Knit Sweaters: Options For Blouses, Shirts And Sweaters

Things made of knitwear are the most popular among all population segments. Affordable clothing of various models and colours is easy to care for and pleasant to the body. A gift in the form of a beautiful knitted blouse will be happy for any woman, and for everyday wear, many ladies buy it out of knitted tops. Let’s see what may be the styles of knitted blouses and how to choose a suitable model based on the characteristics of your shape.

Knitted sweater

Red blouse

Main Varieties Of Jersey Tops

Knitwear is a nonwoven material. Products made of it are referred to in the category of knitwear. All styles of women’s knitted sweaters can be divided into the following subcategories:

  • T-shirts, strappy tops;
  • T-shirts and blouses with short sleeves;
  • Turtlenecks and blouses with long sleeves;
  • sweaters and pullovers;
  • cardigans.

Sleeveless or strappy tops made of cotton fibers with the addition of synthetics to increase the elasticity of the fabric are good for summer. Thanks to the loop structure of knitwear such clothing provides proper ventilation of the body in the heat, even despite the tight fit.

Strappy knit tank top

T-shirts made of jerseys are suitable for women who lead an active lifestyle and those who prefer a sporty dressing style. On the contrary, a blouse with short sleeves and the original neckline looks elegant and worthy of accompanying a girl even at an evening event.

Knit T-shirt

Long-sleeve turtlenecks and tops are ideal for the cold season. They can be worn as an independent element of the closet in a warm room or under a sweater. Knitted blouses with long sleeves and a skirt will be a great alternative to a cocktail or casual dress.

Knit top with sleeves

Knitted top

Loose collarless sweaters and tight pullovers are made from knitwear, which includes wool fibres. Such jackets are warm and look beautiful and feminine, especially geometric designs that look stylish on knitted products.

Knitted sweater

Knit sweater with shirt

Salad Jumper

Cardigans are made from thin knitted fabrics and thicker woollen ones, worn over underwear or a shirt, turtleneck or top. The most common version of the cardigan is a jacket with buttons, but there are also more original styles without fasteners, with a zipper, under the belt, etc.

Knitted cardigan

Knitted cardigan

Shapewear Styles For Broad-Shouldered Women

If you – the owner of a V-shaped silhouette- need to choose styles shirts that visually narrow the line of shoulders. As a summer option, I prefer strapless bandeau tops or tops with narrow straps that are as close to the neck as possible. Great suit blouses with the American armhole, but the lowered shoulder line and jackets with shoulder pads are better to avoid. Avoid blouses with horizontally oriented ornaments. Choose a vertical stripe. To balance narrow hips, wear dark blouses with light skirts or pants. Pay attention to the triangular neckline and the drop neckline – they visually narrow the upper part of the silhouette.

Knit T-shirt with thin straps

Shapes Of Blouses For The Figure Of “Pear”

If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, you must visually expand the figure’s upper part. For this purpose, choose knitted sweaters in the “bat” style, with “angelica” or “boat neck” type. As an everyday or sports variant, feel free to wear classic shirts with short sleeves, and for a solemn exit, prefer a sleeve-flap or “Juliette.”

Be sure to buy a trendy blouse – horizontal stripes will help to widen the shoulders. To slightly weigh the upper body and avoid contrast with the voluminous hips, look for blouses with a coat collar or large decorative elements on the shoulders and chest – frills, bows, jabots, etc. Models with a hood or shawl collar, shoulder pads or decorative epaulettes would be perfect for women-grouses.

Knitted sweater for pear shape

Shirts Styles For Large Women

Many puffed ladies refuse knitted sweaters – because such products tighten the figure and flaunt all its flaws. But even a thin jersey can hide extra weight if you choose a loose style with draperies in the right places. And the dense fabric, on the contrary, will help hide the imperfect body’s relief and make the figure more accurate.

If you are concerned about the lack of a waist, look at models with a wide belt. Popular today belt-cushion can be purchased separately and complemented with a knitted blouse or tunic with a free cut. To get close to the silhouette of “hourglass,” you can pick up a blouse with a volume bass and an expanded top part, for example, a “boat neckline.”

Pull the silhouette vertically will help triangular neckline. Blouses with a clasp will suit you – this vertical element of clothing also produces a positive effect if you want to look slimmer. Hide protruding belly can be helped with a jacket in empire style – with an high waistline. Knitwear gently flows from under the chest, covering extra pounds on the stomach and flanks. A little secret – knitted blouses will decorate even very fat women, if you wear underwear tightening.

If you are overweight, but at the same time, your advantage can be called a luscious chest, choose among knitted sweaters with a zipper. The triangular neckline will elongate your silhouette vertically, and the asymmetric cut will make the protruding tummy less obvious. If, along with extra pounds on the waist, you have neat shoulders and fairly thin arms, wear a blouse with a dropped shoulder or sleeve.

Knitted sweater

Knitwear For Pregnant Women

There is nothing better than knitwear for women in this position. Things perfectly stretch and “grow” with an increasing belly. If you are expecting a baby, you will fit over-the-waist jackets with a free bottom line, and for the short term – tops and blouses with an overhang and an elastic band on the hips. In specialized stores, you can find tight-fitting shirts and T-shirts with special darts in the abdominal area – a great choice for a neat figure.

Maternity Knitwear

Maternity Knitwear

There is an opinion that knitwear wears out quickly, but given the affordable cost of knitwear, this drawback is not too overshadowing the overall picture. A huge variety of styles and models of jerseys is a big plus for fashionistas of any complexion and age.

Pink knit sweater

Stylish beige sweater

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