How to Wear Snood

The snood first appeared in the eighties of the last century. What it is, how it looks, how to wear it correctly – let’s understand in this article.

A snood is a kind of scarf. It has neither end nor beginning. In its appearance it resembles a scarf-hoof.

Its main advantages are practicality, versatility and convenience. Thanks to a huge variety of models, they are worn both in winter and summer.

The scarf is sewn not only from warm, but also from openwork fabric. Originally it was worn around the neck, and later – tied the hair with it.

There is another version of its appearance. Thus, some believe that the scarf “came” from sports. This thing was used as a headband.

Today the snood is very popular because it:

  • universal;

  • fashionable and modern;
  • is an excellent protection against the cold;
  • fits into almost any image.

Because of these advantages, this type of scarf is chosen by millions of the fair sex.

Types of products

There are a large number of models that are worn at any time of year. Therefore, snoods are made of different fabrics. For winter will do:

  • velour;

  • woolen;

  • furry.

For summer:

  • chiffon;

  • knitted;

  • silk.

“Endless” scarves look appropriate in the cooler seasons. They come in different shapes and kinds.

What are the knitted models, and most importantly, how they are worn:

  • in one turn. The wider the piece, the more pleats it forms;

  • in two turns. The product is worn around the neck and then wrapped around it. It looks voluminous and exquisite, as well as forming many folds. It looks spectacular as a bolero;

  • snood hood. It looks original. You put it over your head and put it around your neck;

  • trapeze. This model covers the throat and the upper part of the shoulders.

Modern manufacturers not so long ago began to produce special scarves-snoodles designed for nursing babies. These are soft and comfortable products, narrow at the top and widening to the bottom. They are also convenient to cover the baby in a stroller or car seat.

How to put it on?

You don’t have to be a designer to use this accessory correctly. It can be tied using many techniques. Let’s look at the most common options:

  • on the neck. It doesn’t matter what size the product is. For girls of low height, a voluminous and long scarf is a great option. Because it can visually increase their height;

  • A scarf instead of a hood. If it didn’t catch rain or snow in time, you can wear a snood this way. However, there is only one rule – it must be used with the seam forward. You must first throw it around the neck, and then – twist it on the chest. After that, throw it on the top of the head;

  • snood-collar. Short model of scarf, which will fit perfectly into the image of a romantic and sophisticated lady. It is recommended to wear it with outerwear without a collar. The scarf does not need to be tied in any way, but only – to throw on the neck;

  • instead of a vest. To do this, you need to buy a wide and long product. It should be put on, and the lower part should be laid on the back. The arms should be wrapped in the improvised sleeves;

  • A scarf wrapped around the neck. If the model is long and voluminous, it is recommended to wear it in several turns. However, nowadays this variant of wearing is considered one of the most relevant. Girls who wear a scarf around the neck look elegant and romantic;

  • snood on the shoulders. This trend became popular not so long ago. The way to wear it is simple – the bottom edge should be pulled over the shoulders. You can also let down one edge, exposing the shoulder. Such a variant of wearing is suitable for summer dresses;

  • instead of a hat. First the accessory is put on the shoulders, and then – make two loops. One of which is put on the head, and the second – fit tightly to the crown. The seam of the product should be at the back, at the back of the head. For this method of wearing, you need to choose large models of snood, which length reaches two meters.

There are many ways to use this accessory. All you have to do is show your imagination and you can change the way you wear it every day.

Hock should be properly combined with clothing – thus it is possible to create an original and unusual image. About what we will tell further.

What to wear?

If you choose properly a snood, it will not only look original, but it will be the main completion of any image. How to wear it with outerwear?

With a coat.

Nowadays coats of large sizes are considered fashionable. They look original with a sporty style.

However, modern models have one nuance – they either have no collar, or the front of the decollete area is completely open. And then snoods come to the rescue! They are well combined with coats. Especially original look voluminous variants.

With a down jacket.

Manufacturers of outerwear often worry about warmth and comfort. Many models of down jackets do not leave room for a scarf.

But today’s fashionistas do not want to part with their favorite snood. There are two options:

  1. If the scarf is small, it can be worn under outerwear.
  2. If it is voluminous and large, then you can wear it as a hood.

With a sheepskin coat

Combining a snood with a sheepskin coat, you need to consider the model of outerwear:

  • thin knitwear combines wellwith the classic sheepskin coat with buttons;

  • Sheepskin aviator, which is sewn on the principle of a leather jacket, looks original with voluminous options;

  • To a sheepskin coat with a hood is recommended to pick up thin scarves, which are worn under the outer clothing.

You can combine a clamp not only with outerwear, but also with thin blouses, cardigans and sweaters.

Due to the fact that the snood is a universal item, it can be worn with almost any clothing. The main thing is the ability to choose the right one.

Some useful tips for choosing a scarf to match the style of clothing:

  • velour, knitted and woolen pieces look original with a cardigan or a leather jacket. They serve not only as a decor, but also warm the shoulders and chest;

  • With dresses, blouses snood also looks original. A circular collar goes well with open dresses and blouses. Its color should match the color of the clothes;

  • snood looks good with both skirts and pants;

  • Modern models go well with even simple jeans. The image will turn out harmonious and stylish;

  • A scarf made of lightweight material will go with a dress or blouse.

How to choose a color?

The most popular and stylish colors:

  • olive and wine;

  • pastel colors (soft pink, lavender, gray);

  • brown and purple shades.

Modern fashionistas should take into account some nuances:

  • for light skin tones will not work with a beige scarf;

  • Black makes you look older;

  • For the cold season fit model in bright colors;

  • The warmer the outerwear, the larger the knitting of the scarf should be;

  • For the owners of a square and round face suit voluminous snood, because due to its shape it hides part of the face.

Designers recommend buying several models of different lengths and materials. For example, purple chiffon, light pink knitted and sandy wool. Then the snood can be chosen under any clothing and worn at different times of the year.

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