How To Wear Thick Heels And Sandals In 2022

How many sacrifices girls have to make in the name of beauty and attractiveness! Wearing thin high heels for the sake of flawless looks, their feet suffer terribly at night. During the year 2022, designers took care of their fashionable fans by including thick-heeled shoes and sandals in the list of trendy footwear.

In 2022, smart casual and vintage style in the spirit of the 70’s will be in fashion, both of which have one thing in common – comfort and effectiveness. City pace is difficult to sustain in stiletto shoes, so designers created comfortable and elegant shoes with thick heels.

One of the trends of 2022 is women’s sandals and tractor-soled shoes. In the ’90s, tractor soles were already relevant. Back then, brutal boots and sneakers that looked very rough were in fashion. In 90’s shoes with fluted soles were worn by fans of rock and grunge. Two years ago the fashion for tractor soles returned, but in a more elegant and laconic version.

What To Wear With

Shoes and sandals with a thick heel can look elegant and femachieveachievee, the maachieve thachieveg is to choose the right set of clothes to go with them. For festive occasions choose lacquered models or black suede sandals with stones. If you need to stand out – red trendy shoes will help you achieve this.

Leather sandals and shoes with a thick heel can be worn with chiffon dresses and outfits of cotton fabric of a straight silhouette. Combinations with a tunic dress, shirt dress, or dress-front dress will look beautiful.

Summer trapeze skirts and pencil skirts also look great with shoes with a wide heel. To create a feminine look, choose red sandals with thin straps. With a skirt you can wear a stylish crop top, which is a hot trend for the summer season 2022.

A mini skirt + denim shirt and shoes with a thick heel is also a harmonious option. Denim shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt, shortened top, pullover.

In 2022, tractor-soled sandals are on trend. They create charming looks with mini shorts. Match the set with a stylish bright T-shirt and you will charm the male floor. Shorts can be denim or textile, but not in a sporty style.

Shoes with a thick heel look great with light fabrics. Under the black jumpsuit, red shoes will look great. Fashionable patent shoes will give the outfit a festive look.

Jeans-skinnies and leggings will also look organic with shoes with a stable heel.

Thick-heeled boots are worn with skinny jeans and an oversize sweater. Such a look is trendy in 2022. To make the image more delicate, choose white shoes in pastel shades. Warm knit dresses, warm tunics, trapeze dresses will suit the boots.

A warm parka and t-shirt go well with boots with a stable heel. Tight-fitting pants will easily fit into this set. Leatherette and leather pants easily look organic with shoes with a thick heel.

Now you know how to wear a shoe with a thick heel and will be able to create fashionable and modern looks for everyday use and for festive occasions.

Shoes with a thick heel will not work if:

  • Your clothes have too playful style with ruffles, frills. For such shoes you should choose simple styles. The image in a romantic style is better combined with more elegant shoes;
  • Sexy models will not look harmonious with shoes and sandals with thick heels. The image will have a vulgar look. It is better to replace them with lacquered black or red pumps;
  • Fashionable sandals with thick heels are more suitable for girls with slender legs;
  • Shoes with a stable heel are also contraindicated for girls with a large foot size.

It’S All About Wide Heels In 2022

In 2014, shoes with a wide tractor-soled heel came into fashion. This trend is still developing today. In the summer of 2022, tractor-soled sandals will be popular. They are as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

In 2022, sandals with voluminous tractor soles and miniature tops will be in trend. Models with intertwined straps, suede sandals with delicately closed toes and heels will be popular this summer.

Relevant sandals have a wide crossbar on the foot and a thin strap at the ankle. This model demonstrates a beautiful rise of the foot and shows the pedicure. Suede and leather models will be in trend. Women’s feet in such sandals appear flawless.

The colour palette of this summer is, of course, bright shades. Among them you will find models of red, yellow, green, and blue. Versatile black and white sandals are also relevant in 2022. Models of powder color, beige, and other pastel shades are expected to be popular.

Shoes with thick heels and platforms are relevant in 2022. Shoes of bright shades with white soles are in trend. Completely white shoes and sandals are also appropriate. Fashionable materials – leather, printed textile. Lacquer models on high heels were also present in their collections.

Not only are tractor soles on trend for 2022, but they are also flat. An example would be sandals with a platform under the toe part and a thick heel. Lacquered and leather models in marsala, beige, black and red, cinnamon and coffee colours are popular.

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