Interesting Accessory Can Be Created With A Bouquet Of Satin Ribbon

When making compositions of satin buds, you can not hold back your imagination, especially since it is easy to add finesse to bouquets with all kinds of beads, lace ribbons and shiny cords.

Features And Benefits Of Satin Ribbons Bouquet

Various materials are used to create delicate bouquets. Refined satin ribbon flowers are popular for several reasons:

  • Ribbons are a practical and convenient material to work with, and the flowers look just as good as silk;
  • It is not difficult to create a bouquet of satin ribbons in all kinds of colors;
  • The dense textile holds its shape perfectly, and the flowers do not crumple and do not deform;
  • Satin fabric is less likely to collect dust than velvet or felt.

The demand for wedding bouquets from ribbons is increasing. And this is not surprising because the original products retain the “blooming look” longer than the living plants. Satin bouquets are an excellent opportunity to decorate the interior for flora lovers-allergic. Moreover, it’s easy to make a bouquet out of ribbons. It is easy to embody almost any flower in fabrics, even exotic and rare ones.


Different tools are used in the work process (scissors, glue gun, office knife). And all kinds of materials are used. Some elements are used all the time, and some things must be specially searched for and purchased.


Round bouquets are trending. Significantly simplify the process of creating unique foam balls. Such things of different diameters are sold in specialized stores for creativity.

If there is no foam base, the role of the ball can be played by a lump of crumpled newspaper. For the base to hold its shape tightly, you can wrap the paper with thin twine. If you initially need a ball in a certain color, it is not difficult to paint the paper and twine. If there are no special requirements for the shade of the base, it is a good idea to use narrow, transparent tape.


Create a particular stem to which the bouquet is attached. You can use various improvised devices. Its optimal length is 10-25 cm. Popular options: tubes of plastic and foam plastic of different diameters. The original backup is to staple together several sushi sticks.

Any material will do as long as it is lightweight. Tubes made of wood or metal are reliable but weigh a lot, which matters, especially when creating a bridal bouquet. After all, the girl will carry the flowers in her hands for a long time. And do not forget about the tradition of throwing the bouquet to the bridesmaids.

Choosing The Shade Of Satin Ribbons

When choosing a palette of ribbons to create wedding bouquets, it is essential to consider the color of the bride’s dress. Most often, the accessory is designed in several shades.


The dressy accessory looks fresh and gentle. White ribbon flower bouquets always remain a favorite. But it is important to consider that the wedding dress is sewn mainly from white fabrics. And the bouquet on the background of the clothes can “dissolve.” The use of ribbons of a darker shade (cream, light silver) can save the situation. To ensure that the bouquet does not get sloppy on the background of a snow-white dress, it is advisable to check the compatibility of the textiles in advance.

A white bouquet is a win-win combination of colors for a colored bride’s gown. White flowers are effectively combined with delicate pink, red, peach, pale yellow dresses.


Unconventional and fashionable solution – bouquets of flowers in pastel shades (mint, lime, lavender). A creative solution is to create a monochrome accessory from close shades of the same palette. But it is necessary to take into account the warmth of the tones. Cooler looks like a set of shades: menthol, patina, and watercolor. Warm set: pale green, pistachio, light green.

Always spectacular look has contrasting bouquets: lavender with greens, blues, and beige. There are many variations. A win-win solution is to combine white flowers with any shade.


This somewhat cool color will bring a touch of freshness and newness to the look. It looks wonderful in the hands of young brides.

Complement the turquoise flowers can be white or dark green. The originality of the bouquet will give silver beads and open-work silvery petals.


The searing bright hue will give the outfit a stunning contrasting look. Passionate, sensual natures will appreciate such bouquets. Among the rich red palette, a bride with any hair will find her tone. Brunettes will suit flowers of deep red tones (marsala, mahogany, strawberry jam). But blondes and brunettes prefer to choose flowers in lighter shades (coral, Indian red).


The noble palette is often used for bouquets at fall and winter weddings. The ensemble of a white dress and a blue-blue bouquet looks cool and dressy. If it seems that the accessory with blue flowers does not fit into the image, you can add elements of a similar shade (hair clips, jewelry with blue stones, or a purse with blue decorations).


A delicate, airy palette will bring sophistication and freshness to the bride’s image. The romantic look combines sky blue shades with yellow, pale pink, and turquoise tones. Such a bouquet can be composed both for a young bride and for a lady of mature age.

Handmade Composition Of Roses

The most popular flower for decorating wedding bouquets remains the rose. Delicate petals are easy to create from satin ribbons of different widths. There are dozens of ways to make rose petals make buds. Some techniques are very popular. Therefore, assembling a bouquet from satin ribbons with your hands is pretty realistic.

