Shoulder Bag: Large And Small

The shoulder bag is a must-have in the closet of every modern woman. Everyone has at least one such bag in her closet, starting with little girls and ending with ladies of elegant age. After all, it is the perfect accessory to adjust the image, correctly and stylishly put accents, and they are just very comfortable. Today the choice of this accessory is huge. There are bags available for all sizes of wallet – from world brands for an exorbitant price and for which you still have to stand in a six-month queue to the budget handbags of economy class – however, no less pretty.

Small green shoulder bag.

The Origin Of Women’S Shoulder Bag

Some 80 years ago, ladies only used handbags with small handles, more like decent-sized purses. They were uncomfortable because you always had to hold them in your hands. And since with the rise of feminism and equality, women had a great burden and needed to free their hands to do many necessary things.

The image with the black bag.

And for the appearance of the shoulder bag in women’s closet, we say thank you to Coco Chanel – it was she, the woman who first began to care not only about external beauty but also about the comfort and convenience of outfits, guessed to “walk” her purse on an elegant chain, thus freeing her hands. Then it became clear that not only Mademoiselle liked this model, but for all women, it would be useful. So the production of shoulder bags – at first, they were all made on a chain – went into production and mass sale. Since then, the first handbag has changed considerably but remains relevant, with only new touches added. And that first Chanel handbag is still a “classic of the genre” – now it is an indicator of its owner’s status and a solid bank account.

Chanel handbag

Chanel burgundy handbag

Women’s shoulder bags are good because they never go out of fashion. And there is no need to be afraid that by taking last year’s handbag, you will not be “in trend” – this will not happen to this accessory. The reasons explaining such a “timeless” characteristic:

  • The incredible convenience and freedom of action that this women’s model gives. Those girls who previously preferred models with handles, having switched to a shoulder bag, can’t be happy that they now have both hands free. They no longer have to think about where to put their bags when they need to perform simple actions with their hands. For example, in the grocery store, one can’t help but appreciate the comfort the bag gives its owner. When you have a bag in both hands and need to hold a child’s hand, it isn’t easy to find a place to carry the bag. For busy women and mothers, this is the best and indispensable option.
  • Affordable price. We are not talking about designer gimmicks for several thousand dollars. Ordinary mass-market bags are quite high quality, stylish and beautiful. Such a bag can be bought quite often. Most modern women can afford it. At the same time, each type of clothing will be a different bag option.
  • A variety of styles, colours, and decorations. There is a vast scope for showing your taste and adding the right touch to your outfit.
  • Relevant always. No one will ever know from your bag that it is the last season, especially if it is a classic women’s model. Classics, as you know, do not go out of fashion.
  • Capacity. Especially if it is a frameless women’s model. A bag on a rigid frame will protect your documents from jamming and will ensure their safety. In addition, it is very easy in rigid models of small size to find the necessary thing.

Red handbag on a chain.

Large roomy shoulder bag.

Classic women’s shoulder bag made of leather and leatherette. Such models are ideal for women of an elegant age and businesswomen. At the same time, it is desirable that a woman who chooses such a bag also adhere to strict classic trends in clothing. Such bags are good with a perfect combination of simplicity and formality. But, a leather shoulder bag, especially a strict colour, is not very suitable for a romantic date and an evening out, as excessive formality is inappropriate in this case.

Leather shoulder bag.

Also, for the businesswoman and official style suit, strict frame models of bags over the shoulder. They are most often made in classic strict colours – black, beige, and brown. Sometimes a little decor is added, most often gold or silver, but only not vulgar and not screaming.

Image with a brown shoulder bag.

Bags for walking and leisure. In this segment, you can find all shapes and colours. They are often bright – pink, yellow, blue, etc. At the same time, youth bags can be made of textiles.

Blue handbag for walking and relaxing.

For an evening out and rocking in the clubs, the ideal solution is a miniature shoulder bag, stiff, with a variety of decorative elements – rhinestones, sequins, colored and plain fur, often with a “predatory” print and other decorations. It often happens that the elements of the handbag echo and correspond to the trimming of the dress and evening attire.

Evening shoulder bag on a chain

Purse with fur.

Romantic women’s shoulder bags for the summer can be made of straw or knitted – a lot of options. And it can be decorated with seashells or in the maritime style – with decorative elements in the form of anchors and chains. Bright shoulder bags from leather and its substitutes, with a decor or applications – the favourite model of young girls, female students, and lovers of originality and positivity. In this case, such a woman’s bag does not require you to comply with a certain style. It does not oblige to anything in clothes, lifts your spirits and is suitable for jeans and cocktail dresses. The only thing is that you should carefully choose the colour of the bag. Preferably it blends with most things in your closet. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that such bags will not suit ladies of age.

White handbag on a chain.

Women’s shoulder bag made of suede. If we’re talking about a model for everyday wear, you should not choose a bag made entirely of suede – it can quickly lose its appearance and require attentive care, making it impractical in our realities. For everyday wear, it is better if only some elements of the bag are sued. But for an evening out, a completely suede handbag is a must. A suede bag does not go with: summer jeans, and if you are wearing elegant sandals, designed rather for an evening dress.

