How To Wear Striped Pants For Women: Fashionable Outfits For Every Situation

Fashion design houses know how to create unique products which quickly become popular. Women’s pants with stripes are stylish clothes. Girls wear them to work in the office, combining them with various jackets and blazers. As there are many variants of such pants, each fashionista can choose the stripe to suit her taste, selecting the colour to match her outfit. Dress should not only be fashionable but also emphasize the wearer’s dignity.

Designers Offer

Designers create unique styles by using stripes of different widths, colours and directions. Unconventional bright clothes are only suitable for young and bold women. After 35, if picked up incorrectly, they make a woman look bulky. Pants of screaming and too bright colours are no longer fashionable.


Classic black pants with vertical white stripes have always been fashionable. For casual wear, stripes should be narrow and barely noticeable. It is not recommended to wear something else striped for the office version. All other accessories should be monochrome.

The stripe can be either narrow or wide to create a festive and sophisticated image. A bright blouse will complete the feminine look.

Coloured stripes

Designers continue to experiment with the width of stripes. They offer fashionable variants of pants with coloured stripes. During the peak of fashion, pants with gold stripes were shortened to the ankle.

It’s better to choose neutral colours: beige, olive, blue, and coffee on a white background. Elegant look blue striped pants in combination with T-shirts or blouses in the same colour. Accessories are also chosen in tone. If the stripes are the same width, the other clothing can be any colour.

Vertical or horizontal

Designers play with the direction of stripes on pants and the styles of pants, complementing them with striped prints. It can be horizontal stripes, a mix of vertical and horizontal stripes, and even stripes with a slant. Despite horizontal stripes not being in high demand, a girl has to choose a style carefully according to her figure. For the most daring and creative fashionistas, the option of pants with stripes only on the leg is offered.

What To Wear With

A girl creating an original image in striped pants, be sure to choose shoes with a heel. It can be a wide wedge heel and a stiletto. It is not recommended to wear athletic shoes. You can wear sneakers with short pants. The style is ideal for long walks and recreation in nature. If the lady is very tall, as an exception, she can choose low-heeled shoes.

Of accessories to the women’s striped pants fit a clutch and envelope purse. Do not use belts, as the extra stripe will be superfluous. Choose jewelry that matches the stripes on your pants. This can be one of them:

  • beads;
  • earrings;
  • chain;
  • bracelet.

A wide white and black striped pant requires a black top, even for celebrations. It can be a jacket, blouse or top. Top in white or blue is allowed. But the bag and shoes in such a set can be bright: peach or coral. The voluminous top is paired with tight and close-fitting pants. Choosing the blue striped pants on a white background, fashionistas wear a white or black blouse. And straight-cut fitted blouses fit with flared pants. Stripes should only be found in pants, and these pants can be paired with a floral print or monochrome T-shirt as a top.

How To Choose?

Striped pants are a universal thing, yet insidious. Therefore, they must adhere to certain rules to look fashionable and elegant when purchasing them. It is necessary to remember the following:

  • A wide band makes you look fat and conspicuous;
  • adds kilograms and a horizontal stripe;
  • vertical visually makes the figure slim and tall.

For slender women, any style will do, but they will look more feminine in narrow trousers-slacks. Flared pants or trousers-galifes are appropriate for thin ladies, while straight pants are better for plus-sized women. Pay attention to the material from which the pants are made. If it stretches, the stripes will deform.

You can create an original look by correctly choosing striped pants and combining them with other clothes. Clothing with stripes is suitable for everyday wear and holidays. This outfit can be classic and trendy depending on the colour, direction and size of the stripes on the pants and the shape of the pants: tapered or cloche. A girl will be original and bright at any party, in the office or at a festive dinner.

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