In The City, Business Bags Make A Statement

A leather business bag is the calling card of an elegant woman. For career advancement in business, you must not only act, but also look impeccable. A working girl is always under scrutiny; her style is constantly monitored by employers, colleagues and business partners. Especially critical is how you are dressed for the interview. This is because in a first job you are greeted by your appearance. Therefore, business bags for women play a big role in creating the image of an experienced specialist and professional.

What To Look For When Buying A Business Bag

Business bags are always in the foreground, because they hold documents, files and presentations, the phone, business cards and the diary with pertinent notes. The main thing in a bag is ease of use. It is better to choose a briefcase with a zipper and one small practical clasp; all clasps should work well and smoothly. When buying a women’s business bag, look carefully at the decorative stitching and other small details. Seams should be neat, no good bag, where threads stick out or stitches are uneven.

There should be at least two business bags: one for summer (light colour) and one for the colder months of the year (darker shade). The most practical business bags are briefcases made of genuine leather, not suede and not lacquered. As suede becomes soiled and difficult to care for, it does not look very solid, and the prints remain on patent leather, so the most suitable option is leather, you can trim it with faux suede.

The fashion brand De Esse produces various variants of business bags, which look presentable and have many functional qualities. Among them, the main ones are: optimum size, high-quality leather or substitute, beautiful locks, many compartments inside, convenient handles.

Leather Business Bag

The first thing that attracts attention when looking at a business person is not even an expensive suit or dress. The main components of the image are accessories and shoes: shoes, a stylish bag and other small things, such as a watch, a belt or an expensive pen.

A quality leather business bag is an expensive item. However, you can buy just one such bag in a brown shade; this colour harmonizes with any outfit. In Autumn and Winter, a classic brown bag will look great with a pantsuit, a cashmere coat, a trench coat, and a dress-fronted dress.

Classic Handbags

According to most stylists, a businesswoman’s closet should have three leather bags: a large briefcase, a medium-format Chanel-type bag (the size of a book) and a small clutch. A large bag is intended for work, it should have the optimal size, so you do not have to carry extra folders and organizers for files. A small clutch bag is convenient to put in the briefcase if after work a corporate evening or a visit to a restaurant is planned, or other festive event.

A classic business bag for the office must have these characteristics:

  • Made of genuine leather or good quality substitute;
  • Rectangular shape;
  • Size not less than 25 x 30 cm, so that it fits in the documents of format A4;
  • Tight bottom and sides;
  • Convenient short handles;
  • Zipper and snap closure;
  • Restrained design, calm colours, ideally the bag should be monochrome or made of materials not more than two shades.

Most women prefer a trapeze or rectangle handbag, which is convenient for stacking documents and organizers.

Business Bags In The Latest Colors

A businesswoman who is not afraid of experiments can choose a bag in an intense shade, such as red, burgundy or bright blue. Thus, you can attract the attention of colleagues and business partners. The colours of business bags that are always relevant:

  • Dark blue;
  • Brown;
  • Shades of Gray;
  • Black.

If you have limited financial resources, you can limit yourself to two bags. For spring and summer the ideal option would be a beige bag, which is suitable for almost any clothing and will look harmonious in summer business looks. In the fall and winter it is appropriate to wear a black bag, which will suit winter business suits and dark shoes.

If you decide to buy a colorful bag, use in your look an accessory that will echo its color and support its style. This can be, for example, a watch strap, a business diary cover, a scarf, gloves, a beret, a brooch or other unobtrusive jewelry that you can wear to work in the office.

Stylists advise to pay attention to such fashionable colours of business bags:

  • A shade of sea wave;
  • Eggplant;
  • Dark Green;
  • Cherry.

It is recommended to buy a business bag, which combines no more than two shades of colour. Two-tone models look stylish and sophisticated. When a bag is coloured with a dark finish, with dark handles and flaps, it looks beautiful. White bags with stylish dark trimming along the edge of the flaps and patch pockets are in the trend.

Stylish Briefcases

A messenger bag has many of the necessary compartments for various documents. It should have a small number of fittings, pockets that fold up. A functional bag has many compartments for files, paper folders, and office accessories.

