Lace Pants: Celebrity Style

Now things with lace are coming back into fashion again. They can now be worn not only for celebrations, but also for every day. Lace pants can be a stylish and bold addition to your closet. They appear to be very unusual and immediately attract admiring glances. But only some people are suitable for this original outfit. Sometimes lace pants can be inappropriate and spoil your opinion about you. Today we will talk about how to wear lace pants correctly, and what they are best paired with.

What Kinds Of Lace Are Used To Make Pants?

Now fashion designers have started to create fashionable models of pants from:

  1. Irish Lace.
  2. Vintage lace.
  3. Ribbon kind of material.
  4. Laser lace created using new technology.

Advantages Of Lace Pants

  • Suitable for almost any style of dress.
  • Very fashionable thing that will always emphasize your impeccable taste.
  • Does not cause discomfort and is suitable for almost any weather.
  • An original piece that you don’t see every day. It will immediately attract the attention it deserves.

Disadvantages Of Lace Pants

  1. Too open and transparent options can create a feeling of vulgarity in your image. However, if you wear pants with inserts, you can avoid this disadvantage.
  2. The lace is too fragile and can break at any time. If this happens, it will be very difficult to restore the pants. It is a fragile material and must be cared for properly.
  3. Such original pants are not sold in any store. They are often made to order by designers. That’s why there can be a very high price for such an item of clothing.

Lace Pants Are For What Kind Of Weather?

The ideal time to wear lace pants is in autumn. It is still hot in the daytime, and in the evening, it begins to feel a cool breeze. On such days, lace pants will be just right. They can be worn on summer evenings.

Lace Pants: What’S The Best Way To Wear Them?

We are used to the stereotype that lace clothes should be associated only with an evening, positive image. Today, designers have created everyday lace pants, so you can walk, work, and rest in them daily.

Pants are often worn by celebrities to create a fashionable image. They can be combined with almost any outfit. Many people use them in a hippie style. Others add lace pants to a glamorous style. The only place where you should not add this piece of clothing is in a sporty look.

The following items of clothing will work perfectly under this type of clothing:

  1. Almost any kind of shoes. You can even use cowbot boots or brogues. However, it is better not to combine sports shoes with lace pants. They are most successfully combined with high-heeled shoes and sandals. You can wear under the lace pants and sandals, and moccasins, and boots. The main thing is to have no lace on the shoes, as such an element will “argue” with the pants.
  2. Any kind of tank top or leather top. This would be a very bold and stylish option.
  3. You can wear a long, glamorous T-shirt.
  4. Excellent combination of pants with leather vest. Under it you can wear any, original top.
  5. A stylish look would be obtained by combining the pants with a straight cut striped T-shirt. For a perfect look, take with you a small red handbag.

Different Models Of Lace Pants

Now let’s look at the main fashion models of lace pants.

  • Wide lace pants. This is a very bold model, which not everyone is ready to add to his closet. Remember the main rule: if the pants have a lot of exposed parts of the body, such a model should be worn only on the beach. If you decide to go to the city in such an image, you may be misunderstood and considered vulgar.
  • Tight skinny cropped lace pants. They are considered the most fashionable and original. If the pants will have inserts on top, which cover the private parts of the body, then they can be worn in the city, and on the beach, and at parties. But if there is no such an insertion, then the fashion designers advise to wear long shirts or tunics, which will cover too exposed places. Otherwise, this model can also be worn only on the beach.
  • Lace shorts. If you will be too hot in summer in pants, then you can stop at gentle lace shorts. They also won the attention of fashion couturiers this season.

Lace Pants: How Not To Wear Them?

A few rules allow you not to spoil your image with fashionable pants.

  1. Try not to wear other elements of lace clothing. This is especially true of the lace tank top. It will only spoil your image and distract attention from the pants. Also do not buy handbags with a lace element and other accessories.
  2. Forget about any sporty style with lace pants. No sneakers, no sneakers, no sports backpacks and no sweatshirts. It will be terribly tasteless!
  3. Fashion designers advise not to choose coloured lace pants. It is better to stop your look at the monochrome version. Such pants are more convenient to combine with different kinds of clothing, so they look more stylish and interesting. Opt for white, black or brown variants.
  4. Do not wear transparent shirts with a very deep cleavage. If your top will be too open, then in combination with lace pants you get a vulgar image. And this can spoil the opinion of others about you. Especially if you want to wear pants every day, take care to have closed, stylish blouses and blouses.
  5. Lace pants are the perfect option for slender legs. Thanks to the transparency, everyone will be able to see the beauty of your legs and perfect figure. However, for girls with cellulite and any small flaws in the figure should not wear such pants. They, on the contrary, will attract the eyes only to the disadvantages of the body and completely ruin the image.

Choosing The Right Accessories

Fashion experts advise being very careful when choosing accessories for lace pants. You may think that this is a small matter not worth paying attention to. However, correctly selected details create a striking image and attract the attention of others. Here are some tips on how to combine accessories with lace pants:

  • Choice of purse. It is believed that under the lace bottom perfectly fit medium and small handbags. You can pick up an original clutch under your image. It is better not to take bags of large size under lace pants. White and black accessories will combine with any bottom. Careful should be combined with coloured bags. Especially if you have brightly coloured pants, then you need to think carefully about the combination of accessories.
  • Glasses. Fashion experts believe that dark glasses are great under lace pants. You can also wear frames with transparent glasses.
  • Headwear. It is best not to wear any headwear under the image with lace. Both summer panamas and women’s autumn hats will be superfluous here.
  • Jewelry. Lace perfectly suits jewelry made of expensive metals. Look good and precious stones, but only in a small size. Plastic and cheap jewelry is better not to wear under stylish lace pants.

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