Interesting Makeup Ideas For New Year 2022

On New Year’s Eve girls more than ever want to look attractive throughout the celebration. Without exception, all the representatives of the beautiful half of the population carefully choose their fashionable holiday image. They compare it both with their external data, and with the coming year’s trends. This time, the year of the goat will be replaced by the year of the monkey. Therefore, makeup for the New Year 2022 will take into account the favorite colours of the inhabitant of the jungle. Usually special attention is paid to the dress and hairstyle, but not always as carefully, unfortunately, makeup is applied. And after all, it is a touch, on the skillful application of which depends on the entire holiday image.

Luxurious New Year’s Eve makeup in the style of the Snow Queen

Fashion gurus tell us that makeup for the New Year should be done in neutral colours, because the year of the monkey involves neutral materials and colours. However, on New Year’s Eve you don’t want to wear “neutral” makeup, because there are other 364 days to do this, and you want to shine on New Year’s Eve.

What To Consider When Choosing New Year’s Makeup 2022

Makeup and outfit must be compatible. Wearing a bright and daring dress on New Year’s Eve is best paired with quiet makeup to tame the look. And vice versa, if you wear a cute, discreetly coloured dress – makeup can be brighter.

On New Year’s Eve, you can afford bold and extravagant ideas and experiments: with sequins, different colours of shadows and lipstick. Just make sure that you don’t forget the sense of proportion, so that you do not end up looking like a decorated Christmas tree with tinsel.

New Year’s Eve makeup with an accent on the lips

Because 2022 is the year of the fire monkey, you should use the colors associated with this year – red, orange, gold, terracotta, coral. You can also use blue, silver and white shadows. Tip: match the colours of your makeup to the shade of your outfit.

Tips For Choosing Cosmetics

  • Use good, quality cosmetics, because it must stand up to the feast, dancing at the Christmas tree, and perhaps even a walk in the street. If it is supposed to be quite active holiday – use waterproof mascara and eye shadow, so that, welcoming the year of the monkey, at any moment of the holiday to please those around you and yourself with a fresh look.
  • Use a base under the eyeshadow to prevent it from rolling. A special spray will fix your makeup and reliably protect it from various “encroachments” on its integrity and beauty.
  • Use false eyelashes – they will give your look depth and make your eyes look bigger.
  • Shadows and lipstick with glitter and nacre are perfect for making your New Year’s Eve makeup look one hundred percent.

Makeup Application Steps


What is the most critical principle in makeup? That’s right, smooth, even skin with no visible signs of fatigue. To achieve a natural glowing effect, before applying makeup, cleanse your skin with a suitable exfoliator or scrub, and apply a nourishing or moisturizing mask for quick recovery. Make sure to use a foundation that suits your skin, as this will camouflage the signs of fatigue and smooth out any irregularities and slight redness.

Be sure to work on your skin tone – unevenness and signs of fatigue

The first thing to do after the mask is to apply a moisturizer, which will saturate the skin with the necessary substances for a radiant and healthy complexion. After applying it, you should wait ten minutes for it to absorb before proceeding to the next step.

Then it’s time for the foundation. Take a small amount of it and flatten it on your skin. Be sure to apply the cream to your neck too, and if the outfit provides for decollete – on it. It is necessary so that the transition from foundation to natural skin tone will not be obvious.

A glittery look for New Year’s Eve

Eye Makeup

In 2022 the monkey is relevant because of its oriental and slightly mysterious eyes. To draw them, you need some skill. Such eye makeup ideas include creating a series of bright, clear arrows and filling in the space between them with dark, almost black shadows, which can have a pearly or metallic tint. The inner corner of the eyelid is covered with white glittery shadows, which “open” the look and give it the necessary depth.

New Year’s Eve makeup with an accent on the eyes

When applying eye makeup, be sure to use an applicator – with its help, shading will be better and more professional. If you are looking for an even more festive and stylish makeup look, you can use sequins and shiney rhinestones, which will add glamour to the picture and set the desired mood of carefree and fun.

On New Year’s Eve, welcoming the year of the monkey, it is appropriate to use false eyelashes, which in a few minutes will make the image flirty and sexy. This is a fashion trend for the holiday season. But if you do not want to glue artificial lashes, then use a lengthening and volumizing mascara. Pay attention that it doesn’t fall off and is of high quality, preferably water-resistant.

The false eyelashes are perfect for any holiday, including New Year

Lip Makeup

The lips should be decorated by all means. If the eyes are painted brightly, then a light pearlescent lipstick or gloss is suitable for the lips. But if you did not highlight the eyes, you should make an accent on the lips – and success on the holiday will be guaranteed. You can use any colours for your lip makeup, as long as they fit your outfit and reflect the current trends. A great choice would be to use fiery colours for the lips – coral, terracotta, orange.

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