How To Wear Loafers In 2022

Loafers are incredibly comfortable; they are easy to put on, and there is no need to waste time on laces or clasps. I’ll tell you what to wear loafers in 2022. How to combine fashionable loafers according to style, shade, and clothing style.

What to wear loafers with
Stylish ideas-images of what to wear loafers within 2022

Fashionable Spring/Summer 2022 Loafers – Photo

Loffers are shoes with rounded toes. The classic version has smooth lines, no buckles or laces, but a tassel or crossbar at the height of the foot.

In the classic version, the lines are smooth, and there are no buckles or laces, but there is a tassel or crossbar at the level of the instep.

loafers 2022
Loafers are shoes that fit into any look, from a work dress code to a relaxed holiday outfit.

Sometimes they are confused with moccasins, but there is a difference: the sole of loafers is quite solid and has a medium-sized heel.

Loffers originated in the early 1930s with Norwegian farmers, who needed simple shoes without buckles that could withstand everyday activities.

Brown looks good with jeans and pants in beige, coffee color.
White to create looks in white.

Fashion brands are changing classic options, adding lacing, tractor soles, and platforms. In 2022, massive, high-soled shoes will be in vogue. But the classic, neat models aren’t inferior either.

Banana jeans, a striped shirt, and beige loafers are the perfect everyday look.

If you don’t know what to wear loafers with, combining them with other essential closet items is best.

A look in black – simple and stylish.
If you like light shades – sandy pants, a white t-shirt, a beige jacket, and brown loafers.
Long nose model in beige shade – for a sophisticated look.
Puffy skirt and white shirt to black patent shoes.
Backless version with black leather pants, t-shirt, and cardigan.
Flaid skirt, trench coat, and socks – feminine and stylish.
Trench, long cropped jeans, and denim shirt – an option for cooler days.
Stripes in fashion. A white sweater with dark stripes and cropped pants would be a good choice for a casual look.

But they’ll pair well with a dress, skirt, pants, and jeans.

The polka dot dress is a fashion trend this year.
With white straight pants and a black sweater.
With cropped jeans and a jacket.

Fur Loafers

Stylish loafers can be presented in winter versions. Usually, their soles are thickened, fluted, and present eye-catching fur trim.

Winter loafers.

Indeed, if it’s freezing outside, with heavy snowfall, these shoes are unlikely to fit – they’re not high.

But for a European-type winter, loafers are pretty appropriate. They are optimally combined with pants and soft pants, fleece suits, denim jackets, fur decor, and lining. Each image will look exciting and nontrivial.

Winter loafers with fur are the fashion trend of 2022. They are worn with jeans, leather pants, and leggings.

They go well with a maxi dress, a pleated skirt, and a leather one.

Suede Loafers

Within the rich kaleidoscope of suede loafers, you can choose models from Loro Piano. The critical point is that the suede material successfully emphasizes the color transitions, the richness of the shade, and its depth.

In this case, the suede material successfully emphasizes the color transitions, the richness of the shade, and its depth.

That’s why there’s much room for color experimentation here.

Tender bluish loafers will create an elegant ensemble with a suede sand or terracotta suit. Suede can always be perfectly combined with jeans. Lightweight loafers in suede are combined with summer dresses and delicately pleated skirts.

Suede beige loafers with a jumpsuit – looks very stylish.

Color Scheme

Let’s highlight a few on-trend shades of shoes that will be especially relevant in the coming season.

Black loafers

Here we have a classic option in front of us. You can opt for a trendy total black for it. Contrasts are also acceptable, but black allows you to experiment with almost any color, and it makes sense to take advantage of that.

White loafers

Another classic option, but with it, you have to pay special attention to the fit and the model’s lines. It should look graceful, not visually enlarge the foot.

Beige loafers

All spectrum shades remain relevant, but a cool beige is preferred. Harmonizes with other cool hues, with black.

These are the most popular shades.

Brown loafers

Often ensembles with black and white are particularly striking, as well as with blue, blue.

Thick-Soled Loafers

Actual option. Catchy ensembles with jeans and tracksuits. You can pick up a sports dress or a long hoodie.

Heelless Loafers – Mules

The nontrivial solution will appeal to women who gravitate toward memorable, original styles. Yes, loafers can be without a heel at all. As a result, it creates a fascinating silhouette; the appearance gets a note of delicacy and vulnerability.

Perfect for a lightweight dress, this model will look aesthetically pleasing with shorts and short denim jumpsuits. You can choose heelless loafers by Gucci to make the image actual and refined.

You can choose loafers from Gucci.


Let’s focus on the features of loafers from several well-known brands. Designers do not tire of pleasing new models; you can create original ensembles with them.

Gucci loafers (GUCCI)

For a variety of ensembles, suit stylish loafers from Gucci. Here the brand delights not only with its numerous shades and variations of styles but also with its catchy branded prints.

Gucci loafers GUCCI

Frequently, decor, eye-catching elements, and matte and shiny metal are used. Another trend from designers is feminine heelless loafers.

These loafers can be picked up for a party with friends, a business dinner, or even a gala event. A classy formal suit, a casual short dress, classic straight jeans – you can easily create many looks.


The brand is the preferred choice of women who love elegance and sophistication and prefer romantic, feminine, and delicate styles.

The loafers in the brand’s collections are predominantly made of soft suede: it is very smooth and pleasant to the touch. The wide color range, elegant trim, fringe, and tassels attract lovers of trendy footwear.

These models can be paired with dresses, skirts, and elegant suits for a stylish casual look. Jeans, skirts, pants in denim, and midi dresses are a sure-fire way to go with loafers.

Prada loafers (PRADA)

The famous brand remains in demand despite the considerable competition. For loafers, they choose a catchy urban style.

Models with thick soles, on hard grooved soles, are pretty massive. At the same time, the lines are so smooth and harmonious; the socks are noticeably narrowed. All this allows for maintaining femininity and softness while following the trends.

The most common combinations chosen for these loafers are pants and jeans. Suitable are straight and narrowed models with a high waist. It is better to refuse additional decorative elements because the brand often decorates the shoes.

How To Wear Loafers With A Dress

Tender summer and spring looks create loafers with dresses. For classic models, you can pick up pleated dresses and outfits made of flowing fabric. Elegant and discreet dresses will successfully complement loafers with decorations, buckles, or small fringes.

Loafers Under Pants

A universal option because loafers look incredibly stylish with pants. Give preference to high seating, straight, and narrowed models. A good choice – jeans mom and loafers on a thick sole, tapered pants, and shoes without heels.

How To Match Loafers To A Suit

Here it is essential to consider the presence of decorative elements and the stylistics of the outfit in the first place. Modern trends are moving away from excessive decorations; everything has become closer to minimalism and restrained classics. That is why it is best to observe the principle of mutual complementarity.

Loafers With Jeans

The classic option is loafers ensembles with jeans. You have to take care not to have too much décor, as it’s not a hot topic for the season. If the shoes already have a decor, it’s better to choose jeans without additional elements.

If the shoes already have a decor, it’s better to choose jeans without additional elements.

Loafers With Skirt

The schoolgirl-inspired look is a fashion trend for 2022. A pleated, leather mini and cage skirt would fit here.

Loafers With Socks

An attractive modern trend is the use of a wide range of shoes and socks, golf.

Colorful prints, original drawings, geometric patterns, abstracts, and juicy hues are all present on the socks. And as a result, it sets the main note of the image. Combine best with leather loafers without excessive decor.

Create Loks and nontrivial ensembles with loafers for all occasions. These models can be casual or festive and are always comfortable.

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