How To Wear Red Shoes: Bright Images

Red women’s shoes – a bright accent in a girl’s closet. Properly wear them and combine them with other items of clothing can make you a real fashionista. We will explain how to do it in this article.

It is worth considering that red shoes can be suede, lace, lacquered, covered with rhinestones and stones, decorated with bows and ribbons, on a platform and a stiletto. Each of these types requires special rules of wearing. In fashion all shades of red: burgundy, scarlet and bright coral. This is a spectacular shoe, which can serve as a real weapon in a woman’s closet.

A seductive image will be harmonious if red shoes are the only bright accent in the whole image.

Here are some classic fashion rules:

  • Clothes in neutral colors. Black or white top with jeans is a rather boring combination, but if you put red shoes under it, the image immediately becomes fashionable and looks very bright. Red shoes give a zest to the outfit, and sometimes fundamentally change the mood and style. Red shoes are suitable for white, beige, gray, black clothing: it may be a jumpsuit, monochrome dress, skirt and blouse, jeans and T-shirt. Red shoes will also look good with clothes from the sea theme: white and blue stripes, and classic – black and white.
  • Clothing with a print. The main condition is that the clothes that have a print should have shades of red. A fashionable print does not have to be completely red; only some elements are important, otherwise an overload of colors in the image may occur.
  • Clothing in red. A bold option is a strict red dress without frills or a red pencil skirt. The main thing is to avoid patterns and deep necklines.
  • Denim. Any clothes made of denim go well with red shoes. You can add all sorts of jewelry in the form of large earrings or a bracelet. Red lipstick on the lips will complement the image, making it fresh and juicy.

Red Heeled Shoes

The same pencil skirt will help if you want to wear bright shoes with high heels. The skirt can be black, gray, beige and other neutral colors. With a high heel you can also wear loose shorts, complementing the outfit with a classic jacket and a bright clutch bag. Classic austere dresses in neutral colors look great with bright pumps. Create a bold and stylish image by wearing bright pumps shoes with black leather pants. Complement the image with a white T-shirt and a leather jacket.

A clever idea for a brand-new image in the style of the 70’s: a blue dress with white polka dots and a thin red sash. Classic shoes in this case will look just right. It is also appropriate to wear a dress with black and white stripes, red shoes in this case acting as a complementary and necessary accent.

Classic burgundy or dark red shoes will look stylish with a beige blouse and a black skirt. At the same time you can wear a voluminous beige bag. A classic blue dress with pleats and a thin red belt will be a suitable solution.

Red Stiletto Heels

Shoes with high heels and stiletto heels are not suitable for office work or business meetings. But you can easily wear them to a party or outing with a midi skirt with a high waist. If you are considering a party, you would be gorgeous with a glittery gold dress. With red lipstick and shoes, the look will be complete.

Stylist Tips

  1. If you decide to wear red shoes with an open toe or heel, take care of a flawless pedicure.
  2. Shoes with rhinestones are acceptable only for parties with friends, to wear them on other occasions – a sign of bad taste.
  3. For an evening festive look suit patent or red suede shoes.
  4. For every day suitable red patent leather shoes, as well as fashionable leather or patent leather models.
  5. A simple rule: red shoes plus clothes of discreet shades.
  6. You can contain the brightness of shoes by narrowed, fitted models of elegant classic clothing. These include classic pants, pencil skirt, dress-front dress.
  7. A good combination is red shoes and classic jeans, especially dark denim.
  8. Red lacquered shoes with a heel will not look with shiny clothes, decorated with sequins and ruffles. Glitter can only be on the shoes.
  9. We simply recommend you to pick up a pair of scarlet shoes if your fashionable image includes too many neutral colors and discreet clothing. However, such shoes by themselves are self-sufficient, and bright scarlet accessories are not included. In exceptional cases, allow a scarlet neck scarf, strap or necklace.


    Obviously, red fashion shoes look great with classic blue and dark jeans. But if the shoes are worn under a skirt, then it is worth taking into account such an obvious and subtle element, as tights. It is better to do without them if they are not necessarily nude-colored. Avoid shiny tights with lycra. But under a black and white dress it is quite acceptable to wear thin black tights. In other cases – only beige.

    Red Platform Shoes

    The savior of every girl who is tired of walking in high heels, but wants to visually increase her height – platform shoes. Such shoes are ideal for the summer, under a white chintz sundress or a puffed skirt. It is good if such shoes have an open nose. Such models are absolutely not suitable for the office. But they look gorgeous with dark or blue denim. Also keep in mind an additional detail: platform shoes tend to weigh the image, so they are suitable for girls with slender slender legs. The short length of the skirt is also unacceptable.

    The same applies to wedge heels. Red wedge shoes differ from platform models by their elegance. Often it is reduced to the toe, the platform can be the entire length of the sole, and often has an additional rise. Wear them with the same outfits, but remember the basic rule: red wedges or platform shoes are both seductive and bright. Combinations should consist of neutral, discreet clothing of a strict cut.

    Red Wedding Shoes

    When it comes to crimson shoes, it’s clear what to wear, but what to wear to a wedding? After all, crimson is the color of love and sensuality, and for weddings they fit best! In this case, you can choose lacquecrimson models, shoes with bows and all sorts of decorations. They will be suitable both under a crimson and snow-white dress.

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