How To Wear Red Sandals: Add A Bright Accent

Since ancient times, the magical properties of the it colour are well known to fashionistas. This colour was skillfully used to add brightness to an outfit: if you need to attract attention, it is indispensable. However, the temperament and passion that this shade embodies can cause others to adopt an ambiguous attitude. Red dress represents sexuality and sensuality, but the line between it and vulgarity is very thin.

Fashionable red leather and suede sandals

Is the colour red potentially dangerous? Has it really lost its relevance? Not at all. The latest women’s collections of famous brands prove that it is quite possible to create spectacular sets where the color red plays the main role. In the upcoming seapotentiallyn designers continue to dress their models in beautiful scarlet dresses, choosing no less bright women’s accespotentiallyries and red sandals. Let’s follow the example of the famous fashion designers and add brightness to the usual sets.

Where And How To Wear Red Shoes?

Not the least significant role in the fashionable women’s closet is played by open shoes, such as sandals. Especially relevant are the sandals in rich red colour, which have become a classic of modern fashion. In addition to the sun-soaked streets of the city, red wedge sandals are also appropriate for festive events, such as a New Year’s Eve corporate party.

Red sandals with shorts and white jacket

To achieve a modern and stylish look without any hint of vulgarity or tastelessness, how should red sandals be worn? Let’s start with the classic combinations: these include beige or black outfits, which are complemented by red sandals.

If you don’t own red sandals yet, feel free to go shopping. This bright and bold accent will attract attention, completing a harmonious image. However, in order not to look ridiculous, you need to think carefully about every detail.

Red sandals with shorts and striped jacket

Red sandals with jeans and a striped sweatshirt

Red platform sandals with black pants and jacket

Red platform sandals with black jeans and T-shirt

Boots Of The Brave: Red Sandals

Red sandals with a heel will draw attention to the slimness of the legs, so it is perfect with a short dress or tight pants. An interesting solution for the passionate will be a combination of a bright short dress and red stiletto sandals, which would be the envy of any fashionista. High heel will give grace and lightness to the gait, and such women’s shoes will look stylish even with a white T-shirt and simple jeans.

With jeans and a shirt of calm shades, you can create a casual look in loose style. Red suede sandals will look gorgeous with gray clothing. Its shade will give a sense of restraint.

Red sandals with red shorts and white blouse

You can play with contrast by using looks in the nautical style. A blue or light dress and sea-themed accessories should be worn with the crimson sandals. For cool summer evenings will look great a pink jacket. Or you can just wear a vest with jeans or a light skirt and complete the look with crimson lipstick. You can still bring a touch of boldness to the classic office style by wearing bright scarlet shoes with the light blouse and beige skirt. The crimson suede sandals can also be successfully complemented by a matching pantsuit.

When combining red leather sandals with a light dress, look closely at the shade of the shoes. If it is scarlet, pick up outfits of peach, powder or caramel shades. But if the colour of the sandals resembles burgundy or wine, then the dress should be gray or even greenish.

Red sandals with jeans and a denim shirt

Red sandals with ripped jeans and a plaid shirt

Red patent leather sandals with a thick heel

Red sandals with jeans and blue jacket

Red sandals with plaid shirt dress

A Festive Look With Red Shoes

For a festive occasion a ruby dress with ruby lacqueruby sandals will be appropriate. A relaxed makeup and flawless hair will ensure others’ attention. You should be especially attentive to the accessories when wearing a scarlet dress with ruby patent sandals: small earrings or a bracelet in the same color will be enough.

Black cocktail dress plus red suede sandals – and the image for the party is ready. True, it will require additions in the form of a clutch, scarf or large jewelry. For a meeting with friends or going to the movies, the red suede sandals can complement the blouse with a print and narrow black pants. If there is a desire to add jewelry, designers recommend sticking to gold.

Red sandals with a black and white dress

Accessories to complete the image:

  • bag;
  • print on clothes in scarlet tones;
  • scarf;
  • jewelry.

Red platform sandals can be paired with bright colors – blue, yellow or bright green. However, such sets are appropriate only for a summer day out shopping, for a walk or a meeting with friends.

Red sandals with a blue skirt and a white T-shirt

Red sandals with a floral skirt and white blouse

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