Jeggings: Creative Ideas In A Woman’s Closet

Jeggings or leggings are fashionable women’s pants that combine certain characteristics of skinny jeans and leggings. In design they are very similar to denim models, are a stylish imitation of tight denim pants, including colour, seams, pockets and rivets. At the same time, all of these details are artfully drawn. The elastic fabric and increased comfort of jeggings inherited from leggings.

Imagemakers recommend that the beautiful half diversify her wardrobe with ice jeans, picking models with appropriate parameters. It offers a variety of such pants for warm and cold seasons, for slender beauties and chubby women, for tall and petite women.

Materials And Design

Unlike regular skinny jeans, jeggings skinnies are made of a combination of thin denim and a strongly stretching synthetic combination. There are also models without cotton; the material is a highly elastic base of artificial fibers. Most of the images feature denim shades, but there are also imitations of leather pants.

Answering the question of how to choose jeggings, stylists suggest taking into account:

  • features of the figure;
  • the nature of the look to be assembled;
  • the colour scheme and design of the pants you choose.

Stylish ladies with graceful forms are not limited in the choice of colours – suit gray jeggings of all shades, bright blue, white, black, blue and all other denim colours. Leopard and tiger prints are popular, as well as imitation reptile skin. Young fashionistas are especially attracted to militarized jeans and jeggings. In common use among the slender/fair sexes is a stylish jegging with an imitation zipper and pockets, characteristic jeans seams and rivets.

According to stylists, large women should pay attention to laconic silhouettes in rich colors. Hubby owners of fashionable closets with urban styles may easily answer the question of how to wear jeggings. For summer, a successful set with elastic pants 7/8 in the colour of sea waves and a white tunic with beige sandals on a high wedge. Exquisite clutch-envelope design and laconic jewellery is a wonderful addition to the outfit. Early fall and spring call for high-waisted jeggings in noble gray, dark blue or black, worn with an asymmetric tunic style or a neutral top and cardigan.

Varieties And Characteristics Of Current Jeggings Styles

A classic pair of jeggings with an elastic band is very useful in everyday outfits. The silhouette looks similar to that of a tight jeans pant. At the same time thanks to the belt’s elasticity, no pressure is felt in the abdominal area, which is typical when wearing jeans-skinny.

High-waisted jeggings are suitable for beauties with slim shapes and charming fashionistas with a seductive figure. Girls without complexes wear high-waisted jeggings in tandem with an American tank top and kitten-heeled shoes. Even more popular are outfits with a shirt tucked into the pants, with a long or shortened vest over a top.

Leggings style 7/8 are not just for slender fashionistas:

  • Tall girls can complete them with tops of any length and choose shoes to suit their mood;
  • Fashionable women with a petite figure should give preference to tunics, barely concealing the buttocks, shirts or T-shirts of similar length and high heels;
  • Shorter jeggings for large women are made of dense fabric in rich colours. Beauty with appetizing forms will suit for an outfit with jeggings 7/8 asymmetric tunics with the front part delicately hiding the groin area, and a little longer back part in a set with high wedge shoes.

Slim jeggings are more like leggings than denim skinnies. Because of the peculiarities of the fabric and the cut, the model is very tight on the body. Mainly used in sportswear for gym, fitness club. Here, shapely girls boldly combine them in urban outfits with a top, a short jacket, high heels or wedge heels, and ballet flats. Slim jeggings for the fat, paired with a t-shirt or tunic that extends to the middle of the thigh and covers 2/3 of the buttocks.

Slimming leggings have a modeling and corrective effect. Thanks to the seamless technology and density of the material, the pants are tight around the buttocks and thighs, which helps to improve blood circulation in the legs. The slimming models are equipped with supportive inserts in the belly and waist area.

Increased interest among fashionistas has led to push-up models with silicone inserts in certain areas. In these fashionable leggings the figure takes on feminine contours, and the image of girls with “rectangle” shapes takes expressive contours.

Winter Jeggings: Types Of Insulation And Features

Variants for the cold season are made of the same elastic materials as other models. At the same time winter jeggings have a layer of insulation:

  • jeggings with fur is a comfortable solution for walks in freezing weather. You can wear them with a down jacket and go skiing with friends, play snowballs with children, go tubing. Some manufacturers indicate temperature rating of their products down to -30°C;
  • Fleece models are designed for temperatures down to -15°C. Unlike analogues with fur, fleece fabric does not add volume to the silhouette. These insulated jeggings can be included in office outfits in winter closet in tandem with a short dress, complete with everyday images for shopping, walking or meeting with friends;
  • Versions with fleece are warm enough, can be worn to school, work, suitable for car lady outfits. Elastane pants with fleece is the lightest version of winter ice jeans.

These winter pants-jeggings are great for creating stylish sets for women of all ages. Warm models go well with coats and boots, quilted jackets and boots, down jackets and fur boots.

Models For Plus Size Women

In contrast to popular belief, image-makers advise fashionistas with slim figures to combine summer and winter outfits with stylish jeggings. With the right pants, it’s easy to hide the female frame’s full shapes and highlight the female silhouette’s advantages. Special attention should be paid to the design of elastic pants:

  • Dark blue jeggings laconic design visually reduce puffy volumes;
  • The actual length for large women is up to the ankle. Girls with not very wide calves can experiment with styles 7/8 in a set with a rich shade of high-heeled shoes;
  • Jeggings with an high waist can emphasize the advantages of the statuesque female figure.

Choose insulated black jeggings for a winter outfit with a sweater, a fur jacket and lace-up boots. Create a composition for autumn that combines elastic pants with a tunic or a shirt, hiding the groin area, in order to camouflage the figure’s problem areas. Complete the image with a quilted jacket or leather jacket with an elongated cut, platform shoes or sneakers, and a large format bag.

With the right approach to the choice of models, tight trouser styles can give the figure a touch of sophistication and sexuality. It is also critical to pair jeans intelligently with outfits. Try to combine elastic pants of laconic design with a short dress, complete the look with stiletto shoes and clutch. In such an elegant image, she bravely goes to a meeting with friends, who love fashion.

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