Jacket Dress: Modern And Stylish Attribute Of Urban Fashionista

The modern women’s closet is striking in its diversity. Earlier dresses, skirts and blouses were its basis, but soon they were joined by spectacular pantsuits and other elements of the traditional men’s closet. Today, fashion designers successfully combine radically different things, creating entirely new options for beautiful ladies. A striking example of this is the jacket dress.

Winning Model For All Occasions

A sleeveless jacket dress has been a trend in the last few seasons. During this time, the designers transformed and improved it in every possible way. Elegant and incredibly effective clothes attracted many celebrities, who were happy to show new original models at social events.

Despite the apparent complexity of the cut and the very style of such an outfit, women’s short jacket-dress is incredibly versatile. This can be the basis for an evening look, an excellent base for the office look, and the original version for a date.

Accents set the tone and mood – fabric, length, cut, jewelry, accessories, and even hair or manicure. Everything matters. For example, a jacket dress with a zipper of light fabric of gentle tones looks very sexy and seductive. Still, a dark, moderate long dress of suit fabric, covering the chest and shoulders as much as possible, will create the image of a strict and serious businesswoman.

Fashion Trend: What To Wear

In itself, a stylish jacket dress is a self-sufficient thing. It does not need any special additions and elements. The help of details only sets the desired stylistic direction relevant at a particular time.

A Light Look – The Perfect Feminine Image

White jacket dress can be safely combined with classic shoes, sandals with high but stable heels, and elegant boots. Ballerinas and sneakers should be refused. Some models with which it is acceptable to combine such democratic footwear. However, this tandem will look good, but not always. It is very easy to make a mistake, so it is better not to experiment and adhere to the “classic schemes.”

A light jacket dress is good for creating exactly romantic, feminine, sophisticated looks. High-heeled shoes and a clutch are the perfect complement. It is better to refuse dark or too bright colours. For an evening out will be more relevant golden beige.

Long Jacket Dress – Bold And Sexy

A black jacket dress below the knee length is a real challenge to everyday fashion. With such a base, it is simply impossible to go unnoticed. You can complement the dress with a hat in a similar style, dark glasses and brutal accessories – a handbag, imitating crocodile skin and massive silver bracelets.

Shoes play a key role in this look. The more radical and rough the shoes will be, the more provocative the image will end up. For a more relaxed and elegant look, it is better to choose high-heeled boots or shoes devoid of any decorative elements. But if you have selected a half-shoe with studs, extremely high heels and a platform, a woman will turn into a bold and indomitable seductress.

Model Fits: Emphasize The Advantages Of The Body Shape

Because fashionable dresses-jackets are usually created from relatively dense and textured fabrics, such outfits instead hold their form and adjust to the curves of the figure. Thus, properly chosen dress jackets will allow not just correct the figure or hide flaws but very successfully emphasize the advantages, giving a silhouette of particular sophistication and femininity.

For those who want to deliberately emphasize a sexy figure, a velvet jacket dress with long sleeves would be ideal. The preferred length is midi. However, for those who like mini there is also a great alternative – a mini dress with lace. Moreover, the combination of velvet and lace is considered the most relevant in the new season.

Radically short variants with long sleeves are not very appropriate. They will visually enlarge the figure, making the silhouette disproportionate.

Subtle high-heeled pumps well complement the sexy outfit – it is a traditional combination. A velvet dress can be worn with a thin leather belt without fastening. It looks a special, exciting way.

Scarlet Image – Austere Sexuality

It is worth separately considering a red mid-length dress. Such a model by itself already looks somewhat provocative and sexy. The bright colour has done its job, giving the initially spectacular and eye-catching element even more appealing.

Such a luxurious closet item should be skillfully beaten in the look. A small black bag on a long strap will effectively complement it. The shoes are also better to choose in black. Beige accessories and a few gold accents look more elegant, but it is only an evening format.

Layering Is A Trend In 2022

The new season dictates the fashion for layering in looks. The spectacular jacket dress allows you to create an original and extraordinary look.

For example, a gray dress made of a dense suit fabric (tweed) is worn over a light burgundy, blue or green chiffon or silk dress. The top of a dress can be left unbuttoned or accentuated at the waist with a thin belt.

In this case, it is important to adhere strictly to the proportions and the harmony of colour and texture. For a gray tweed dress, it is better to match a classic bag of medium size in a similar colour, the same shade of boots on a stable platform and silver accessories.

If the underdress, for example, is burgundy in the same tone, you can choose an accent belt, wristwatch, or brooch. The main thing is that the colour details should not be too big.


This original piece of women’s closet was initially created as a variant for office looks. Despite a lot of creative ideas, as well as extravagant experiments, this concept still plays an important role.

For work (especially if the office has a strict dress code), choosing a dress with a discreet neckline and a reasonably practical length is better. The optimal variant is a midi. Mini will be inappropriate, as well as very long models.

As for the colour, you should not experiment here too. Universal tones are black, gray and restrained beige. Red will look too provocative, and white will be solemn, which is inappropriate in the office.

There are very original versions. For example, the dress jacket is made of sequins or long models with a train. They look pretentious and unusual and, in some situations, will even look strange or ridiculous.

When choosing an outfit, it is better to stick to classic standards. The more refined and laconic the model is, the less likely it is to make a mistake in creating a spectacular look.

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