You will need a bag large enough to hold all your documents and extras. The most convenient model is a briefcase bag, which holds everything, so there is no need for additional folders. In a briefcase you can put a cosmetic bag, a small clutch, a smartphone, a business diary and other things that may come in handy every day at work.

Large Bags

Designers offer a variety of business bags for the new season. The most popular are large rectangular totes, there are also trapezoidal and semi-circular models. Maxi-format bags are in trend; this is a favorite of designers such as Balenciaga and Chanel; however, for businesswomen stylists do not recommend too large bags. It is better to choose a model that fits everything you need for office work, and use other bags for shopping. A maxi-size chopper bag is suitable for shopping, for the office you need a business briefcase.

The current trend of the upcoming season is the same colouring of clothing and accessories. Nevertheless, a business bag should not exceed the general style of the image. Use identical accessories that exactly repeat the design of a business briefcase: shoes, belts, watches, business diaries.

The most popular themes in the finishing of fashion handbags that were presented on the runways:

  • Floral patterns and floral motifs;
  • Geometric print and futuristic design;
  • Metallized materials with a shiny coating;
  • Original embossing, which imitates the skin of reptiles (crocodile, snake);
  • Fur trim and bags made entirely of fur: natural or artificial;
  • Stylish bags decorated with chains, metal pendants, key chains and even fur tails;
  • Rivets, metal fittings;
  • Leather fringe and tassels, embroidery.

Who said that a businesswoman is forbidden to be feminine? Strict office image can be diluted with notes of dreaminess and freedom. Embroidered bags, models decorated with lace and floral patterns, applique in the form of plant motifs are in trend. A few of these decorations on a business bag will not hinder a businesswoman from being a top-notch specialist and expert in her field. What can be embroidered on a business bag? Elegant floral pattern, flowers, logo or geometric print.

Embroidered patterns add bright colours to everyday office life. Fine plant motifs and lace patterns on bags are suitable for summer models. Fashionable business bags made of leather for winter and autumn are made with crocodile embossing. This pattern has always been in style and will remain in trend for many seasons to come.

Backpack Bag

Some businesswomen prefer business backpacks for women, but this option is considered an exception. The office dress code of large firms and corporations, as well as budgetary offices, does not allow backpacks. Only young girls who run their own private business and are the managers of their own enterprise can take advantage of this advantage. Dress code – not for them, and a stylish backpack holds all the necessary stuff for work: phone, notebook, files.

Professional Look With A Clutch Bag

If a corporate party is planned at the office, putting the phone, lipstick, and other small things necessary to be at hand in a clutch is an essential part of the festive image. When buying, choose a black clutch bag made of genuine leather or with a lacquer coating. The simple shape and austere colour make this item versatile, so stylists recommend to buy a black handbag for evening events. It would be a perfect addition to any image created on the basis of a jacket dress, pantsuit, or casual style.

Bags From Famous Designers

Designer bags of popular Italian brands can be purchased through online stores. The most stylish business briefcases are represented by:

  • Armani Jeans;
  • Braccialini;
  • Cavalli Class;
  • Cromia;
  • Tosca Blu.

Branded bags are distinguished by a refined design and a wide range of colours: blue, burgundy, beige and gray. In the collections there are elegant tricolour models of leather in blue, black and white shades. There is nothing superfluous in these models; they have two small handles and a long strap, so the bag can be carried on the shoulder. A novelty of the season is a set of several bags of different sizes, for example, a large shopper bag, a small handy clutch bag and a cosmetic bag. Combining a business briefcase with a purse of the same color looks very stylish.

A business bag reveals not only the tastes of its owner, but also about her status. A woman who seeks career growth and dreams of a high position, should behave and dress as if she has already achieved a certain position at work and in society, so do not wait for the dream to come true, it is necessary already now to buy a stylish and expensive bag, which will fit all the documents, calculator, business agenda and pen. Such a reception will give you confidence in your abilities and will help you to achieve your desired dream faster.

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