How To Wear Wood Jewelry

The “natural” style is in fashion, and wood costume jewelry is experiencing a second birth. The interest is due to trends in the world of jewelry. Another reason is the desire of people to surround themselves with bright and natural things. Natural materials in processing give warmth and surprise with expressive texture and unusual appearance.

Bracelet is made of wood.

History Of Wood Jewelry

The Stone Age was the starting point when a primitive man wore a wood ornament around his neck. The necklace was heavy. The first people used the material at hand, making no distinction between the weight, density and ease of working the wood.

Wood pendant

Coco Chanel became a trendsetter in wood jewelry in the 20th century. Since then, the revival of a forgotten type of arts and crafts began. Women appreciated the extravagance and inexpensive price of wooden products.

Wood beads

In the seventies, young people from various movements borrowed a way to stand out from the crowd with accessories made of wood. For some subcultures, it was a way to demonstrate unconventionality, an opportunity to accentuate quirky costume jewelry. Others saw in the material an affinity with nature.

Wooden heart pendant

Psychologists note the unconscious need of people to be in harmony with their environment. Wood is associated with reliability and security. Positive energy affects people by healing their aura.

Wood earrings with decor

Wood Species For Jewelry

Fans of esoteric teachings believe that amulets made of wood have sacred significance.

  • Oakwood bijouterie symbolizes strength and the will to win.
  • Birch helps in family life to achieve harmony in the relationship with a partner.
  • Willow is recommended for girls. Ornaments will help in education, work and personal life.
  • Products made of aspen remove the negative charge from a person.
  • The mountain ash bijouterie promotes better communication.
  • Alder will protect the owner from the evil eye.
  • Conifer wood gives positive energy and gives peace of mind.

Round earrings made of wood

Exotic species attract, above all, by their alien origins. Jewelry is made of tropical wood. In ancient Egypt, the high priestesses wore sandalwood beads. Millennia later, the art of processing has improved. Still, the desire of the beautiful half of humanity to surround themselves with inexpensive and elegant things to emphasize beauty has remained unchanged. When you create wood products with your hands at the finishing stage, they are covered with a thin layer of transparent varnish.

Bracelet made of wood in decoupage technique

Combination Of Wood With Other Materials

Wood is a versatile material that blends well with other materials. Masters of jewelry and designers use the property when creating products. Metal, leather, and stones framed with wood look spectacular.

Professionals note the successful combination of wood with amber, coral, mother-of-pearl. The play of textures occurs when combining with the material of horns.

Epoxy resin gives artisans room for imagination and implementation of various ideas. The natural formation is used to make three-dimensional and flat jewelry.

Wood and epoxy ring

What To Wear With Wood Jewelry?


Wooden ornaments will work with any fabric but not with every pattern. A dainty little ornament will be lost on a textile garment with voluminous flowers. Small polka dots will not harmonize well with massive beads. Any costume jewelry will look good on monochrome fabrics.

Wooden epoxy pendant


Necklaces made of wood will complement the image of a person dressed in natural shades:

  • beige;
  • sandy;
  • green;
  • blue.

Monochrome colours – white, gray, and black – will create the perfect wooden necklace or beads background.

Earrings made of wood in an ethnic style

The light shade jewelry is made of hornbeam. It will emphasize the refinement of nature and create a romantic image.

Cherry wood jewelry in burgundy colour. A good choice for beautiful ladies with a copper shade of hair and brunettes. Cherry wood jewelry is used to make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Wood earrings with stone

Yellow products of apricot wood as if charging with solar energy. They are combined with any clothing and give the owner cheerfulness.

The gray-green costume jewelry has an unusual colour and texture. Ash and oak serve as materials for making it.

Wooden beads with tassels

The jewelry’s chocolate hue testifies to the wearer’s nobility, and the products are made of almonds.

Avoid combinations with synthetics. Materials with metallic effects will not add charm to the image. Evening outfits of brocade and velvet will spoil wooden beads.

Wooden ring

Successful Images

Purchased wood bijouterie – choose a look from the presented options.

  • Choose simple cut linen pants or bermuda. With them go a simple blouse or top. Jewelry – large items: long beads, a pair of bracelets.
  • Match short beads to a sundress or dress in ethno style. An additional accessory is a woven bag and a hat.
  • Get into the country style – wear jeans and a cowboy with plaid prints. Suede boots will work on your feet. Beads of large elements, rounded earrings, and the wide leather bracelet will fit in such a look.

When choosing jewelry, be guided by a sense of proportion. Designers advise using a necklace or beads or earrings in the same look. On the hand will have to prefer something alone: a bracelet or a wooden ring. Therefore, heavy metallic earrings, a massive belt with rhinestones, a necklace and a wooden bracelet are unfortunate.

jewelry made of wood and epoxy resin

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