Knitted Blouses Are Always In Style

Advantages Of Knitted Blouses

Knitwear was invented about 2000 years ago, but it became popular with fashion designers and fashionistas when chemists took up the cause. They invented elastane and wove synthetic fibres into the knitted fabric. This was a real revolution because knitwear has gained several important advantages since then. So, girls and women today love knitted blouses for the fact that they:

  • wear-resistant;
  • sturdy;
  • durable;
  • not crumple;
  • are pleasant to the touch;
  • stretch well;
  • fit;
  • are versatile in any weather;
  • have an affordable price.

Depending on the composition, each piece has unique properties. The particular blouse is suitable for the cold season if wool is the basis. Things made of knitwear woven from cotton and silk threads are suitable for spring, summer and early fall. Knitted fabric is well-coloured and holds colour for a long time, so women’s knitted blouses can be a variety of colours, monochrome and with bright, original prints. If the fabric quality is good, the knitted blouse will hold its shape and colour for several seasons.

Blouse Styles

The modern woman’s closet should have a few blouses that can be worn on different occasions. Modern fashionistas have a lot to choose from because the models of knitted blouses are very different. Here are the most popular:

  • short sleeve;
  • with long sleeves;
  • sleeveless;
  • tunic blouses;
  • Asymmetric cut blouses;
  • V-neck.

A universal solution would be a long-sleeved blouse. These models come in thick or thin knit, solid colour, with a pattern, made in different styles: from classic to sport. Do not forget that in the first place it is knitted blouses for the full should have a sleeve. It will not just hide the full arms but also visually reduce, due to which the body proportions will be balanced, and the top will not seem so massive.

Blouses with long sleeves – a requirement of the dress code of many modern companies. For a hike to work, you can pick up solid-coloured blouses in bright or pastel colours. Such blouses are well combined with expensive jewelry and neck scarves. Fashionable knitted blouses with large prints, rhinestones or embroidery are suitable for going to the movies, a cafe or a party. In every girl’s closet must be at least one original blouse with long sleeves, which will perfectly look with jeans and stylish sneakers.

Blouses with short sleeves are indispensable in spring and summer. The fashions of these blouses are chosen depending on the characteristics of the shape. Miniature, skinny girls fit blouses, the sleeve is tight around the arm or made in the form of a ruffle, fixed with a button. Such blouses for overweight women should have loose sleeves, which will not squeeze the hand of women with overweight, fit blouses with wide, slightly flared sleeves. With their help, it will be possible to make a problematic figure more proportional.

By summer, you can buy several knitted sleeveless blouses. However, such models are not suitable for everyone – women with full arms should not wear them categorically. Such blouses can be worn for a walk, in a movie or in a cafe, but in the office, if the dress code is strict, it is better to wear a jacket or a thin blouse on top. Slim beauties can wear a blouse with a sleeveless bass.

Fashionable tunic blouses are suitable for any shape. Some models have a free fabric coming down from the shoulders. Others have a high waist. Some have an open back. All these blouses are united because they do not constrain movement and are very comfortable to wear. Blouses for large women in the form of a tunic will be perfect. They will hide a big belly, voluminous legs and hips, making the chest less noticeable, and drape the full hands. Tunics look stylish and slender girls. If wearing high-heeled shoes, a girl in such a tunic will seem much higher, and her figure will look more elegant.

Designers advise modern women not to be afraid to experiment and pay attention to fashionable knitted blouses of asymmetric cut. There are dozens of beautiful models, among which you will find one that will suit you. Models with an uneven bottom are ideal for full ladies. Such blouses look good with leggings, pencil skirts or simple black pants. Stylish slender girls in the closet for sure there will be asymmetric knitted blouse, in which the right sleeve reaches approximately to the elbow, and the left shoulder is bare. Such models are worn under a wide belt.

Also, in every girl’s closet, regardless of build any shape, there should be a knitted blouse with a V-shaped collar. This form visually elongates the silhouette and makes the neck longer. Blouses with a V-shaped collar may have buttons and zippers or make from a solid fabric. Elegantly look such blouses decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, and knitted elements.

For several seasons, blouses in which knitwear is combined with guipure and chiffon have been fashionable. A knitted blouse with chiffon seems more light and airy and is suitable for the office and for going out. The blouse with lace looks elegant and luxurious. It is more suitable for going out.

What Colour Blouses To Choose?

The choice of blouse colour depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you like classic, sports or casual, your closet must have a white knitted blouse. It is always refreshing and looks smart. You can wear it to work, a meeting or on a date – it’s always the right choice.

In the closet, girls who work in the office should be a few models of knitted blouses of calm colours: gray, creamy, mint, beige, blue, and powder. The summer closet can appear in bright colours: yellow, red, turquoise, and blue. These should be fashionable models that suit you, with sleeves, short or long, without unnecessary decorative elements. A businesswoman’s closet can be a blouse with a basque – it is worn with a narrow skirt. Knitted blouses in the office are worn with strict pants, skirts, jackets and pumps with stiletto heels or stable heels.

Girls who like sports and urban style can buy loosely knit blouses with a bright pattern, large buttons, with original appliques. They are worn with jeans, leather pants, sneakers, sneakers, brogues, ballet shoes, and skirts of any length. Romantic natures will suit asymmetric blouses of the light jersey of pastel colours decorated with light lace.

A knitted blouse is unlikely to ever disappear from women’s closets because it is difficult to think of a replacement for this thing. Knitwear is very comfortable to wear and not as erratic as natural silk or wool. Blouses from it perfectly hold shape, fit well and long enjoy the presentable appearance of their owner. If you want to look always stylish, buy a few knitted blouses of different styles and colours and wear them in the office, to meetings with friends, walks and parties. Quality knitwear is good for any occasion and season because in cold weather, it is warm, and in summer – on the contrary, it is light and cool.

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