Lace Bracelets Are The Brightest Trend Of 2022

Lace bracelets are stylish, bright, original jewelry that you can easily make by yourself. It’s a simple and affordable option for everyone to decorate any of their images. However, many brands in the latest collections also decided to play with flirty jewelry.

Features Of The Fashion Accessory

Braided lace bracelets must add to every girl’s fashionable arsenal of jewelry. There are many reasons for this. In the year 2022, this trend will be in special demand. Such jewelry is affordable and quite versatile in terms of use. Depending on the style and style of the bracelet, it can be romantic, flirty, bold and brutal.

It is noteworthy that in the new season a spectacular trinket can afford not only young girls, but also ladies of advanced age. This accessory should be properly played in the image, and otherwise it is advantageous in practicality.

The main advantage of fashionable, stylish jewelry is the endless possibilities to create accessories with your hands. Now in a few minutes, you can find a huge amount of information about how to weave beautiful bracelets without having absolutely no skills or experience.

Bracelets can be completely different lengths and widths and made of laces of different colours. The most popular variant is a fashion accessory made of waxed cord. Beads, large beads, natural gems, original decorations and other elements are strung on it. The whole composition can be complemented by fragments of complex weaving bows, knots, and loops.

With the help of a knot or a special clasp, the bracelet is fixed on the hand. Such a cord is characterized by particular strength and can withstand a heavy load. In addition, the natural origin of the accessory will be appreciated by eco-trend fans.

Nylon cord as a base

You can also use nylon laces as a base. This material is unique. With its help, every girl can create progressive modern costume jewelry.

Most often, nylon is combined with crystals of unusual shapes, as well as with glass decorations. You can also create stylish jewelry with metal attributes. In this case, the accessory will look brutal and unusual. Some designs are futuristic and extravagant.

The nylon laces with a complex weave look very sophisticated with all sorts of pendants. The nylon bracelets with their intricate weave look very sophisticated.

Suede as a base

Suede lace bracelets look expensive and original. Woven suede lanyards are very popular and used in combination with watches. Another popular version of jewelry is a bracelet made of suede and chain. You can combine these elements as you like: alternating suede with a chain, intertwining them with each other or using other materials as bright accents.

Leather Ribbon Bracelets

A bracelet made of leather laces looks the most solid. Even products made of two or three strips of genuine leather woven into one pigtail look stylish. To create spectacular products, use thin and thick leather, flaps, strips, and softly rounded laces. Looks interesting bracelet made of laces and pearl beads, where the rough texture of the leather emphasizes the delicate touch of glass beads. Also, jewelry made of leather ribbons of different colours looks very effective.

Colours And Their Combinations

Bracelets can be made from any materials, pre-determined with a colour palette. Suppose you make such an accessory by your hand. In that case, it is necessary to determine the shades, and the auxiliary decorations, choose the technique of weaving and think through the key aspects that reflect the stylistics of the product.

First, it is important to ensure that all the shades in the accessory are in harmony with each other. Otherwise, even stylish jewelry with an intricate weave and expensive decorations will look uninteresting and cheap.

Win-win options:

  • Combinations of different shades from the same palette (for example, fuchsia, light pink and powder);
  • Using one contrasting colour (black, red, blue, white);
  • Pastel design (all shades of beige);
  • Contrasting combinations (black and silver, red and white, blue and yellow);
  • A multicolour accessory (like a rainbow or a very complex ombré).

Each particular colour combination is relevant in certain looks. Pastels and neutral white bracelet are good in light romantic images. Black product and other dark accessories will effectively complement hooligan and street looks. Rainbow jewelry with all sorts of pendants can be worn with boho or grunge looks.

What Is The Best Way To Wear Lace Bracelets?

Stylists strongly recommend buying several different bracelets woven from cords at once. Ideally, one accessory should be chosen for a party, for everyday wear – other jewelry and completely different products for some unusual occasions. Given that such decorative items are very cheap, you can pick up a particular bracelet under each look.

For example, denim shorts and a white T-shirt or shirt perfectly combine laconic bracelet-plait of dark beige or brown suede. Summer suits and lightweight monochrome sundresses emphasize accessories with a complex weave in a similar colour. In this case, an important role is played by the product’s width, the length of the lace, and the texture of the materials used to create a bracelet.

Rainbow and ombré jewelry will complement an image consisting of a boho skirt and a neutral blouse or top. For casual suits in dark colours, picking up the same dark accessory made of rough leather ribbons with steel elements is better.

Jewelry with beads, glass beads, pearls and exquisite creative pendants is suitable for evening looks. Here it is important to feel the line between brilliant bright decor and pretentious tawdriness.

Lace bracelets are a great option for every girl who wants to inexpensively but effectively complement her images with bright accessories. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of experimenting with the most trendy jewelry of 2022.

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