How To Wear Panama Hat: What to combine with. Fashionable looks for fall and winter

Fashion designers once again went on the sly and presented the familiar accessory in a new role. However, the trend for warm panama is adopting with difficulty. Designers and stylists for the second season persistently promote a variety of options for this headgear: fur, leather, plush. But women are in no hurry to fit the novelty into their own fashion images. Girls just do not understand what to wear this hat with in order to look stylish and beautiful.

Who fits a panama hat

First of all, you should not confuse a panama with an elegant hat with short brim. The latter is suitable for fitted coats, elegant fur coats, even for evening dresses and strict suits.

Panama is a casual, that is free, semi-sporty style. Therefore, this hat will perfectly suit ladies, who prefer clothes without strict frameworks. Age does not matter, the main thing is to feel comfortable in this outfit.

It is impossible for fashion designers to answer the question of which women look best in panamas. Almost every woman will be able to choose a suitable accessory. The only thing to pay attention to is a proportional combination of the width of the face and the size of the margins.

Girls with a narrow face should not choose a model with too wide margins, otherwise there is a risk of turning into a toadstool.

Similarly, round-faced ladies with obesity are contraindicated hats with short brim – they will emphasize every extra weight.

Otherwise, there are no restrictions on models and designs.

Best season to wear a panama hat

With the right choice of material, this style can be worn all year round. Naturally, there must be a different panama for each season.


For the beginning of fall quite suitable knitted models that are easy to combine with almost any type of clothing.

Closer to winter you should pay attention to warmer corduroy, drapes and plush. Among these panamas there are both blatantly sporty and quite elegant.

In winter

Even the warmest furry panamas should not be worn in severe frosts. Because of the loose cut of this headgear, the ears remain open. Despite this, fashion designers strenuously assure that such models are winter models. It is difficult to argue with them, because everyone has his own winter.

Demi season

It is worth considering that manufacturers rarely distinguish separately demi-seasonal, winter or autumn hats-panamas. Usually all warm models are marked with a single label: autumn-winter. Therefore, the necessary variant is selected on the basis of a particular climate.

For windy weather well suited panamas are made of thick not blown fabrics, with wide margins, maximum covering the ears.

Residents of rainy regions should consider options in synthetic and genuine leather.

Panama hat materials

It is clear that each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is not necessary to look for a universal solution. But in addition to the pros and cons of a particular option, you should also pay attention to your own closet. The chosen model of the panama should organically complement the look in color and style.


Leather – a very practical and unpretentious material that has long been used to produce hats.

Leather Panamas are available for both fall and winter. In the second case, they are additionally insulated from the inside with fur, fleece or wool.

It is worth noting that in European markets it is almost impossible to find models made of genuine leather.


The situation with fur is similar. But here high fashion has taken a different path. Fashion designers actively advertise artificial furs.

Faux fur, eco fur

It is worth noting that eco fur manufacturers understand that their products are inferior in terms of warmth to natural fur. Therefore, they actively go for tricks, such as adding fur earmuffs.

The undoubted advantage of faux fur is a wider palette. Yes, natural fur is also dyed in all the colors of the rainbow, but eco fur allows you to create unusual prints. Such solutions are very popular with young people.

Made of real fur

In natural products, the main emphasis is on the beauty of fur. Such panamas look more luxurious and elegant, but it is more difficult to combine them with outerwear. Eco fur is universal, it looks equally good with a motorcycle, and with a coat, and with a teddy coat. Naturals are more fastidious. You can’t wear such a panama together with a voluminous down jacket – such a combination will look ridiculous.


Plush hats are warm and soft, so it is almost the most popular type of warm panama. Girls eagerly incorporate this accessory into a variety of fashion looks.

But still, plush panamas are as if designed specifically for teddy coats. This combination looks perfect.


Just a couple of years ago the word combination “knitted panama” was associated exclusively with a light tracery hat. But today warm analogues using a denser knitting are in trend. Such models can be worn both in the fall and in relatively warm winter. They go well with coats and down jackets, creating cute and romantic images.


