Kajal Is The Secret To A Captivating Look

Kajal is rarely found in an essential makeup bag, but every self-respecting makeup artist keeps it in their beauty case. The properties and purpose of this product are extraordinary. When used correctly, it can give a magnetic glamour to your eyes.

It looks like an eyeliner pencil, but you can tell it apart by its soft, slightly oily texture, which allows it to leave a bright, saturated line in one easy stroke.

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The beauty product contains mineral components and antiseptics of plant origin. The fact is that kajal is designed to outline the eyes on the mucosa side and draw the contour between the eyes, so it is not harmful to the eyes’ health.

In ancient India, women used this pencil for sun and sand protection, and it was made with galena, malachite, and antimony. Girls who want to emphasize the depth of the look need to try kajal at least once. With it, you can accentuate the eye color and create a captivating image without doing anything. It’s enough to trace the lash contour with a light movement and apply mascara. However, it is worth recalling that the bright black outline is unsuitable for everyone because it visually reduces the eyes.


The manufacturers of makeup products please their admirers with a rich palette of kajal. You can find classic black pencils, white, olive, terracotta, pearl, purple, dark blue, golden sand, and coffee on the shelves.

Kajal Can Be Applied In Several Win-Win Ways

  1. Apply black kajal to the mobile eyelid’s intercuspidal space, then dab mascara on the lashes. This will make the look piercer and brighter, and the lashes will look much thicker than they are. This is an alternative to the upper eyelid tattoo.
  2. A white kajal will make the shadow look brighter. This trick is often resorted to by makeup artists, applying it as a base for shadows.
  3. The light shades will help to make the eyes look bigger. To do this, use white or other light shades pencils, applying them lightly to the lower eyelid.
  4. Underlining for evening makeup will allow you to look perfect in any light and camera flash. It is enough to cover the moving eyelid with black kajal and draw a line on the lashes below. Do not worry about a clear contour of the upper eyelid. Here the main thing is to set the shape for future shading.
  5. Soft arrows and the supple texture of the pencil are made for each other! The application technology is the same as for the liner, so it is necessary to draw a line along the contour of lashes and go a little beyond it. Then the product is shaded with a short, stiff brush.
  6. Smoky eyes are another option for evening eye makeup. Slightly sloppy and instant in execution, it will not be suitable for the office and the strict image, but it will look like an informal meeting or a party. To make a light smoky look, you need to circle the mucosa and draw a line along the base of the lashes, encircling the eye, and then flatten the kajal with a stiff brush or an eyelid applicator.

Colored kajal can be used to create colored arrows or lower eyelid mucosa eyeliner to match the color of the iris.

Cosmetic manufacturers offer a large selection of kajal for all tastes and colors. Girls who want to get to know this beauty accessory better should pay attention to the following brands:

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil is almost a legend thanks to its formula. The structure of the gel allows it to adhere perfectly, after which it becomes water-resistant, does not smudge, and does not migrate during the day. There are 43 colors and shades in the line.

Smashbox Always on Gel liner Like the previous version – the formula is gel. It’s easy to apply, shrinks solidify a few seconds after application, and stays in place all day long, even on the lower eyelid. The palette here is not as rich – only 8 saturated bright shades.

YSL Dessin Du Recard Soft, creamy texture, and matte finish after setting, as well as the presence of an applicator for blurring, made this brand’s kajal a desirable purchase for any fashionista. It has a hypoallergenic composition with caring oils and high resistance for up to 10 hours. There are five shades in the line.

Eye kajal from MAC It’s soft with a silky texture and also very long-lasting. It holds well on the eyelids and doesn’t bleed or smudge. It is perfect as a foundation for eye shadows or a smudge. It uses less energy, unlike its predecessors, which makes it more economical. It comes in 7 shades.

Kajal pencil Make Up For Ever A permanent pencil suitable for shaded arrows and eye contouring.

Sexy Smoky Eye pencil from Romanovamakeup It’s an excellent undercoat for smoky eyes. It is easy to shade. After that, it hardens and becomes water-resistant. Thirty seconds after application, it sets and gets a matte finish. It can be washed off with a waterproof makeup remover.

Multiplay Triple-Purpose Eye pencil by PUPA The multifunctional pencil is excellent for both arrows, outlining mucous membranes and underlining shadows. On the back side, it has an applicator for shading. The palette is available in 17 colors and shades.

Expression Kajal by Maybelline is The most budget-friendly option but significantly loses staying power. If the skin is prone to greasiness, it will spread and imprint on the eyelids during wear. In application, it is comfortable, the color is bright, and the lines are clear, but you should not forget to correct them periodically. For a smokey eye, it will do well.

Kajal can become an integral part of any girl’s makeup bag. It is multifunctional and bright, making your eyes appealing and your look unique, whether it’s a languid evening or a casual light makeup look.

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