  1. Cut the satin ribbon into equal pieces (5-8 cm long) to form the petals. As a rule, it takes 25-30 elements to create an average rose. The longer the piece, the larger the petal.
  2. To make the flowers look beautiful, burn the edges of the satin pieces with a match or lighter. The smallest pieces are easy to hold with tweezers.
  3. Each petal is bent and stitched at two corners (located on the diagonal of the satin section of the ribbon). A sewing machine will help simplify the process. If there is no machine, the flowers will be completely handmade.
  4. The smallest petal is rolled up into a tube and fixed with threads. Each subsequent petal is carefully rolled up and sewn to the central element.
    As soon as all the buds are gathered, proceed to decorate the base of the bouquet. The flowers are carefully glued to the balloon with a glue gun.

Making the base for the bouquet

If it is difficult to buy a ready-made foam base, create a paper ball with your own hands. Newspaper sheets are crumpled tightly and formed into a base of the desired size.

Fix the paper ball and give it a regular spherical shape is best with twine, thin twine.

A hole of the desired diameter is made in the ball and smeared with glue. A specially prepared stick is inserted into the hole. Once the glue dries and the bar is securely fastened, it is wrapped with twine, cord or edging. A stick wrapped with green ribbons looks especially beautiful.

Making flowers from satin

To assemble a bouquet of satin ribbons, you need to form beautiful petals and the fabric to create a base. The sequence of operations is not complicated:

  1. A circle of medium diameter (about 3-5 cm) is marked on the fabric and cut out.
  2. Mark a segment on the workpiece, which is notched on one side.
  3. Stitch the circle on edge and gently pulled together, forming a cone-shaped base.

The edge of the tape sewn to the center of the workpiece, and gradually, folding a satin strip on the diagonal forming a giant flower.

The second type of satin ribbon flowers

To create roses of different shapes and sizes, use another version of assembling the buds. The edge of the satin ribbon is folded several times, forming the center of the bud. Then the ribbon is folded in length and width, creating a petal sewn to the base. A particular advantage of the technique is that the bud can be formed until the ribbon runs out.

The main thing – at the end of good stitching, the base of the flower, so that the rose does not fall apart.

Putting flowers together in a single composition

Different ways of fixing and arranging the buds are used when decorating a bouquet on a ball base. It is essential to combine the shades of flowers correctly. More brightly look an accessory, collected from the buds of contrasting shades. The tenderness and sophistication of the bouquet will give flowers of the same shade.

When decorating a bouquet, first fix large flowers on the base, then smaller ones. Finish the work by gluing leaves, beads. Beautiful looking bouquet, which is not visible from the base. The easiest way to decorate the base with a thin ribbon of satin or organza.

Handmade Ribbon Flower Options

It is easy to create buds of different sizes if you choose different widths of ribbon in advance. You can use a single technique to form the buds, or you can use several.

Large ribbon flowers

To make a large flower, you need about a meter of ribbon at least 6 cm wide. The piece is folded in half (along the length) and sewn on a thread of a similar shade. Then gradually twist the piece of ribbon to form a bud. Fix the flower at the base with thread.

Flowers are small in size.

Delicate flowers are formed from a piece of narrow ribbon (length – about 20-25 cm, width – up to 2 cm). To decorate the flower, the edge of the ribbon is first folded at right angles.

To form the center of the bud, make two or three turns of ribbon and fix the element with threads at the base.

The action is repeated until the end of the tape: a piece of band is folded diagonally and wrap it around the center of the rose. The base of the flower is necessarily stitched firmly, so that the flower will not disintegrate in the future.

Elegant medium-sized flowers

More naturalistic and sophisticated-look flowers are used to form a specially created cone (made of dense fabric, burlap, or a piece of felt). And the higher the cone, the more voluminous the flower will look.

The ribbon is put on a cone, fix it, and gradually wrapped around the base, put a flower. Constantly improve the handicraft with thread so that the flower is firmly held.

Flowers from ribbon remnants

Flowers collected from different colored ribbons in the technique of kanzashi look spectacular. The pieces should not be shorter than 10 cm. To assemble a flower, first, separately make a bud base. And then immediately collect all the petals. A petal ribbon is folded in half lengthwise, and then the ends are joined and stitched. Alternating parts of different shades are sewn to the base (arranged in a circle).

Making A Wedding Bouquet With Satin Ribbons

To decorate a wedding bouquet, a ball of Styrofoam with a diameter of 10 cm is selected. Pins on the base’s surface are fixed blanks – large flowers. Then gradually and evenly fill the base with medium-sized buds.

Additional decorations fill small uncovered areas of the base. Large beads and small bows of ribbons are used. The final touch – the bouquet is wrapped with a thread of small beads or shiny ornate cord, which is tied on the bouquet’s handle.

Stylish Examples

The exciting idea is to decorate a snow-white bouquet with a strip of organza in delicate pink. To make the accessory look harmonious, you can decorate the bouquet with large pale pink matte beads or a thin ribbon of pink organza.

Look original bouquet of snow-white flowers, on the surface of which “curls” strip of contrasting buds of silver hue.

When putting together spectacular bouquets, you can safely fantasize and play with the color or size of the elements and the order in which they are arranged. The buds can be arranged in floral tiers (starting with a darker shade and ending with a lighter one). It is important to choose a beautiful range of shades or textures.

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