How To Wear Skinny Jeans And Pants

In the modern woman’s arsenal, narrow pants took a strong position thanks to top British model Kate Moss. She showed how sexy the girl looks in these pants and how infinitely long her legs have become. Kate showed stylish models of tight pants in black and gray and tight blue and ripped white jeans. The model herself loves to wear tight leather pants and ripped jeans in her spare and work time.

New fashion trends offer other styles of pants. In the forefront are pants plummeting and pants a la Marlene Dietrich. But also narrow pants remain in trend. Many designers continue to design collections based on long and short versions of narrow pants.

Classification Of Skinny Pants

Women’s pants of such a fashionable style are called in different ways: skinny and cigarettes. It is possible to divide them, taking into account several parameters:

  • material – classic suit fabrics, leather, denim, knitwear;
  • length – shortened pants from the middle of the ankle to the middle of the calf;
  • style – classic, office, romantic, casual, sporty;
  • trim (decor) – rhinestones, piping, embroidery, rivets, etc.

Below we will tell you who, how and with what to wear tight pants. It’s up to you to decide which image to choose.

Who Can Wear Skinny Pants?

Perfectly narrow pants “sit” on thin and long-legged girls. They suit any style and colour, including ripped jeans and leather pants. The top can be short or long. But also, large women should not refuse to create a stylish image with tight pants. You need to think more carefully about how to wear such pants.

Stylists recommend large women cover the groin area, so the top is to choose long (up to the middle of the thigh) and loose things: tunics, blouses, cardigans, and coats. It is unnecessary to stop only on the classic black and blue pants with arrows. Large women will suit both bright and white pants and jeans of different lengths. Classic models of pants with arrows and shoes with a heel will visually stretch the silhouette. To determine what to wear in tight pants, think about what style will be your fashion set.

Classic Look

Classic models of straight skinny pants with arrows, black, gray, and blue colours are the basis of office style. A fashionable set will complement the following:

  • A shirt of thick fabric – white, solid colour or striped;
  • straight or fitted jacket;
  • sweater in a quiet colour;
  • shoes – wedge shoes or high-heeled boots;
  • strap and modest accessories.

Sew straight classic pants from wool, tweed, and dense cotton with the addition of elastic fibres. Such a look will also suit chubby women.

Romantic Image

Any woman can create a fashionable romantic image using tight straight pants. The colour of the pants can be anything – from white to black. A shortened version is acceptable.

What to supplement:

  • blouses made of light, flowing fabrics;
  • blouses with necklines, trimmed with ruffles or frills;
  • The colour of the blouse should be gentle and pastel, with a discreet pattern;
  • The top can be short or long;
  • Accessories – bracelet, earrings;
  • shoes – fashionable ballet flats, sports shoes and high-heeled shoes.

Large women should not use a shortened top.

A Jazz Inspired Look

To create such an extravagant look, you will need the following:

  • Tight pants (black, gray, blue);
  • Tie and hat in a man’s style;
  • A long white straight shirt;
  • you can use a shortened leather vest;
  • watches and boots in a man’s style.

This image suits obese and bold girls because the long free top perfectly hides problem areas. Pay attention to the choice of hat.

Sporty Image

Women who lead an active lifestyle should pay attention to the narrow jersey pants. Sports pants can be with or without arrows, long and shortened. Wear these models best with loose sweaters, sports bomber jackets, and t-shirts. The colour of the pants can be anything – white, gray, blue, and some bright. Your favourite sneakers or sports slippers on your feet.

Cropped Pants

So loved by our women, cropped tight pants continue their victorious march on the world catwalks. They can be worn in summer and in the cold season. Warm short pants are made from wool, tweed, and knitwear. The fabric can be monochrome, striped or with a print. For the summer, choose pants from lighter fabrics and denim (from light blue to blue). The top to the narrow short pants is also chosen depending on the season.

Gray Is Not Boring

Elegant gray slim fit pants make up the basic closet of avid fashionistas, for whom it is not difficult to decide what to wear them with. These pants are like a canvas on which several topical things are strung: bright handbag, men’s shoes, stylish jewelry. If you pick a bright top, you can completely change the character of gray pants, giving them a glamorous chic. Perfectly complete with coats of bright colours. Gray tight pants are a “universal soldier.” They can go not only to the office but also to an exhibition, theatre, or cafe.

Leather Pants

Narrow leather pants came to us from rock culture and have become an integral part of a stylish image. Leather pants are most often black. It is worth noting that this style of pants is recommended for slender women with a height above average.

What to wear tight leather pants with

  • Jumpers, sweaters, or cardigans;
  • Sports style shirts and turtlenecks;
  • T-shirts and short leather jackets;
  • Trench coats and leather trench coats in midi length;
  • The models of shoes are selected depending on the top – with or without a heel.

Skinny Jeans

Jeans narrow style called skinny from the English word skinny – skinny, skinny. For slim fit fashionable skinny jeans that fit around the ankle. Girls with shapes are recommended straight. Perhaps this is the most diverse category among tight pants in colour and design:

  • blue, white, black, ash gray;
  • worn, torn, with rhinestones, rivets, and embroidery;
  • long and short;
  • dressy and casual.

If you want, everyone will find a suitable model for themselves. It is only necessary to pay attention to her choice. For the especially brave – ripped jeans. Torn can be pockets and trousers, in some places and along the whole length.

What to wear skinny jeans with

  • shirts and lose blouses in sporty and romantic styles;
  • tunics, t-shirts;
  • sweaters, cardigans;
  • leather jackets;
  • Flat-soled sports shoes.

Advice from stylists: Girls with shapes carefully approach the choice of ripped models of jeans.


For several seasons, the women’s pantsuit has not gone out of style. It always looks elegant and stylish with tight pants with or without arrows. A jacket may be of different lengths, as short or elongated. Blouse under such a suit you can choose a strict – to create an office version. Or light silk – a variant of “going out.” It is better to choose shoes with heels. An interesting proposal is a suit of pants with a skirt. The skirt can be long or short. Such a variant is suitable for overweight women, wonderfully hiding extra pounds.

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