Jeans With Knee Slits: Charisma And Carelessness In Detail

The ripped jeans of the past represented the rebelliousness of youth and unrestrained freedom of expression. Today’s fashion gives us comfortable denim pants, which don’t demand the attention of the other clothes in the closet. Indeed, pants with scuffs can be worn with anything, as long as the image as a whole would fit into the framework of comfort and decency.

Topical Styles For Every Figure

During the next few seasons, virtually any model of women’s jeans will be in style, with the main criterion for their choice being the perfect fit on their figure. Long slender girls stylists recommend trying on skinny jeans with lots of scratches, scuffs. There is an unspoken rule: in the trend are pants made from denim, in which almost half of the surface is cut and aged. The same method can be used for straight variations, as well as highly popular boyfriend jeans.

A medium or lightweight kleshlesh is perfect for full girls: this style balances the silhouette well. There is a restriction on the intensity of deformation – holes and scuffs should be much less than in straight copies. In addition, the cuts in the knee area are limited to compact.

A stylish solution for this season is ripped at the knees pants bananas, paired with neat lapels and a purse in the 80s style.

Classic performance is the colour “light indigo”, it is found most often, especially in boyfriend jeans. White jeans are also very popular – they are commonly used in summer looks. Both options will look beautiful on the owners of skinny legs.

Black jeans with holes in the knees look unusual, they are an innovation, as before only blue and gray denim was exposed to aging. Black pants fit well with the image, close to the subculture of ready; they will be worn with high boots and a dark T-shirt. Particles with a fragile structure look great in such clothes!

Black ripped jeans can be worn with a leopard top – it can be a cape or jacket of natural colors. Due to the laconic bottom, the animal print will not look vulgar. Also look great with black bottoms and tops.

You can combine soft blue jeans boyfriends with clothing of any shade – it’s just a matter of personal preference and age of the woman. Skinnies, in turn, may have a non-traditional performance – red, yellow, green, pink variations are in demand.

Back in fashion are dark gray products, pants of the colour “coffee with ice”, a characteristic shade of boiled denim. Lovers of contrasts will enjoy dark blue models – the tone of the fabric is brightly shaded by white threads of fringe, framing the holes. An interesting experiment can be the purchase of frayed denim pants with a print – a pattern of hearts, polka dots, stars, space, plant and animal ornaments.

Figure-Specific Peculiarities

Girls with charming roundness should pay attention to the advantages of straight cut pants. It is desirable that the holes and scuffs are located vertically – such a method will add growth and visually elongate the figure. Holes should not be too many – just 2-3 bright accents at a height of 10-15 cm from the knee.

Slim young ladies can afford any jeans with holes, there are no restrictions on the style, length and amount of deformation of the fabric. Very spicy looking slits in the lower thighs and on the knees.

Short girls are not recommended to wear boyfriend jeans with holes below the knee. Hole placement should be in the upper portion of the pants, and the pants should be loose, not tight around the calf region. Sloppy tucks can be formed if desired.

Stylists advise you should not buy pants with damaged fabric around the groin and buttocks. The only exception is the pocket area.

Making Slit Jeans Yourself

Fancy jeans literally give a second life to pants that have already served their age. In this way, you can make decorative holes and age areas independently, thereby transforming the look of things and refreshing their applications. It is important to observe the measurement because during wear, the holes will stretch and expand, so you need to leave a distance of 4-7 cm between them.

Countersunk stitching is another safety measure that can be utilized to fix the shape and size of the hole.

For beginners, designers recommend making holes on jeans without fringes. To do this, it is enough to cut out the selected areas of the fabric with small scissors, without doing anything else – so the denim will preserve its structure for the maximum time. You can fix a patch under the hole a tone darker or lighter than the main fabric if you don’t want to expose the skin.

How To Make Ultramodern Images

If you don’t know what to wear jeans with scuffs, scratches and through holes, arm yourself with a few win-win looks that will work for any season:

  1. Denim pants in tandem with a shirt or blouse will form the basis of a balanced look – a romantic top and rather brutal bottom. The shirt should be tucked in, if desired, you can add a stylish belt.
  2. In the autumn-spring months and cool summer evenings a leather leather leather jacket in combination with a top, T-shirt, turtleneck is topical. Shoes to choose from – boots on the tread, classic pumps, sandals on a solid sole, stylized sneakers.
  3. In fashion a combination in one image shabby jeans and office style items, such as jackets and jackets length up to mid-thigh. Under them you can wear a man’s cut shirt or a laconic, monochrome knitted t-shirt. Shoes would be appropriate here boots and pumps.
  4. Tight pants look interesting with a knee-length coat, ankle boots or boots, or closed shoes. On warm days, the coat is successfully replaced by a raincoat of the same length.
  5. Soft pullovers and sweatshirts will be the ideal complement for casual looks. The more intense their colouring and dynamic print, the rougher and more massive the shoes can be.
  6. In the heat season, jeans with holes at the knees and large slits on the hips are worn with crop tops, T-shirts, sandals, sandals, sneakers, sharp-nosed monochrome ballet flats without decor.

In order to make any combination look flawless, even if the closet is not perfect, adhere to minimalism when combining. The texture of pants is complex, so they look stylish in a frame of simple clothes, embodying comfort and eternal movement.

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