How To Wear Women Slacks Pants

Fashion designers never cease to delight us with their latest closet items. In 1940 Edmond Haggar invented the slacks. Slacks are firmly in the ranks of fashionable clothes in 1980. They are a kind of mix of pants and jeans. These women’s pants are made from denim or other dense fabric.

Slacks are a modern fashion trend, on par with pants such as:

  • skinny jeans;
  • boyfriend jeans;
  • chinos;
  • leggings;
  • twisted jeans;
  • pants “puffins”;
  • pajama pants;
  • safari pants;
  • slims;
  • churidars;
  • afghani;
  • hakama pants, etc.

Where to wear

Where to wear slacks? Anywhere! These pants are suitable for playing sports such as bowling or golf, you can wear them to the office without fear of not passing the dress code. You can also wear them to a fancy party. And, of course, slacks are a versatile, comfortable and stylish closet item for everyday wear. In summer they are not as hot as jeans, which are usually preferred by the vast majority of people. Also, slacks are softer than jeans, so it is easier and more comfortable to wear them all day.

Types and types

What are slacks? First, in addition to women’s slacks, there are also men’s slacks. And they were the first to enter the clothing world and rapidly gained popularity. How can you tell if the slacks are right for you? Because they are often confused with chinos and other types of women’s pants. So, women’s slacks:

  • have a cut that is as close to straight as possible;
  • Have ironed arrows on the belt, but not always;
  • have 5 belt slings;
  • tapered and cropped pants;
  • the back seam is curved and long;
  • are made most often from gabardine or dense cotton.

The colour of slacks has changed since their invention from brown and light beige in the past to all sorts of colours in the present: black, gray, bright green, red, multicoloured. Color greatly affects the perception of the image.

  • Pastel colours make the image romantic;
  • The classic gray, white, black, beige, brown give aristocracy and fit into a business office style;
  • bright colours accentuate the boldness, playfulness of the image;
  • Well, the crazy colours, mixes of neon, lettuce, crimson, black scream about the informality of their owner.

What to wear and who to wear it with

Slacks are gorgeous with any chiffon blouse tucked into them. Shirts and tank tops are also tucked in. An exception can be made for fitted shirts up to the waist. Women’s pants, as well as tight jeans, are ideal for slender girls, girls, and women of any age with a slim figure. The ideal clothing size for wearing slacks is 40-44. Narrow and fitted, they are designed to emphasize the advantages of a slender figure.

On top you can wear a trench coat or coat, and pay special attention to the belt – because it is the focal point.

The shoes can be almost anything: high-heeled shoes, sandals, sandals, trendy loafers, moccasins, espadrilles, sneakers. These shoes are all worn barefoot. The exceptions are the classic sneakers, slippers, and boots. We must remember that one of the advantages of slacks is a beautifully underlined ankle.

For owners of large sizes who want to wear slacks, there are a few tips.

  • To hide bulky hips, you can wear a wide long tunic;
  • Chiffon blouses should be worn loose, not tucked into slacks;
  • The perfect complement to the slacks worn by a lady of larger sizes is a blouse with wide short sleeves, shortened on the sides and lengthening in front and back like an apron;
  • Large sizes can be visually concealed by a blouse with a baggy bottom;
  • Well, when a woman with large proportions of proportional parts of the body (after all, even a slender female figure may have such a defect as galling on the hips, in which the slacks should not be worn), she in this case, you can try to open the hips, but the blouse is still worth to choose a free cut;
  • As for shoes – ladies with large sizes are best suited for shoes with a high stable wide heel, in an extreme case it may be fashionable loafers;
  • It is believed that black is slimming, but for women with curvy shapes it is better to choose sunny yellow, mint and even white. This will give a playful image and show that a full lady loves herself and is devoid of complexes.

Look stylish!

Any woman’s closet includes at least one pair of jeans, black classic pants and a simple black dress. This is the “minimum” set. But in order to be on trend, you need to diversify your closet with trendy things. Not always fashionable – but beautiful. For example, the sensational afghan pants in most people cause laughter or pity. As for slacks – they look very stylish, neat and aesthetic.

Slacks give the appearance of aristocracy, and with the right top and accessories give away the impeccable taste of their owner. What advice would you give on the selection of accessories:

  • If the slacks are black, do not match them with a black belt, it is better to choose brown or light brown;
  • The bag or clutch bag should be in a casual style, by no means an evening bag;
  • With bright slacks you can wear colourful neck scarves, leather bracelets, bracelets, bracelets, jewelry in one scheme with the whole image;
  • Do not wear bright accessories with strict slacks in office colours. Instead of jewelry it is better to give preference to silver or gold, bracelets of metal or gold colour, discreet and not aggressive. Handbags or clutches – strict, in the same colour scheme with the image of the office lady;
  • With multi-coloured slacks you can let your imagination fly, after all, in this form in the office will not be allowed, so you can relax and try to combine accessories, relying on your taste.

Be fashionable and be on trend! It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re slender or have a pudgy shape. This is true whether you work in an office or hang out at a club, or if you’re just out for a walk with your kid. We women should always be admired. And if it’s also convenient, comfortable and doesn’t constrain your movements – that’s a good thing.

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