How To Wear Wide Leg Jeans In 2022

If you know what to wear wide jeans with, you can look no less attractive than in skinnies. 😍The oversize, loose-fitting jeans style is at the peak of popularity in 2022. 🔥 Women love these models for the freedom of movement. Wear such denim should be worn with the right top, shoes, and jackets to maintain the correct proportions of the figure.

what to wear wide jeans with in 2022
Wide straight jeans are the fashion trend of 2022.

They have been in vogue in recent years, thanks to the loose fit. They can be worn with many different items in your closet. 💯

Long wide jeans with slits down are popular this season.
White wide jeans are perfect for summer.

Fall-winter with boots, boots. In summer and spring with sandals, shoes, and sneakers.

black wide jeans
Black can be combined with bright shoes and a t-shirt with prints.
Blue with this season’s trendy oversize shirts.
Body and white blazer – a meeting or date option.

That’s what modern fashion is all about! 🔥 To combine the incongruous, the dressy to ground, the casual to ennoble and dress it up. Everything obvious is boring. Dressing in one style is out of trend. Our job is to bring the unexpected into the look. 💥

These are the jeans many fashionistas have been waiting for.🖤

Who Are Wide Leg Jeans Are For

Depending on your body type and height, you choose a high or low waist, heel length or 7/8, straight or flared.

With a tucked top, legs visually become longer, just endless.

Anyone can wear them. Whether petite or large, you can style your jeans with wide legged pants differently.

If you’re short, platform shoes will help.

Apple shape, not high height – choose models with an inflated waist. They will advantageously correct the form.

You can play with layering by getting the layers right. Layers of clothes can help correct your figure and make it look exciting and sophisticated.

It is advisable to pay attention to the placement of the pockets. They can distort the shape of the buttocks and hips. When you try on a pair of jeans, look at the bags and how they fit.

Wide pants – fashion trends 2021-2022

Add accessories and stylish details. They make the image brighter, make it complete, and distract from flaws.

High-platform heels are a perfect match for this style.

Free jeans go with slim and tall. Girls with broad shoulders and narrow waists are fortunate. The extra volume in the hips makes the figure more feminine and balances the upper body with the lower body.

The extra volume in the hips makes the figure more feminine and balances the upper body with the lower body.

It’s worth giving up loose pants for girls with a full figure and short stature. But if you’re ready to pair them with high heels, why not?

Milk, brown, beige, and sand models, with a high fit – perfect for summer and spring.

Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

Shoes can be different. Comprehensive models can be combined with shoes with heels, a platform, or a flat sole. Comfortable sneakers or loafers. Kazaks and boots.

Fashionable high-soled sneakers are preferable to flat-soled sneakers. They’ll add a few centimeters to your height, and that’s good for your figure.

Heeled booties are stylish, comfortable, and suitable for many occasions. For work, a walk, a special occasion.

Wide Leg Jeans With High Waist

High waist jeans give an hourglass figure and show off your slim waist. They conceal the rounded belly.

tall wide jeans
The stylish tall wide jeans make a slimmer silhouette.

Add heeled shoes to the look, and you’re a beauty. You look slimmer and taller.

The high-waisted models are paired with blouses and t-shirts that are tucked inside. Women with a trimmed tummy can go for a shorter top or a shirt with a knotted waist.

Popular turtlenecks and loose-fitting pullovers in fine knitwear.

For the office, a pair of shoes with a heel or a wedge heel; for a walk, open-toed heeled booties are fine. But the choice of shoes depends more on the pants.

So, solid, thick-soled shoes will go with the tapered bottom models. But for the “pipes” shoes and sandals should be chosen more carefully.

Short Wide Leg Jeans

More minor girls are out of luck here too. The shorter the height, the longer the pants should be. Models 7/8 and ¾ visually “cut” the body into segments and shorten the length of the legs.

But even in this case, there is a way out. Visually make the legs longer with longitudinal seams, stitching in the center of the pant leg. And here, the decor in tapas style will add a couple of extra pounds to the hips. Choose shoes with a heel or platform if you want to wear this length with an average and small height.

Choose shoes with a heel or platform if you want to wear this length with an average and small stature.

Wide Leg Jeans Bananas

This cut comes from the ’80s. Bananas are pants that are wide at the hips and tapered at the ankles. The pant legs are reminiscent of the fruit of the same name. The fit is high, fitted, and medium.

Bananas are worn loosely with a belt around the waist to accentuate the oversize effect. Banana jeans accentuate the feminine silhouette well, hiding narrow hips.

Bananas are contraindicated for the “pear” figure (narrow shoulders, wide hips). The cut makes the bottom even more massive, which you want to avoid. The exception is free lying on the hips models. Therefore, stylists advise buying pants of a larger size for such a physique.