Corduroy can be in fine and coarse ribbing. Both options are interesting in their own way, but look absolutely different. Wide stripes are more suitable for sports style. Such panamas are usually softer and warmer.

Narrow welt goes better with more elegant coats and down jackets.

Made of bouclé

Panamas made of boucle look very stylish and unusual.

But it is better not to combine this material with outerwear of similar texture.

Much more interesting look images with a contrasting set, for example, in tandem with leather.


Wool is not necessarily knitted. Woven wool looks no less interesting, but more elegant and versatile. In the images with such a panama will fit both a leather jacket and a fashionable coat.


Manufacturers practically do not produce models solely of fleece. It is more often used to insulate panamas made of other materials: leather, cotton, corduroy, etc. But even with such insulation such hats are considered as demi-seasonal, not winter.


A quilted panama is another universal model. It fits almost any outfit.

Of course, the images are a little reckless and frivolous, but that’s the style of this hat. Fans of austerity and elegance, it is better to pay attention to more classic models of hats.

What to wear with panama hat

Naturally, there are no strict rules in the selection of clothing. Every woman has her own taste and preferences. But, street fashion allows wearing a panama even with stilettos or chiffon skirt. The main thing is to feel the style and to like yourself in the created image.

With a down jacket.

You can wear fur, quilted, and plush panama with a down jacket. But these hats are not suitable for every model of outerwear.

Outdated versions of blown jackets: with a belt and a la dress are definitely not suitable. The on-trend oversize and straight down jackets will go with almost any panama.

With a coat.

With coats the situation is similar to a down jacket: you can wear it, but you need to choose the right style. Strict, elegant, with a belt – will not combine with a panama. But free semi-sport models or fashionable overcoats will do.

Do not also forget about such a trend as the cape. This style is also organically complemented by a panama, the main thing is to choose a suitable type and color of headgear.

In the list of wearable options can be made and actual fur coats.

Like all novelties, overcoats are not to everyone’s liking, but this does not prevent them from successfully combining with panama hats.

With a jacket

Jacket – another stretchable concept. Denim and blown, corduroy and leather, long and short – a lot of options. And almost under each model you can pick up his own version of the panama. Very original images are obtained by playing on contrasts:

  • A furry panama with a light denim jacket;

  • gloss and shirt jacket;

  • leather and oversize.

There are so many fashion ideas that every girl can come up with her perfect image. And interesting accessories will help to complement to emphasize individuality.

With a leather jacket.

The leathers have long ceased to be the “uniform” of bearded bikers. Now it’s a unisex outfit that has been at the peak of popularity for years. Strange as it may seem, but panama leather jackets do not particularly suit these brutal jackets. Much more interesting and elegant with them look hats made of fabric, plush and eco fur.

In this case, strict black leathernecks are quite organically complemented by playful panamas cheerful leopard or pink colors. Models with ears or volume applique can become an alternative to the unusual print. Yes, such a style looks a little childish, but this kind of recklessness is very liked by teenagers.

With a sheepskin coat

No matter how it sounds, but a sheepskin coat looks best with a sheepskin hat. Such a combination looks complete and harmonious.

But that does not mean that this type of clothing is worn only that way. Sheepskin jackets can be quite combined with fur, corduroy or leather panama. These options are also in their own way good and interesting.

With a jacket.

At first glance, this combination seems something completely unacceptable. But a panama can quite harmonize with a jacket or even a business suit. However, it should not be a strict tailcoat or tuxedo, but free casual models: leather, plaid, etc.

With a tracksuit

A warm tracksuit has become a must have of the fall-winter season 2021. Such outfits are perfectly complemented by a panama. For such a look it is better to choose voluminous and fluffy models made of plush or eco fur. They make the image very cozy and soft.

