Intimissimi: Swimwear The Women Love

Girls who know a lot about quality swimwear choose the Intimissimi brand. These things differ not only by professional cut, but also by well thought-out design. Not a single fashionable woman can imagine the beginning of the beach season without these swimwear. The Intimissimi brand has already managed to win a certain niche and a loyal consumer. In addition, their models are distinguished by their elegance and conciseness. At the same time, each swimsuit knows how to advantageously emphasize the figure and hide existing imperfections of the body.

Features Of Intimissimi Swimwear

The Intimissimi brand is part of the well-known Italian company Calzedonia Group. Having appeared on the market only in 2013, this brand has instantly gained huge popularity among most women and girls. The products are of high quality and have an excellent design.

The peculiarity of such swimwear is that every girl, regardless of the proportions of her own figure, will choose the most suitable option. Additionally, this brand specializes in swimwear exclusive versions in addition to its classic models. Other features of the products include:

  • increased material density;
  • comfort and wearing comfort;
  • ease of care of the swimsuit;
  • long service life.

Appearing in such a bathing suit on the beach, a girl will cause a sensation. Other people will immediately be drawn to the young lady’s eyes. And this is a bonus to the product itself, which has excellent quality and thoughtful design.

Models And Design

How the product will look on the figure depends on the chosen model. Intimissimi creates and produces a variety of options that differ not only in style, but also in style direction. Thanks to this, every girl, regardless of personal preferences, will be able to choose the model that will meet all her requirements and peculiarities of her figure.

A properly chosen style will conceal all the flaws and advantageously emphasize the proportions of the body. Slim girls should bet on the split model.

If you have a busty bust, you should consider a swimsuit with a V-neck. And if a young lady wants to emphasize taut, firm hips, then buy the product with swim trunks, which are decorated with long ties.

Popular Swimwear For Women

Women instantly fell in love with Intimissimi swimwear. The majority of fashionable women have already managed to define their favorites. Some product styles have gained particular popularity among women. A bathing suit from the famous Italian brand is not surprising, since they are gorgeous and stylish.

Fitted swimsuits

Fused-cut intimissimi leotards create a trim, sporty silhouette. The front part of the swimsuit usually has a V-shaped neckline. There are also models that beautifully bare the back.

The most popular such models are those who are engaged in sports every day and even at the beach leading an active life. If the purpose is to hide body shape flaws, the most suitable model would be a swimsuit dress, which is equipped with a short skirt. This style looks playful and attractive, the girl in this swimsuit will certainly attract the attention of others.


This brand produces monokini products. This model is characterized by wide cutouts located on the sides. Swimsuit in red or dark purple will give an image of sophistication. Styles that are bold can be chosen by girls who have a gorgeous figure.

Classic bikinis

Considered to be a sought-after and popular model. This style is most often preferred to buy girls. It is possible to select a quality product for any type of shape. It will also competently highlight the swimsuit’s existing advantages.

Swimsuits with a bandeau

The Intimissimi collection boasts a variety of interesting models. A bathing suit with a bandeau features a strapless bodice. This style is better suited for those ladies who can not boast a magnificent bust. The breasts will be visually accentuated in this model.

Angelica models

Swimsuits with an unusual name are distinguished by the fact that their bust is made without foam inserts. This allows for the addition of push-up inserts. Therefore, the model “Angelica” can be chosen by girls with any body proportion, without worrying that flaws may become apparent.


Its catalog excels not only with a variety of styles and models, but also with the materials from which these amazing swimsuits are made. As a result beachwear gets its own specific message and becomes a separate line of the closet.

Before buying a product, many young ladies pay special attention to the material. After all, it will depend on it how long you can walk on the beach in this dress, how quickly it will dry, while retaining its original appearance.

Fabric used by the Intimissimi brand is dense. It perfectly fits the body, while not squeezing it and not constraining it during active movements. This matters, because in addition to the original design it is imperative to be comfortable in such an outfit. This is even if you have to spend the whole day at the beach.


Intimissimi swimwear models are available in original, stylish and diverse colors. It makes it possible to choose exactly what each individual needs. It may be conservative clothing in a muted shade, or bright products with variegated and colorful patterns.

Most popular were the models with different prints and inscriptions on the top and bottom. Each designer, working on the next collection, tries to bring something original to it. As a result, the design is original and inimitable. And this attracts the bulk of the female population to such products.

Top and bottom with different prints

A model that is impossible not to pay attention to. It immediately attracts the attention of all holidaymakers. The uniqueness of this product is that you can combine several different models.

Due to the fact that the bottom and top have different prints, a girl can choose a swimsuit that will emphasize the existing advantages while hiding possible flaws.


The Intimissimi brand produces many products decorated with different stripes. It can be striped swimwear or swimwear with such inserts. To accentuate the feminine breast, you can choose a model with monochrome panties and a bodice that is made in bright stripes. If the whole product will have such a graphic print, then all other accessories should be more concise and muted.

