How To Wear Floral Pants

Pants with a floral print are a classic of everyday fashion, they belong to the direction of street fashion. It is quite simple to choose a set of such clothes. Choose a pair of colors, which are found in the ornamentation of pants, and purchase the upper part of the closet in accordance with these colors. Stick to this rule, and your image will be filled with harmony.

What To Wear With Them

To look stylish in the eyes of others, you must know how to properly combine colours of clothing. Therefore, it is imperative to listen to the advice of stylists on how to wear pants with a floral print. The combination of a motley top and printed pants will look ridiculous, so avoid such sets.

In the style of minimalism, the best top to wear with pants “in flower” is. It is necessary to observe the rule – the brighter the pants, the “calmer” the top. Units of clothing should balance each other. You should pair black pants with a top of neutral shades, light – in the same color family.

A classic one-colour blouse made of silk, chiffon or satin is a wonderful option. The most suitable colours are white, cream or soft pink.

For every day with pants you can buy a top. There are solid-coloured high top sneakers and T-shirts, as well as cotton and jersey T-shirts for lovers of street style. The top can have any inscriptions, but prints are prohibited.

A bright jacket or jacket will also help support the design of your mottled pants. The colour of the jacket should echo the dominant shade of the pants. In hot weather, the jacket with long sleeves can be replaced with a sleeveless jacket or vest.

Summer women’s suits with floral prints do not appear very stylish. They appear like pajamas, which are childish and not serious.

Women’s pants with blue flowers can be complemented by a blue shirt made of thin denim. With such a set you can wear moccasins to match. This combination will look quite stylish. Jeans with a floral print are also perfectly combined with a shirt made of the same material.

It is easy to see how pants “in flower” can be attributed to the romantic style, which means they look great with wide-brimmed hats, bright scarves, and scarves. Elegant gold jewelry or jewelry would also suit them. Fashionable accessories should have smooth lines and shapes. The geometric style of jewelry is not particularly suited to the floral print. Do not use jewelry in large quantities to create the image, as it cheapens the look.

Pants with a floral print look gorgeous with beige shoes or high-heeled sandals. The shoes should be monochrome, with decor in the form of rhinestones or metallic elements. Fashionable high-heeled shoes will visually make your legs slimmer.

Narrow pants-slacks are perfectly combined with monochrome tunics, blouses with basques. Accentuate the waist with a thin belt. Models with the addition of Lycra stretch well, keeping their shape well. Narrow pants can also be worn with loose chiffon blouses, which look weightless due to the peculiarities of the material. The pants in this option are not suitable for overweight girls.

Floral print looks especially nice on the skirt-pants. This model is usually made from soft flowing fabrics. The pants are made of silk and viscose, which give them a noble appearance.

Pants with a floral pattern require certain rules when washing. The suitable temperature is 30 degrees. In this way you will save their original colour as much as possible. Wash the thing separately, so as not to dye other items. Use a powder for coloured things, do not soak the pants for a long time. At the end of the soak, you can use conditioner to fix the colour. You should rinse the pants in water with vinegar, if you do not have such conditioner.

Before choosing pants, it is imperative to get acquainted with the trends that will be relevant this year. After all, the pants “in flower” should not only look beautiful, but also conform to the latest fashion trends.

This year, straight long pants that almost cover the toe of the shoes are in. They should be worn with boots or heavy boots. Models 7/8, which are perfectly combined with classic pumps, are also trendy. Both versions of pants will suit girls with perfect shapes.

Wide models of pants will also be relevant this year. Trends include sailing pants, palazzo. This type of pants suits everyone without exception. Wide pants hide the fullness of the legs, so they are particularly recommended for girls with flaws in the hip area.

This year’s model is again in trend. And an equally crucial detail is the fact that the actual “deep” ruck comes from the knee. This model looks especially stunning in fitted blouses and T-shirts.

Now in trend are pants with high waist. Models with a wide belt decorated with buckles, bows and other decorative elements are also popular. Style your high waisted pants with lace shortened sleeveless blouses and a crop top.

Tips For Choosing

When choosing pants with a floral print, you should always measure them, as the pattern can visually increase the volume of the hips. If you need to make the waist more refined, do not buy models with a large pattern and pockets. When choosing pants, follow these rules:

  • The most advantageous version of pants “in flower” for women with narrow hips. If you have a figure of “inverted triangle”, pants will visually create an accent on the hips. Monochrome top will make the shoulders narrower. Thus correcting the figure;
  • For chubby women, choose models in pastel colours with a small pattern;
  • Tall girls can wear fashionable pants in a large flower. Girls of short stature are recommended to wear pants in a small print.

For summer and spring choose models made of cotton or chiffon with an addition of synthetic fibers. They fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear. In addition, natural materials flow well and do not constrain the body.

Pants in a floral print are a stylish option for sultry summer days. The use of abstract roses, lush peonies, delicate lilies, and bright poppies on your pants will allow you to create the most fashionable images that will delight people around you.

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