoes (sneakers, sneakers, sandals) are also combined with lavender coloured hoodies, windbreakers, sweaters and even accessories of similar shades.

Lavender jackets are always in fashion, but especially now. Muted tones are good for spring.

Evening Looks

A pantsuit will add femininity to your image. And if you complement it with accessories and jewelry, you will get a bright festive look.

The lavender skirt, especially the midi one, is a real trend for 2022.

Evening dress (long) will be appropriate this spring and summer. Future graduates can already choose delicate outfits in the form of puffy and not so, long dresses for the floor.

The evening dress (mini) looks no less feminine and delicate. You can wear it to a cafe, for a walk or shopping.

Shoes (pumps, high heels, etc.) are combined with pantsuits and pencil skirts.

Accessories in lavender will make the image brighter and more interesting. Bags in bright lavender or shoes in darker shades will correctly place accents and add juiciness to the image.

A purple swimsuit is something sure to be fashionable this summer. The ideal shade is delicate with pink undertones. Such a swimsuit will look good against the background of both fair and tanned skin. The cut can be any – mini bikini, monokini, etc. if there will be ruffles and frills, fine. This will only add charm and femininity to the summer look.

Important: Very fashionable this summer will be knitted swimsuits in lavender colours. As a rule, they are fused swimsuits (monokini).

For summer, you can pick up a lavender sundress. It will look advantageous in a romantic image. Complement the outfit can be ruffles, frills and thin straps of the sundress. More often, fashionable women choose sophisticated styles, where sundresses are decorated with embroidery, have a multi-tiered cut and are sewn from light fabrics (chiffon, silk, cotton).

A side note! There is one win-win method – the use in the image of all shades of purple at once. It is fashionable now to dress in different shades of purple. You can do as on the photo. For example, wear a lavender suit of delicate shades with pink undertones. To it add a bright bag of the colour of an exotic flower in a rich lilac colour. Complement the fashionable look with dressy shoes (it can be pumps shoes) of a ripe plum shade.

The lavender plisse dress is an option if coming up with a colour combination is problematic. Plisse will be in trend this summer. In lavender colour, the such outfit will look even better. The dress will make every girl a fragile flower, add tenderness to the image and give femininity.

If you don’t want a lot of lavender, you can use the trick – in the details. Let a small lavender handbag go with your beige or cream coat. Next time, add battalions of a similar shade to the handbag to a similar combination.

Lavender suits many women, and with the right combination with other colours, you can achieve a complete transformation. If you’ve never worn lavender clothes before, it’s time to start doing it. Try gradually adding things in different shades to your closet and see how your image changes for the better.

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