Interesting Dresses: Understand The Colours, Styles And Types

Ever since women appeared and adorned our planet, not a single outfit has been invented that would look better on them than a dress. Short and puffy, long and tight, loose and open, there are many styles, but the goal is the same – to emphasize the splendour of the female image and make the world look at this beauty with delight.

Bright yellow dress

The Secret Weapon Of Beauties

A stylish dress can transform any girl, emphasize a beautiful figure or accentuate her advantages. The right outfit can catch a man’s eye for a long time. The main thing – is do not open all the cards at once, and find a highlight and let it become your little secret. What magic or magic lies in this women’s clothing? Why it always causes so much debate and discussion?

Turquoise Dress

In a dress, a woman becomes a queen, and those around her can watch it and enjoy it, although it is not forbidden to fantasize too. In a beautiful dress of any style, you will be the event star, and your moving figure will be followed by more than one pair of eyes. The secret of seduction is choosing a dress that becomes your decoration and weapon, depending on the purpose and situation. To do this, decide on the type of dress, the colour and length, the fabric and the volume of exposed body parts available for viewing by others. Think about your figure, what should be emphasized and what details are better hidden. Choose interesting models of dresses according to the season and go to conquer the world!

Models Of Interesting Dresses

Choose one unusual and bright, wear it once and send it to dust in the closet – this is the fate of many unusual things in a woman’s closet. Your hands reach out again to feel the fabric, your eyes close, and you already imagine yourself in it, walking on the red carpet, but then the cells of gray matter are switched on and inform you that it is time to stop this insane shopping craze. So how do you choose beautiful dresses you want to wear all the time? For that, let’s look at the types and styles:

  • everyday
  • business or office
  • romantic
  • sports and recreational
  • beach
  • Evening
  • for cocktails.

Casual dresses are very different, but they all have in common that they are practical and comfortable to wear. They can be made of jersey or wool, cotton or denim. These models can be stylish and feminine, slimming figures and allow you to choose interesting accessories.

Casual Dresses

On a hot day on the beach, you can see girls in sarongs or tent dresses. These are light and airy models. When the body is wrapped in fabric, the ends are tied around the neck or chest, and the bottom is free to flutter. Unusual will look on the coast dress with a tightening on the chest in the form of a bow – it’s a dress-smock.

Beach Dress

How to choose a dress for winter to look beautiful, but feel warm? Designers have coped with this task by developing a style of dresses-sweaters and sweaters. These two types differ only in the collar, and the knitting can be with braids or elastic, bouclé and with ornaments. In cold weather girls will be pleased with a dress-balon, if its fabric composition will contain half or more of natural wool.

Beautiful winter dress

Sports models are useful for those who like to play with a ball or tennis, go for walks in the woods and ride a bicycle. Such outfits can withstand different active movements because they are sewn from a special elastic material, providing a constant flow of air. The culottes dress does not have the usual skirt, but there are shorts, so you can bend and somersault without fear of embarrassment.

Sporty dress

Outfits For Home And Work

You’re mistaken if you think it’s impossible to be feminine at home. Beautiful dresses can also be for the home. It’s time to forget about robes and sweatpants. There is a use for them. What will you say about the chemise model, a strange name, but it’s just a dress, free and comfortable. And in cheongsam, a silk dress with a slanted back and slits on the sides, you will imagine yourself in China or Japan, bringing the spirit of the East into your home.


Now you wonder how to choose a dress for work. Here it would help if you avoided too short and open models. Universal can be a dress-flat, which then you can wear not only in the office. It will fit well, be combined with different accessories, and always correspond to fashion trends. Please choose the right fabric for the product and its length, which will open slender legs and add height.

Dress for work

Going To A Party

Girls prepare for such an event especially carefully, and the question: “How to choose a dress?” they ask a professional consultant. They may recommend a cocktail dress with or without straps, called a trumpet-like trampette. If you have to dress up for a Japanese party, you can’t do without a silk kimono, the highlight of which is a wide contrasting belt. It can turn the girls’ waists into thin straws. Ladies in a sari hold Indian corporate parties. It looks beautiful if you skillfully wrap this large piece of fabric, so it does not slip down.

Party Dress

A separate theme is New Year’s Eve outfits, here are quite appropriate brightly coloured carnival dresses. You can try on the image of the Snow Maiden or Snow Queen, such chic dresses as if woven from snowflakes, glittering and shimmering as you walk. But it is inappropriate to wear them in everyday life, that’s why they are offered for rent. The final accents of any image are jewelry and makeup.

Colourful Accents

How to choose a dress in a fashionable shade we learn from stylists, who each season make their predictions and predictions about the styles and their colour guidelines. A restrained palette with beige and cream shades prevails in the fall and winter. And the arrival of spring is always marked by a change of reference points and the appearance of juicy green and orange colours in clothing. Those who lack warmth are dressed in yellow, mustard and other sunny shades. Red and blue are also present in the spring closet of girls.

A popular summer colour is blue with a touch of green in any proportion. It can be an azure dress, a sundress in aquamarine or an outfit similar to a sea wave. The classic black and white combinations in dresses never age. They come in polka dots or geometrics, and prints on different fabrics are also becoming popular. Choose stripes or checks, abstracts and ornaments. Designers also use floral motifs to create spring and summer short dresses. The most stylish technique is the degradation technique when the shades smoothly replace each other within the same colour.

Green Dress

Colours and styles, types and lengths – all a matter of taste, and an interesting dress immediately tell you: “I’m yours!” There is no turning back, only such an outfit can give a girl confidence in themselves, and that beauty is a great force!

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