With fur coat

Floor fur coats have long been an anti-trend. Now in vogue are short loose eco fur coats. Such models perfectly harmonize with panamas from plush, eco leather or fur.

In this case, the finished look can turn out to be not only sporty, but also quite elegant.

What not to wear with panama hat

It was mentioned above that you can wear a panama with anything. The same prohibition applies not to unsuccessful combinations, but to technical reasons.

Combined with a snood

A snood is a rather bulky scarf. If you wear it in tandem with a panama, the fields of the headdress will rest against the snood. Because of this, the hat will constantly fly off or “float” over your head – it will be annoying. To wear such a combination is not very comfortable, no matter how fashionable and beautiful it is – so it is better to choose something alone.

Combined with a high collar

In this situation the “technical reasons” are the same as in the case of the snood. It doesn’t matter if a coat, a down jacket, a jacket or a fur coat has a high collar – it would be uncomfortable to wear such outerwear together with a panama.

But there is one little trick here. You can try to pick up a headpiece so that the diameter of the margins is wider or narrower than the collar. It is not always possible to find a decent combination, but sometimes it works.

Color and design

According to the type of cut all panama can be divided into two types:

  • The fields are cut off, stitched to the crown with a separate seam;

  • There is no clear distinction between the awning and the margins.

Otherwise, there are plenty of options. All decisions are perceived by the society quite loyally: nobody will point a finger at them. So if someone wants to decorate a blue panama from wool with a brooch, or a veil for a black hat from leather – everything is real! Now color, texture, decorations, prints – everything is chosen individually.

For the most original panamas there are craft fairs, where needlewomen make unique models with the most unexpected decoration. Such handmade items cost more than factory-made ones. But no one else will have such a model.

Hairstyles with a panama hat

Naturally, each lady has her own style and image. Some hairstyles are suitable for adult women, for young girls – others. If desired, any haircut can be combined with a panama. But some options look more successful. For inspiration, below are collected the most interesting solutions with photos.

Long hair

The easiest idea is just to let your hair down. The main thing is to keep it clean and well-groomed.

Another simple method of styling is curls. It’s also a great way to create a great look and look equally interesting in a neatly styled hair and slightly disheveled “surfer’s girlfriend”.

If it is uncomfortable to wear loose hair, you can braid it. The main thing is to make sure that the hair is symmetrical: two ponytails, two plaits, etc.

Fashion trends: braids and zizi braids, will also do.

Short hair

Short haircuts usually cause less problems. It is enough to separate the hair symmetrically and add a headpiece – a fashionable image with a panama is ready.

How to wear with bangs

In the case of bangs, it is also worth adhering to the principle of symmetry:

  • or spread the hair evenly over the entire forehead;

  • or split the bangs in half.

As for the length, it is a matter of taste – both long and short can look quite interesting. The final look will depend on how low the panama is pushed over the forehead.

Panama Accessories

In the case of the panama, even the classic scheme looks original: bag-hat-shoes in tone. But you need to pay attention not only to the shade of accessories, but also to the texture of materials.

In addition to the classics, almost all combinations of bags and shoes are acceptable with this headdress.

Because of the panama’s cut, it is better to leave the neck open. Scarves, shawls, snoods will only interfere, resting in the fields. It is better to replace these accessories with massive bijouterie. Voluminous hanging earrings and beads are better suited.

Sometimes they are replaced by special chains. This trick visually reduces the width of the face, adding playfulness to the image.

Strangely enough, but it is recommended to complement the look with a warm panama with sunglasses. Apparently, this combination has migrated from the summer models. So fashion designers successfully complement with sunglasses both fluffy panamas made of fur, and thick hats made of leather or wool.

Celebrities in a warm panama hats

World celebrities fell in love with panama hats rather quickly. In these hats you can now find stars from the “old generation” as well as those who have just begun to build their careers.

Naturally, not all famous people wear panamas. But there are enough fanatics of this headgear. So you can take a successful image from the photo gallery, collected below.

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