How To Wear Wide Jeans: Choose The Model, Length And Accessories Correctly

Fashionable women no longer limit themselves to one pair of pants and choose several jeans for their closet at once. In addition to everyone’s favorite skinny and tight models, many prefer the wide jeans. They perfectly fit any shape, so anyone can afford a new pair of shoes, even thin girls and fashionistas with magnificent forms. Before you opt for denim pants, you should become acquainted with all the fashionable options. Below is a detailed description of the advantages of different options.

Wide Jeans: Features

This season, free cut is at the peak of popularity. Fashion designers recommend choosing shades of blue, caramel, blue, white, and black for denim pants. Decor in the form of embroidery should be used sparingly. A beautifully straight cut looks perfect with slits on the pants, scuffs, fringes and untrimmed edges. You can look stylish and not boring in boyfriend jeans, flared jeans and models with a high waist.

Who Will Look Good In Wide Jeans

Pay attention to the free-cut pants is worth the owners:

  • Narrow hips. With the help of wide trousers you can visually make a more appetizing shape.
  • Massive hips. Thanks to the jeans will be able to smooth out the imbalance between the thin ankles and thighs.
  • High height. The product will look harmoniously on the figure and emphasize the beauty of women’s legs.

Ladies with a type of figure “triangle”, “rectangle” and “hourglass” can safely choose denim pants with spacious pant legs. Rather than rejecting this cut, “apple” and “pear” would do better to give attention to other more suitable options.

Among the wide variety of denim products, fashionistas can safely find something suitable for their shape model. Girls with different height will suit different versions of jeans. The choice of outerwear and shoes depends on the harmony of the image.

With a high waist

Pay attention to the style of the cut for women with bouffant shapes. This cut looks effective when worn with a wedge or a tall heel. In any case, the model with a tall waist is called a mom jean, it has a free cut and is most commonly made from light denim. You can wear tall waist jeans with low heels.

Remember that wide jeans with a high waist can visually reduce the torso. For low-rise women it is better to choose other styles.

With a low waist

The main feature of this type of denim is the location of the belt below the navel line. Choose for your wardrobe denim pants of the following type:

  • Brazilian fit. Jeans “sit” almost on the hips, their top line is located 10 cm below the navel. Suitable clothing option for girls with an ideal figure.
  • Medium fit. Universal option for fashionistas of any build. The top line of pants is located 2 cm below the navel.
  • Low cut. With this model you can visually elongate your waist. The belt is 5-6 cm below the navel.

Young people with an ideal stomach and a low waist are most likely to wear wide jeans with a low waist.


Creating a bold and daring image will be possible if you choose torn and worn pants. Fashionable and ideal for a youthful look, this option looks attractive. The scuffs on the hips and torn knees emphasize its owner’s creativity. Summer is the most comfortable time to wear this product. That’s why designers create clothes of this style from denim in a light shade. Ripped jeans with a tuck at the bottom are the best look.


The classic version of clothes – it’s straight jeans, where the thickness of the pant leg is the same throughout the length. This style is ideal for any shape and will help correct deficiencies. Wide pants will fit successfully on low-rise fashionable women with puffy forms, if they will combine the product with shoes on a wedge or a small heel. Stylists advise to avoid tuck the bottom of the pants for short girls, so as not to visually reduce the growth.


Flared jeans, reminiscent of hippie times, are at the peak of popularity this season. Loose cut perfectly underlines the dignity of any figure. Fragile girls should choose models with a slight clochechem, which effectively fit the hips. Chubby ladies will ideally suit a wide cloche.

This year, flared pants with an extension from the knee level or thigh are most popular. The length of the product can be ankle-length, elongated and standard. It is imperative to wear pants and a heel.

With an elastic band

For those with beautiful legs, jeans with a wide waistband and elastic bands are ideal. Designers sew an elastic band in the waistband area or on the bottom of the pants. When specialists sew women’s jeans in the form of pipes (where the elastic band is at the bottom), they often use thin denim.

The presence of an elastic band at the waist and free cut of the product are very comfortable to wear, as they do not constrain movement. Often, jeans for pregnant women with a high fit have a soft elastic band at the top.

American Women

Optimally in the style of oversize fit American jeans. They give a special comfort when moving and do not hinder their owner in the actions. Produced from heavy denim, it has a slit on the pants and tucks at the bottom. It is best to wear such a cut with a loose top. With the help of “American” you can create bold and glamorous images, so include the product in your closet is worth young people. Jeans look great with heeled boots or sandals in the summer.

Length Options

In contrast to men’s models, there are many options for wearing wide jeans and in what length. Girls can choose a classic length or the shortened type. Beautiful on various body types, especially medium fit or high waist. When wearing trousers, they can be tucked underneath. It looks very stylish for pants to be sloppily cropped, so there is only sometimes a neat stitching at the bottom of the pants.


Fashion designers agree that the thicker the pant leg, the longer the product should be. Particular attention should be paid to the length of flared jeans where the pant leg extends from the hip or knee level. Stylists recommend in this case, to wear pants that reach the floor. Wearing shoes with a heel or a platform, it is imperative to focus on the fact that the pant leg is completely enclosed. Long denim jeans worn with a wedge or flats can also cover the shoes.


