How To Wear Culottes

what to wear culottes with

What to wear culottes within 2022

Who Looks Good In Culottes

In general, culottes can be worn by everyone without exception with skillful selection and combination:

  • First of all, these pants go for tall, slender girls with long legs. Lucky owners of ideal parameters can wear any style of culottes.
  • Short women should combine pants with heeled shoes.
  • The lightly knee-hugging model fits any lady’s size.
  • Lengthened cut above the ankle by a few centimeters will help you accentuate your dainty ankles.
  • Puffy beauties should opt for long pants made of pleated or flowing fabric in cool or smoky shades.
  • Slim girls will be adorned with pants with cuffs and guards.

Fashionable Materials

Natural fabrics are popular this season. For summer and spring, lightweight and flowing. For the cold season denser.

  • Natural and synthetic leather
  • Costume fabric
  • Tricot.
  • Celvet.
  • Tufted fabric.
  • Denim fabric.
  • Cotton and linen.
  • Chiffon, satin.

Kylottes 2022: Current Models

The styles are varied:

  • Minis and maxis.
  • Broad types up to the middle of the calf.
  • Straight and flared at the bottom
  • I was puffed and pleated.
  • Please.
  • With decorative elements.
  • With decorative elements: pockets, cuffs, laces, zippers, fringes.

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How To Wear Culottes Pants In Summer 2022

For the summer look, a great pair would be sandals, mules, or flesh-colored shoes that visually make the bottom lighter and lengthen the legs. Complete the outfit with a wide-brimmed hat and sizeable bright jewelry.

Combine culottes with cropped, loose-fitting tops, blouses, t-shirts, and tank tops that can be tucked in.

Fishnet tops, models with chest accents, and cut-outs would be appropriate for an evening out.

When choosing colors, focus on your preference and style and the basic tones: khaki, blue, white, and nude. In the summertime, you can wear pants with ornaments, prints, and patterns that make the outfit fun.

How To Wear Culottes Pants In Fall And Spring 2022

In the cooler seasons, pants can be worn with sweaters, turtlenecks, hoodies, polo shirts, over vests, jackets, jeans, knit cardigans, coats, and not too bulky jackets with an emphasis on the waist.

Regarding footwear, stocking boots, ankle boots, and boots as high as or slightly higher than pants would go well with culottes.

Sneakers and loafers can also be worn, and colored tights, socks, and high socks can help keep you warm.

Regarding colors, darker shades of pants are more appropriate in winter and fall: black, burgundy, brown, and navy blue.

Small bags on a long strap or handle look good with culottes: trapezoidal ones, valises, envelopes, etc.

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What Shoes To Wear With Culottes

Most of all, shoes with high heels go with the pants culottes 👠: sneaker shoes, sandals with straps, ankle boots, etc.

Fashionable women who aren’t afraid that pants will visually shorten their height can safely wear sneakers, slip-on, and various boots.

A couple of extra centimeters will be added by flesh-colored shoes or monochrome with stockings or tights. Taller girls can wear any shoes.

How To Wear Culottes For Curvy

Women with large sizes must combine these pants with shoes with a thin or stable heel. And as a material, choose lightweight but not very thin dark-colored fabrics.

The top should not be too bulky and bulky: a tucked-in loose shirt, a solid color blouse, turtleneck, or sweater. In cooler weather, you can wear a short jacket or raincoat.

For jewelry, chains with lockets or pendants would be appropriate. A solid bag with a sharp shape will create the proper contrast with wide pants.

Denim Culottes

Very interesting with denim culottes 👖💙 look at blouses and shirts in boho style with print or monochrome.

Combinations with hoodies, sweatshirts, various tops, T-shirts, and T-shirts are suitable for a casual look. Complete the ensemble with sneakers, wedge heels, and massive jewelry such as belts, bracelets, and beads.

Tricot Culottes

This model perfectly harmonizes with knitted t-shirts, t-shirts tucked into pants, and loose shirts.

Elasticated pants in tandem with short jackets, cropped tops, and blouses will work for everyday wear. Sneakers or sandals would be a good choice of footwear.

As you can see, if you combine them with your closet elements and accessories, culottes are indispensable for creating different images and styles: from casual romance to business style.

white culottes

White culottes and a white pullover are an excellent combination for every day.

They are age-neutral and suitable for both young girls and older women. The main thing is to choose the right length, material, and style of pants.

When combining, adhere to the following rules:

    • Wear a wide bottom with a skinny top and vice versa;
    • Remember that the simpler the cut of culottes, the easier it is to complete them
    • Avoid clothing that adds volume and cuts the figure

Linen Culottes

Linen is natural, light, and airy. It’s the perfect material for summer. It can be a natural shade, whitened, or dyed.

Cotton shirts, t-shirts, and tops go well with linen culottes.

Plyssed Culottes

The pleated model is lightweight and flowing. Pleated culottes are suitable for a festive image, a summer closet, for a vacation. But they are also ideal for work.

This is where the top will play a role whether you choose a strict jacket, a light blouse, or a simple T-shirt.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and stay on trend.

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