A suede bag is associated with the cowboy style, so it corresponds to a certain “roughness” and brutality of the outfit, but not with delicate fabrics and colours.

Shoulder bag made of suede.

Women’s textile shoulder bag. Excellent summer option. It perfectly combines with summer clothes in a sporty style – shorts, jeans, bright T-shirts, and dresses. As an evening accessory would suit a model of velvet or satin on an elegant thin chain. A disadvantage is that it is intended only for summer wear, as it gets wet and looks absurd in frosty weather. But the evening version can be used in winter.

Fabric bag for spring-summer.

Shoulder bags are perfect for business ladies to create a strict formal image. At the same time, they are also very comfortable and roomy.

Bag Tablet.

What to consider when choosing a shoulder bag:

  • Style. What purpose do you need a woman’s bag for – that’s where to start. Whether it’s an evening or casual, sporty or romantic – there are great options for every occasion.
  • Size. Evening bags rarely come in large sizes, but for everyday wear, on the contrary, small handbags will be uncomfortable because they will not fit many necessary things for every woman.
  • Finishing. It would help if you did not choose a model decorated with bows for a business variant, but it is the best thing for a romantic date.
  • The material from which the bag is made. The choice is enormous: leather – natural and artificial, suede, fabric, polyester, nylon, straw, knitted fabric, etc. Leading in this section, of course, are leather bags as the most versatile.

Large beige bag.

Red semi-circular purse.

If you do needlework, you can sew or knit a bag yourself, and you certainly won’t find a repeat of it on the streets of the city. Needlewomen often use denim, leather or knit the model they like as a material.

Material For Purses

Leather Bags

Leather is the undoubted favourite for making shoulder bags. This is explained by its practicality, solid appearance and long life. The form of such a bag can be anything – rectangular, square or round. Leather is a very pliable and docile material. Shoes do not necessarily have to match the colour and material of the leather bag. Nowadays, improvisation is in fashion; it is not necessary to strictly follow the canons. It is enough that the shoes, bag and clothes were simply in the same style, but even in this case, there may be exceptions. Stylists are pretty good at breaking fashion rules, try it and you. The advantage of leather shoulder bags is also that these models, like no other, are appropriate at work and in a formal business environment.

Leather white bag with fringes.

Textile bags

These bag options have the main advantage of convenience and practicality because they are washable. They also have many pockets and compartments where you can put your things, which will not lie at the bottom in one pile. Such bags are ideal for travel, studies, vacations, sea vacations, and travelling to other countries. In this case, textile bags can be distinguished by various shapes and colours. Ladies’ textile bags in strict style from an expensive designer will look so presentable that not any leather bag can still match it. As a rule, they are worn with shoes in a sporty style – sneakers, ballet flats, loafers.

Textile Bag.

Knitted shoulder bag

Lucky for those who know how to knit – they can create any bag just by looking at the scheme and buying yarn. This year, knitted bags are not going out of fashion, but at each new fashion show, designers adjust their style solutions. Combine such models with clothes in boho, rustic, and hippie styles. The ideal complement is a sweater of coarse knitting and shoes without heels. Such bags are not suitable as an accessory for a business lady.

According to the stiffness of the shoulder, bags are divided into:

  • Frame. They have a rigid frame, thanks to which they retain their shape.
  • Frameless. Soft and roomy, but rather shapeless.

The most popular forms:

  • rectangular handbags;
  • square;
  • oval;
  • The carriage-less models are often made rounded with bevelled corners.

Body Type And Purses

You should know that women’s shoulder bags can be a necessary and convenient accessory and the right choice to correct the figure.

Black medium size bag.

If a girl is short with a fragile figure, it is ideal to use a small clutch bag, preferably in a contrasting shade with the outfit.

Small white handbag on the strap.

If a girl has an average height and feminine figure, it is better to choose a bright shoulder bag, and a small size will do. And the form is desirable laconic and strict, preferably rectangular with slightly rounded edges without excessive decoration. Such a model will switch the attention from the puffy hips.

Green frame bag.

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, if you have a massive chest or if your upper body is, in general, bulkier than the lower body – choose a shoulder bag of a decent size with decorative trim, maybe in bright colours. Choosing the right strap length is important – it is better if the bag, hanging down from the shoulder, reaches about mid-thigh, thereby visually expanding this area.

Brown leather bag.

If the figure is boyish and there is no feminine roundness, you can try to add the necessary femininity with a bag. For this purpose, a small women’s shoulder bag of a light shade, preferably frameless, with an elegant decoration would be ideal. Beautiful embroidery, stones, buckles or decorative straps will look advantageous as trimmings.

An hourglass shape will suit any model of shoulder bags. For such lucky women it is enough to combine the chosen model with the outfit correctly.

Shoulder bags are a versatile win-win option. It is an indispensable assistant and a helping hand. Therefore buy a shoulder bag, and you will always be at the peak of fashion, provided with comfort and convenience.

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