How To Wear Suede Skirts: Pencil, Sun And Trapeze Models

In the warm season girls are happy to wear skirts made of light, flowing materials – silk, chiffon and linen. But when the nature reigns in the fall, and winter is on the horizon, an indispensable thing in the closet will be a suede skirt. It is in trend today, looks stylish on women with different figures, warms in cold weather.

In the fashion world, things made of suede appeared in the 70’s of the last century. This durable and functional material was originally used for sewing outerwear, hats and shoes, and then fashion designers created a favorite favorite of the feminine half of humanity – the suede skirt. Supplemented with interesting accessories this item of clothing appears in the collections of many modern designers.

Suede Skirt: Find One That Fits Your Figure

Among the many models of skirts of different cuts, you are sure to find the most attractive for you. In fashion will be the suede skirts of this cut:

  1. Classic, midi length. They will help a woman to create an attractive office dress code. This will be appropriate products in brown, black, gray and beige colours. Such a thing will make the figure more refined and slimmer.
  2. Pencil is another option for a classic fall look. The aged dark shades of the skirt are combined with a light-coloured top. To add elegance and sophistication to the image, you can wear a pencil skirt in combination with high-heeled boots and a voluminous scarf. It is suitable for full girls – it will hide extra weight, and thin – beautifully emphasize the curves of the figure.
  3. With fringe is the outstanding trend of the current season. The highlight of such a piece is elegantly dangling cords, threads and narrow strips of suede. The fringe can serve as a completion of the skirt – to lengthen it, to attach to the belt, pockets, etc. Such a product is indispensable for free youth style.
  4. The skirt with a zipper is most suitable for short women. After all, the diagonal, which is created in this model, can visually elongate the figure. Manufacturers offer skirts with a zipper of different lengths. They will be pertinent for a walk with friends, on a date and at work.
  5. Sun – the product of this type creates a playful, light and flying image. Skirts differ in length – in the catalogs of stores you will find short sun skirts and long – below the knee. The colour scheme may vary from pastel and restrained tones to more saturated shades.
  6. A trapeze is a great choice for girls who prefer spontaneity and freedom in dressing. A-shaped skirt cut is recommended to be worn by women with an “inverted triangle” figure, so their proportions are balanced. Trapeze skirt holds its shape perfectly, giving the image a special charm.

There’s Nothing Better Than A Classic Suede Skirt

You should pay attention to the color of the suede skirt when buying a trendy and stylish one. Bright and shouting shades are incompatible with the suede fabric. Fashion designers choose dark maroon, gray-black and brown colours for sewing clothes:

  • The beige palette is noble and luxurious. The palette of this colour is represented from caramel to beige. In a business image the beige skirt looks appropriate. Depending on the additional clothing elements, you can create a classic or casual image;
  • Black skirt – products are mostly classic, strict cut. A long skirt to the middle of the calf or to the knee will give a strictness to the image;
  • gray skirt – its length and style determine the variety of clothing combinations in urban style images. They are comfortable, practical, a little playful;
  • Brown is the most actual colour for suede skirts. A wide range of products – long styles, mini-skirts, products with fringe, buttons, decorated with prints – they always look winning;
  • Red or burgundy shades – this colour of suede looks very attractive and even seductive in the outfits. Such a skirt will be a highlight in a woman’s closet for the fall and winter period.

How To Choose Clothes And Accessories For A Suede Skirt

It is often a question of what to wear with a suede skirt at fairs. You can fit many things from your closet in such a product. It all depends on where you are planning to wear a suede skirt.

Classic style. If you want a business image for work in the office, give preference to a brown or black suede skirt with buttons. It is in harmony with a beige or white shirt, product in small polka dots. A classic bag and shoes of the same style – high-heeled shoes or boots will add a “business” note to the image.

Romantic look. Apply a beige mini-skirt to create a light, feminine silhouette in clothes. Complement it with a white or pink blouse, you can have ruffles or frills. Add romance to you elegant shoes or sandals, gold earrings and a clutch on a chain.

Casual look. Suede skirt of your choice colour with a tight fitting top will not let you get lost among the others. Match it with topical T-shirts, tops, jackets made of cotton, jersey or denim. Barefoot shoes or shoes can match the colour of the skirt. You can choose shoes and handbag in a classic shade, it is always appropriate.

Ethnic look – gives simplicity and comfort. The skirt can be combined with a voluminous top – sweater or sweater. For example, wear a skirt with fringe of brown shade and a bright burgundy sweater. Complete the image with brown suede boots and a wine-coloured purse. If it’s cold outside, throw on a parka jacket or a burgundy coat.

How To Take Care Of Suede Items

Everyone knows that taking proper care of your belongings prolongs their life. If you want your suede skirt to last a long time and maintain its original appearance, then listen to some tips for taking care of it:

  • It should be washed in warm water, adding a neutral detergent. Do not use bleach;
  • usually wash such a product by hand, rinsing thoroughly and wringing very gently. Excess water should be removed from it with a dry towel;
  • If you do not want to wash your suede skirt by hand, set the washing machine to the delicate washing mode;
  • Suede can also be cleaned using special rubber brushes, fine abrasive sandpaper, eraser;
  • A more original and unusual way to clean a skirt from a stain that has appeared is with a piece of rye bread. A stubborn stain can be cleaned with a brush with rubberized or rubber teeth;
  • Iron a suede skirt only from the wrong side, setting the minimum temperature.

Fashionable, comfortable and beautiful suede skirts never go out of style. According to designers’ forecasts, it will continue to please girls and women. So feel free to buy such a product, take care of it carefully, so it will serve you for a long time.

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