In the warm season it is most comfortable to move around the city in short jeans, which do not restrict movement. It is ideal for everyday wear and will go well with a straight-cut shirt or blouse. Combining short pants with loose T-shirts without labels or prints is in vogue. In combination with athletic shoes the overall image will appear the most organic.

Choose short, wide jeans for frail girls who do not have a need to hide extra pounds. Fashionistas can buy boyfriend jeans and combine them with loose T-shirts or capes.

How To Make Tucks Or Shorten

Not all fashionable women dare to shorten their pants when they are too long. When you decide to hem pants from denim, remember that their standard length should reach the middle of the heel. Sometimes girls dare to wear loose-cut pants all the way to the floor.

Twisting jeans-boyfriends is enough, but you should first measure the length of each pant leg by 3 cm. Making the cuffs more voluminous will be possible by pulling them towards yourself. The fringe will look organic at the bottom of the pants, but you will have to spend time to prepare it. Stylists do not advise to tuck the flared pants, as such a variant will look ridiculous.

Wide Jeans: What To Wear

When choosing clothing for a baggy-fitting garment, it is worth remembering that it is recommended to wear only a few voluminous things on the upper body. A voluminous top and a baggy bottom will add extra pounds to the girl. To wear denim pants with blouses and shirts, as well as to match them with baggy-fitting shirts or T-shirts. It is appropriate to combine denim with heels with heels, as well as low heels – it all depends on the characteristics of the figure and the season.


The best option for shirts to wear with free cut pants will be shirts in low-bright colors. Create a bright cowboy image with flared jeans and a shirt in a check (or flannel). With a flared jeans and straight cut pants, you can combine a narrow shirt. You should tuck the shirt in completely or only in the front. A blouse or straight cut shirt will be organically combined with wide short jeans.


Complement the denim pants with a denim or leather jacket. With a denim bottom, this looks like a raincoat or a fitted coat (especially if your figure allows you to wear tight-fitting clothes). Stylish under the pants is a fur vest of different sizes. A comfortable option is the length up to the middle of the thighs.

Stylists advise to avoid voluminous tops so that the image looks reasonable. Raincoats with flared silhouette or voluminous sweaters should be excluded.

How To Choose Shoes

What kind of shoes to wear with wide jeans? Fashion experts recommend creating an image for every day. Elegantly paired with sandals with a heel or boots. To feel confident every day and to move around the city with comfort is easier in sneakers. A wide range of shoes with heels or low shoes makes it possible to put together various images for a walk or a date.


Girls of high stature can safely wear ballet flats under loose-cut pants. Most shoes with a low sole will appear in black and white. Feel confident wearing ballet flats in the summer. Under the short or jeans with a tuck, you can choose a similar option.


Another comfortable option for summer walks are sandals and loose pants. In combination with low running shoes, pants that are long enough to reach the floor are most appropriate. Under trouser jeans it is advisable to wear high heels.


Under your boyfriend’s trousers, wear loafers or sneakers. Look in a similar image stylish and relaxed. It is very comfortable to wear sneakers with shortened pants that have a free cut daily. Combine shorts with bright, light-coloured sneakers and shoes with prints.


Wide pants are only sometimes worn with sneakers. Create a stylish hooligan image by wearing jeans and boyfriends with athletic shoes. Stylists advise not to wear socks under short pants, otherwise such a choice will look ridiculous.

Combine wide pants of classic denim with sneakers and t-shirts or sweatshirts.


You cannot do without heels in the case of banana pants (where the pants are wide at the top and narrower at the bottom). Elevating the legs will give the illusion that they are longer. Additionally, it is important to wear shoes with heels underneath jeans (its width in this case can be quite different, even stilettos will work).

With short models, it is possible to combine shoes with a heel. With models of this style, you can balance the silhouette and make the legs appear longer. Choose shoes with a small heel or a wedge heel to match straight cut pants.


The easiest way to figure out what to wear wide jeans, according to the photo. It is topical to wear a lightweight scarf or shawl. Large and eye-catching jewelry. Metal watches on the belt, wooden bracelets, unusual pendants and large rings look impressive. Put the exquisite taste glasses in a frame of wood or plastic. A textile or metal belt will organically complement the overall look.

Stylist Tips

When choosing a suitable denim clothes stylists recommend to pay attention to such moments:

  • Loose cut and low fit are ideal for the owners of large hips. It is best to refuse pants with large back pockets, as they will visually increase the contours of the figure.
  • Tall fashionistas can wear low-rise pants of any style.
  • Models with a high waist will visually increase the length of the legs.
  • Slightly tight pants and straight cut products will help to emphasize the waist.

And puffed shapes are best suited to denim made of thin and soft denim. A medium-fit and not too wide cut pants in this case is ideal.

Every fashionista will look great in wide jeans, but only if they learn to choose the right style. A wide range of models, colours and different lengths of pants from denim allows you to safely experiment with style.

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