Khaki Color

An original and slightly daring beach image will help you create an “Intimissimi” khaki swimsuit. This product looks especially beautiful on a tanned body. This outfit for swimming comes with a hat and a bag made of burnt straw. As a result, the image will appear stylish and fashionable.

The khaki-colored models are decorated with stones of varying sizes. This detail gives the swimsuit a special sophistication, and the product looks expensive.

Using translucent mesh inserts

One of the popular models of the current season is a swimsuit with inserts of translucent fabric. Basically for this purpose is used a stylish mesh. Such products look sexy and very attractive.
Models will suit those girls who have self-confidence and love the increased attention to their own person.

Animalistic print

Brilliant, eye-catching and stylish beachwear with animal prints. Through the use of dense material, these products do not look vulgar and defiant. As a result, the swimsuit becomes quite stylish and fashionable. The main thing is that the rest of your accessories should be monochrome.

Romantic, delicate swimwear

The newly designed stylish Intimissimi catalog offers many models of a romantic character. Any young lady will look gentle and sweet in such products. Separate models are mostly made in pastel, muted colors, and floral prints are used as decorations.

It looks beautiful to wear a soft pink or peach swimsuit, which is decorated with large white polka dots. When you tie a headscarf in the form of a headband, the girl will be transformed, she will take on a sense of mystery.

Men’S Models

The Intimissimi brand produces swimwear and beachwear not only for women, but also for men. Men’s collection of Intimissimi swimwear is also represented by a variety of interesting and stylish models.

For the manufacture of swimwear quality material is used, which is comfortable to wear during the day. The Intimissimi brand offered a stylish look at men’s beach fashion.

As a result, the created swimwear was no longer gloomy and dark. Bright prints and funny inscriptions added a touch of originality to such men’s products. So now the representative of the stronger sex can look conspicuous and stylish on the beach.

Product Care

For Intimissimi swimsuits to be worn with pleasure and to retain their original, new stylish look as long as possible, they must be properly cared for. In this case, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  • The bathing suit should be washed by hand. The water should be warm and a small amount of detergent designed for delicate washing should be added.
  • If the bodice is equipped with cups, you should not wring it out too much. Such a mechanical effect can deform the product. After washing, the cups of the bodice should be straightened by hand and allow them to dry on their own.
  • When there is no time, and you want to wash your swimsuit in the machine, be sure to choose the mode specified on the label of such a product. In this case, the “spin” is turned off.
  • The Intimissimi swimsuits should be dried on any clean, dry surface. But do not hang them under the scorching sunlight, so that the print and paint do not fade.

This brand’s swimwear will delight you with a stylish and beautiful appearance for many years if you follow these simple recommendations.

Decor Elements

Intimissimi’s novelties often feature incredible décor, which instantly catches the attention of others. And we are talking not only about beautiful and unusual prints, but also about a variety of inserts, patches and appliques. Those who like to look spectacular, should take a closer look at the swimwear, which are decorated with the following elements:

  • wooden and metal rings connecting the two halves of the bodice;
  • neat bows decorating both sides of the bottom of the product;
  • delicate ruffles framing the neckline area;
  • straps in contrasting colors;
  • Bright belt, which is located on the swim trunks and creates an accent on slender hips;
  • stones, with which the upper part of the swimsuit is decorated.

Some models are equipped with mesh inserts. As a result, a small part of the abdomen, hips or waist is exposed to the view of others. This gives an image of seductiveness and appropriate sexuality. Any girl can, based on personal preferences, find a special model that transforms the finished image.

Spectacular Images

The variety of swimwear “Intimissimi” helps each time to create a distinct and memorable style. It is possible to combine a variety of models, thanks to which the following images will be obtained:

  • classical restrained, if you choose a monochrome product without any decorations;
  • bright and bold when betting on an animal print;
  • romantic and delicate, if the swimsuit is decorated with ruffles, and in addition the girl wears a hat with a wide brim and sandals with satin ties;
  • Sporty, if the bottom of the product is made in the form of shorts, and as accessories choose a cap and sneakers.

As you can see, you can experiment endlessly with Intimissimi swimwear. Each time you will get something that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is important to choose accessories concisely and avoid overloading the swimsuit. Do not wear a lot of jewelry and distracting elements, the main attention should be drawn to the beach dress.

How To Choose

Despite the uniqueness and beauty of Intimissimi swimwear, you must know how to choose them correctly and according to your individual figure. It will accentuate the figure’s advantages and hide its disadvantages.

If a woman has a small, noticeable stomach, a choice should be made in favor of models that are equipped with swim trunks-slips with a high waist. If you have small breasts and want to give them volume, you should buy a product with ruffles in the bra area.

It is imperative that the swimsuit should be comfortable and convenient. The lower part of the swimsuit should not squeeze and drag on the body, while the top should not fall down and give the impression that the swimsuit is too small.

Beachwear from the brand “Intimissimi” is not only of excellent quality, but also interesting design. Each year, these swimsuits gain popularity among women in different countries. And it is not surprising. It is possible for each girl to pick a beach dress that will emphasize her individuality and present all her advantages in a winning light, regardless of her own taste or figure proportions.

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