Fuller girls should wear bananas with mthe edium fit and medium tapered pant legs. Then there is no contrast between the thin ankle and the full thighs.

Slim, tall girls even wear sneakers under their bananas. Pants are usually rolled up to accentuate the curves of a thin ankle and make the look touching. To elongate the legs, I recommend wearing shoes with a heel.

To elongate the legs, they recommend wearing shoes with a heel.

Company the bananas will make sweatshirts, leather jackets, jackets, and bombers. In the office, such pants are worn with cardigans and jackets. The business style would complement the pumps with a sharp toe.

Business style.

White Wide Leg Jeans 2022-2023

This model moved into a women’s closet from a man’s closet. Hence the name – boyfriends. They have a low waist. They’re loose at the hips and tapered at the bottom. These wide jeans give help to create a very fashionable casual look.

Black Skinny Jeans

White jeans look sterner than the other color because they lack democratic and practicality.

But that doesn’t stop you from experimenting with looks:

  • Everyday For every day, white pipes are recommended to wear with white over-size denim jackets, beige jackets a la “off the shoulder,” and white T-shirts. The shoes are sabots in black.
  • Sporty For this look, you can choose “ripped” white jeans and combine them with the same T-shirt. A casual glance would be added with metallic bronze-colored studs. Wear a rainbow top with these neon-colored pants for a striking look.
  • Elegant look White piped jeans with a high waist would look great with a black chiffon blouse (maybe with a polka dot or floral print), with long sleeves pulled up on the shoulder. Complete the ensemble with clove-heeled mules.

But saiz+ girls need to be careful with these clothes: white makes you visually more prominent.

wide white jeans-2022

Black Skinny Jeans – What To Wear And Match

Black wide jeans are appropriate in vintage styles – retro, grunge, boho, etc. This color is universal and provides a field for experimentation.

Jacket, booties, a tight pullover, or a t-shirt – stylish and simple. Simplicity and freedom are the most significant trends for 2022.

Black jeans will be a closet staple and will help create the look:

  • Everyday. A total black looks noble – top, leather jacket (fall – coat), loafers. If the face seems too gloomy, take a t-shirt (turtleneck, top) in white, beige, or gray.
  • Sporty – a cropped, heavy knit sweater in beige, yellow or rich garnet would work in winter, and a double-stitched T-shirt tucked into pants in summer. Complete the set with sneakers, coarse boots, or creepers.
  • Elegant – white blouse with a black look, embroidery, or dark green velour jacket with a gray top embellished with flirty lace. On your feet – silver stiletto pumps.


Suitable colors determine the shade of blue. The primary colors – white, black, gray, and flesh (beige) – are universal. Look good with these jeans with shades of brown, peach, and light lettuce.

These combinations, though, are considered classic, and some find them boring. For them, there are bold compositions. For example, red, dark green, and orange can be successful partners.

Gray Wide Leg Jeans 2022-2023

Gray jeans are a fashion trend this season. At first glance, they are inconspicuous and straightforward, but they can be advantageously combined with other clothes from the closet.

Black turtlenecks, golf, leather shirt, and pullover are the easiest and most stylish to pair.

Wide Leg Jeans With A Blazer

The easiest and perfect combination for every day is a jacket and jeans. The coat or blazer can be tight or lightweight.

Cute combination – plaid jacket and blue pants.

How To Wear Wide Jeans In Summer 2022

Summer with comprehensive models of denim pants, stylists suggest wearing long and short sleeve shirts in a man’s style. Soften the image with a chiffon blouse – with or without sleeves- decorated with frills and ruffles tucked into pants. The jeans-pipes for a date will suit a black lace top.

The footwear choices range from elegant pumps to massive platform sandals in a sporty style. Sneakers and snickers don’t give up their positions. The shortened models fit “sneakers-socks,” which hide a rough ankle.

Photo Ideas How To Wear Wide Jeans In Fall And Winter 2022-2023

In calm weather and fall, spacious models of denim pants are combined with a sweatshirt or sweater, sweatshirt. For the office, a monochrome turtleneck is more suitable.

In the office.

The front shelf of the top is tucked into the pants. A cardigan and a classic coat will help create an elegant look. Heeled boots will complete the look. For the everyday image, the “leather jacket” is a classic.

You can wear the same sneakers on your feet, martin boots by the ankle. Unique chic is tucking bananas into the shins of cossack boots. In general, the shoe selection depends on the pants’ model.

Wide pants give a chic look. That’s why you can try on a loose cut for every woman, even if stylists say otherwise. Because it happens, the fashion designer finds a solution that makes a woman irresistible.

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