How To Wear Satin Skirts And Choose The Right Style

It is quite true that a skirt of satin fabric is exquisite and the most seductive piece of a woman’s closet. It is easy to pick up the top of the dress, jewelry and shoes. But such products are very demanding to a woman’s figure – they will reveal her flaws, if wrongly chosen.

Asymmetrical satin skirt

This season the satin skirt is in trend, so fashionable women should take a closer look at such a thing. Among the variety of models it is easy to choose a skirt that suits you.

Beige satin skirt

Satin Is A Fabric For The Select Few

It originated in China over 2,000 years ago and is considered the most expensive fabric. It is used to make chic clothes, tablecloths, curtains, pillowcases, etc. Satin is a beautiful, exquisite material that has a shiny front surface.

White satin skirt

Traditionally, it was mainly used by rich and noble ladies from royal and aristocratic families. Today every fairytale has a chance to buy a satin skirt. The fabric is firm, durable, non-electric, hygroscopic, and hypoallergenic. It has a high air permeability.

Turquoise satin skirt

Fashionable Styles Of Satin Skirts

Fashionistas are drawn to trendy satin skirts in a variety of styles. Designers are constantly offering women updated, improved styles. The flowing, shiny material accentuates its owner’s femininity, grace, and sophistication. The most popular models of satin skirts:

  • Pencil skirt will allow you to diversify your business and office strict image. This knee-length product successfully fits the figure, looks beautiful and stylish;
  • Sun skirt – especially short products of this type are beautiful. The flowing material in this model will be perfect;
  • Pleated skirt – can be of different lengths – the most original looks like a mini or midi style;
  • Satin ribbon skirt – a discovery of designers, a model that sits perfectly on the slender figure of a young girl. Suitable for informal events;
  • Puffed skirt to the floor – the shiny satin will make you chic and unique. Fashion designers for several seasons do not let such a product off the catwalks;
  • Satin skirts with lace – quite a popular style, when over a shiny satin lace is placed in the form of a cape or additional decoration.

Black satin skirt

Blue satin skirt

What Kind Of Figure Does This Skirt Fit

Choosing a satin skirt, be guided not only by fashion but also by your figure:

  • Women with narrow hips and broad shoulders – with a characteristic figure of an “inverted triangle” – should pay attention to the magnificent satin skirt. It will visually make the hips more voluminous.
  • Skirt-sun or half-sun will give a thin figure airiness and sexuality. Its colour can be chosen depending on your preferences.
  • Midi skirt is a universal model suitable for girls with different complexions. The fullness of the hips will hide the pleating, pencil skirt looks great on a slim figure.
  • A short satin skirt will emphasize the legs’ beauty and the figure’s elegance. This model is often decorated with lace, which gives it a solemnity.
  • The product of satin with a dense and long basque will help to hide a rounded tummy, your “apple” type figure will be more slender.
  • Fashion designers recommend using a skirt-sun or half-sun to balance the wide hips and delicate shoulders. At the same time maxi or midi length will divert attention from the wide hips.
  • A long satin skirt to the floor is suitable for women with different complexion. Only it is necessary to choose the right model. If you bought a long pleated skirt, you can not go wrong, it suits almost everyone.

Emerald satin skirt

Fashionable satin pencil skirt

Topical Colours

Satin skirts in their collections come in a variety of colours and shades. Traditional colours have not lost their positions: black, brown, white and gray skirts are in fashion. White colour looks very elegant. Such a satin skirt can be worn at work, as well as at festive events.

Fashionable satin midi skirt

Fashion designers often prefer pastel colors, which highlight femininity and tenderness of the fair sex.

Monochrome satin skirts in blue, pink, blue, yellow, lilac are a stylish choice for summer. Red satin skirt is the prerogative of bold and confident girls.

Fashionable satin mini skirt

Fashionable pastel-coloured satin skirt

What To Wear A Satin Skirt With?

Beautiful and rich in appearance, satin skirts are absolutely not capricious. With it you can create images for different occasions – for holidays and every day. To such a product is very easy to pick up the top:

  • For casual style with a satin skirt you can wear a cotton t-shirt or knitted top;
  • If you are going to compose an office look, then a satin blouse, a cotton shirt, a leather jacket will do;
  • For the holidays will complement a satin skirt elegant top of the same fabric, you can wear it with a lace blouse or blouse.

Tuck blouses or turtlenecks inside the skirt, otherwise it won’t look right. When choosing a satin skirt, be sure not to combine it with silk. Blouses, shirts, tops with bright prints will not work either.

Fashionable pleated satin skirt

You should pay attention to the colour and style of a skirt when deciding where and when to wear it. Knee-length pencil skirt in black and gray is ideal for work in the office. For spring and summer walks, choose a flared and lighter product of a brighter shade.

Satin half-length skirt

For festive events – prom, theater, corporate parties, birthday parties – a satin skirt with lace will be a stylish choice. Combine it with a stylish top and appropriate footwear.

A stylish tandem is a satin skirt and a lace top. Among the many models you can choose products with guipure inserts, with a ribbon on the waistband, translucent layers of lace.

A satin skirt will look stylish with heels or sandals. If you want to wear ballet flats, then choose a short skirt. Shoes without a heel are not suitable – so your legs will be visually shorter. This fabric is not worn with boots. Also leave the flip-flops for another occasion.

Pink satin skirt

Tights can be monochrome or fishnet, nude or black, but not coloured. In terms of jewelry, I like large earrings, long beads, wide bracelets. In addition to the satin skirt, some girls like to wear belts, which are appropriate here.

Stylish blue satin skirt

Taking Care Of A Satin Skirt

Extraordinarily delicate and luxurious satin skirts require special and gentle care. Products should be washed at 30 degrees. It is better to do it by hand, it is recommended to use a mild detergent for washing.

Stylish satin skirt

A satin skirt should not be wrung out, rubbed hard or wrung out. After you wash it, rinse it in cool water, add a bit of vinegar to preserve the brightness of the colour.

Satin trumpet skirt

It is advisable to iron satin items from the wrong side. If you are ironing from the front, iron vertically so that the seams and other details of the skirt do not stand out. Do not wet the fabric when ironing, otherwise water stains and streaks may remain.

Green satin maxi skirt

Wear satin skirts with pleasure, they are stylish, dressy and fashionable. With proper care, this garment will last you a long time without losing its popularity.

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