How To Wear Lace Gloves

Lace gloves are an exquisite and charming item in women’s closets. Of course, now they are not as popular as in antiquity, but nowadays, a woman will find more than one reason to wear such an accessory. For example, evening thin variants are suitable for going to a play, and if they are made of thick knitwear, they are also useful for wearing outdoors in the cooler seasons. In this article, we will consider the features of such a controversial closet item, find out – how to choose lace gloves, and what models are especially popular and relevant now.

What styles of lace gloves are there?

Long. Elbow-length or above models are suitable for social occasions. Evening lace products combine an elegant dress with short sleeves or sleeveless.

Medium length. This is a universal model. If they are made of thin material, they are suitable for an evening outing to a performance, and if they are thick, they are also a street option for cold weather. They can also be fingerless, and white would work as a wedding option.

Short. In this case, the length barely reaches the wrist. This model is necessary if you are wearing a dress with long sleeves.

Women’s lace gloves without fingers. Such a variant is an original and sexy way to emphasize the beauty of the fingers and to draw attention to the hands. Fingerless model can be of different lengths – and short, and almost to the shoulder. It all depends on the outfit and the presence of sleeves. Such products are often used by women who spend a lot of time driving. These models allow you to “feel” the road, but also protect the delicate skin of the hands from too close contact with rough surfaces.

Lace Gloves Material

It is clear that women’s lace gloves it is naturally – lace. However, lace can be made of different materials – modern science allows the use of both natural fabrics and completely artificial. Let’s understand what materials are better for these accessories.

Guipure. This elegant artificial lace is used to sew models for evening exits. Women’s guipure gloves look great with smart dresses – beautiful and elegant. Most often, they are long.

Polyester. Another manufactured material. Polyester makes the cost cheaper, so nowadays, any woman can buy such a pair if she wants. Polyester lace gloves can also look beautiful and harmonious. They may be fingerless. It is better to purchase short polyester models- the material is not elastic enough for long models.

Lace with knitwear. Wonderful insulated option. If you do not want to part with lace gloves in cold weather, choose a model of jersey decorated with lace details. Such products are not cold, and they look lovely and feminine. Do not choose too short insulated options or fingerless – they are not too warm, so it is better to opt for a mid-length model.

Lace combined with leather and suede – a stylish and original option. The cost of such a model can be decent. However, such women’s gloves make you look “expensive” and respectable.


Consider which shades for lace gloves are most popular.

White. Classic color. Suitable if the lace gloves are intended for the bride. White evening options do not look bad in combination with a light dress.

Black color. Such women’s gloves look very sexy. Wear lace gloves of black color better for evening social events. Suitable for a romantic dinner with your loved one or a social event.

Red. Such women’s gloves are almost a challenge. If a girl does not like all the attention, it is better not to wear such an accessory. Red lace models will look better if the outfit is not too open; otherwise, the image can turn out vulgar. Extravagant people are advised to buy red models without fingers.

Black and white marbled marblings are the undoubted trends of the season. Short and long products look incredibly stylish, look chic and emphasize a woman’s status, especially if they are made of expensive materials – leather or high-quality lace.

How To Choose Lace Gloves

Some helpful tips from professional stylists on choosing this ambiguous accessory.

Choose models according to size. It is necessary that the length of the fingers corresponds to your own and that the product itself fits snugly around the palm – not stinging or dangling on the hand. Gloves that are too tight and short can tear quickly, and loose gloves don’t give the sophisticated impression you need.

If the fingers of the gloves are tight or, conversely, longer than your own, then it is also better not to buy such a product. They will look ugly. It is better to spend time and find gloves – evening or daytime – in size.

If you choose long gloves, pay special attention to their material. The fabric must have sufficient elasticity – after all, gloves will have to wrap around a large area of the hand, including the elbow bend – the material must stretch well without deforming.

Pay attention to the inside seams of the product. They must be free of protruding threads and even. Women’s lace gloves are already quite a delicate accessory that can quickly tear – so the quality of cut and sewing must be flawless.

Lace Gloves: What To Wear

A few recommendations for choosing appropriate clothing and shoes to lace gloves.

  • First of all, you should keep in mind that the color of the gloves should be consonant with several or at least one color in the outfit – so the overall image will look harmonious.
  • Beautifully look lace models with hats. Such a lady will look charming, reminiscent of the women of a bygone romantic era. Such a sophisticated impression can produce even versions without fingers.
  • It is good when the lace of the gloves is combined with some other lace detail of the outfit. This can be the trimming of a dress, a collar, or a print in the form of lace on an umbrella. But here, the sense of proportion is important – too many lace elements will look too obtrusive.
  • Bright lace female gloves – long and short – perfectly suit dark suits and dresses. Red or yellow models perfectly complement a black business suit or a dark blue evening dress.
  • Do not wear black gloves to a black outfit – the image will turn too mournful. Dilute the total black look with some bright detail – perfectly suit lace models without fingers, perhaps even white for this role.
  • If the evening dress has no sleeves, the gloves must be elongated. And if the sleeve length reaches at least the elbow, the gloves should be short. These are the classic rules of style.
  • Short models without fingers look harmoniously with cropped fitted jackets, sexy sundresses, and cute dresses with lantern sleeves.
  • Do not wear lace options, even fingerless ones, with T-shirts, sweatshirts, or sports-style clothing. Such a combination does not look at all stylish or even original. It’s just tasteless.

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