How To Wear Chiffon Skirt

Every woman builds her closet around one or more favorite pieces of clothing that represent a kind of “trademark. For example, pants or dresses with certain parameters are the center of the composition of each image. In some closets, the skirt dominates. The variety of models – pencil, godet, sun, trapeze, with a zipper, pleated, with folds – allows you to create many contrast images for different life situations. In addition, at least one skirt is an integral part of the basic summer closet of any woman, regardless of her clothing preferences. Imagining a beach holiday or summer walks in the city without a light chiffon skirt is nearly impossible.

Features Of Chiffon Skirt

The material dictates its conditions and predetermines the context in which the product can be worn. Lightweight fabrics have a number of features:

  • Silk, cotton or synthetic chiffon is a thin flowing fabric, which softly lies on the body, following the contours of the figure. It will emphasize both the advantages and disadvantages;
  • thin silk allows you to collect abundant gatherings at the waist, add flounces or draperies, without creating excessive volume. In addition, chiffon loves layering;
  • Light skirts do not hold their own shape. They gently sway when you walk, curl around your legs and take off with every whiff of wind. That is, the image will be dynamic (as opposed to static satin, jacquard, brocade, etc.).

It is also worth noting that chiffon models with prints are appropriate for a walk in the city or at a seaside resort. For an evening reception or for a trip to the theater, it is better to choose monochrome. Chiffon things fit very poorly in the office dress code.

Advantages Of Chiffon Products

The floating translucent chiffon is perhaps the most feminine fabric. It adds a lot of romanticism and grace to the appearance. If the girl’s goal is to emphasize fragility and helplessness, to focus on her femininity and to demonstrate a desire to have a companion who can work as a reliable support for her, then chiffon is the right choice. An imaginary weakness sometimes has tremendous power.

Since this material is constantly rippling and blown by the wind, it is suitable for hot days. It keeps the body cool by shielding it from the sun’s rays.

Who Is It For

A chiffon skirt can be introduced into a woman’s closet regardless of her figure or age. The colour and print of the fabric can radically change the character.


Material in light pastel colours is suitable for young girls for casual and evening wear. It will look gorgeous on older women in the city in combination with clear-cut clothes, jackets, jackets, summer satin coats or at an outdoor party outside the city.

Dark chiffon will suit any girl for a trip to the theater or to a reception with a strict dress code.

Floral Print

Attribute of summer country attire. Large contrasting flowers on chiffon are not suitable for city streets, but fit perfectly into a beach or country closet. A small print is suitable for the city. In any case, flowers are more appropriate for a young girl than for ladies of age.


Stripes, polka dots and other geometric designs are a stylish solution for medium length models. Polka dots – a recognized Italian classic and modern fashion trend – is one of the most feminine prints. It can be seen in the outfits of the irresistible Monica Bellucci. The nature of the pattern – the size of polka dots, symmetrical or chaotic placement – is a matter of personal taste and a woman’s choice.

Stylish Styles

Thanks to a huge variety of styles and materials, summer skirts made of chiffon can fit into almost any dress code.


Asymmetrical cut is characterized by different lengths and shapes of pattern elements, juxtaposing short and long parts, angles, and cuts. Such models are suitable both for daytime and for evening out. It is better to combine them with simple clothes in the upper part of the body to compensate the complexity of the bottom.


Skirt with a puffed gathering at the waist, cut as a sundress, is a frequent guest in the city and vacation capsule closet. It looks good with a floral print and well combined with a white jacket, denim jacket or leather jacket to the waist. It is imperative to remember that a less voluminous top should compensate a large volume in the lower part of the body.

With an elastic band

The skirt with a wide elastic belt is reminiscent of a ballet tutu. Most often these closet items are monochrome and layered. Sewed from chiffon or tulle in pastel colours, sometimes in bright colours. It can be combined with sports elements: a bomber, a T-shirt, sneakers to give it a modern feel.

With chiffon on top

For evening outfits, chiffon skirt styles are used, implying the presence of a stiff tulle underskirt. The thin chiffon is in this case the top layer, which rests on the frame. The material holds the necessary shape and allows the chiffon to fall smoothly over it.

With ruffles, ruffles, chiffon flounces

Decorative elements are used to increase the volume of the bottom of the skirt, not overloading it at the waist:

  • Ruffles create an opulent trim at the hem;
  • Ruffles allow you to expand the skirt gradually. Each next tier is cut at least twice as wide as the previous one. Thus, sewing tier by tier, masters get a hem, which in diameter is 8-16 times the waist circumference;
  • flounces are cut in spirals, which creates a soft wave without gathering along the seam line. Such trim is often used on products with a scoop.

There are many varieties of skirts. Every girl will find her own version.


Below the knee length chiffon skirts, which flow when moving and in the wind, always look very impressive. They can be cut in any way, have an odor, and have slits. The main requirement is a large amount of the finest fabric, which flares freely without exposing the legs too much.


Two-layered garments often use a translucent chiffon top layer with sequins, embroidery or lurex decorations over a monochrome opaque lining. Designers also create layered chiffon skirts, where consecutive layering of fabrics creates the necessary colour or texture effect.

With cuts

Slits on the skirt are made for easy walking, so that the straight-leg model does not limit the step. The cuts are located in the back or side seams. In some models the slit is left on the front panel. The number and depth can vary as desired by the designer.


Pleating is a modern trend that appeared on the catwalks a few years ago and has firmly established its position. Chiffon pleating has an obvious advantage over other fabrics. Thin chiffon, laid in the folds, does not create a rigid structure and does not increase the volume of the model too much.

Color Scheme

Chiffon skirts are a staple of the summer closet. The warm season allows you to introduce bright colours to the image, unlike winter, when dark colors traditionally prevail in clothing. In more austere images, dark colors can also be used. They can be overcome by creating combinations that contrast in colour or style.


This is a timeless classic. Even a knee-length skirt can be appropriate even for the office. Combined with a silk blouse and jacket such a product will look feminine and elegant. You get a stylish casual wardrobe if combined with a bright T-shirt and sneakers.


An option for a party or a date is a skirt made of a thin flying white fabric. This shade is not easy to wear, not intended for everyday looks.

White is suitable for a pompous reception when combined with a gold top. Mixing it with a pale blue or gray top gives you a delicate romantic urban look.


With a print, a skirt can combine several colors that are contrasting or close in tone. For such a thing, you should consider the interaction of all the available shades. It is worth remembering that a large print always draws attention to itself and is more difficult to implement in the image. If you have no experience in making combinations with a print, it is better to start experimenting on skirts with a small pattern. Polka dots will look simple, sophisticated and interesting.


Laconic knee-length or slightly above the knee skirts in powder pink or peach colour are particularly delicate. They are suitable for young girls and women. As the woman ages, wearing such a skirt will create an unnecessary contrast to her age, and the woman will look comical.


A bright red skirt is an option for parties and discos. Red is defiant and bold, it will attract attention both to the volume of the waist and to the legs of the girl. Bold and confident individuals can wear it.


One of the basic colours. Inky-blue pleated knee-length skirt can fit into the office dress code. Electric shade is suitable for urban style.

Summer Skirt Length

The question of skirt length is always related to how acceptable it is for a woman to show off her legs. It depends on both age and figure. The skirt’s hem should cross the leg in the most advantageous place, showing off your slender areas. Try on skirts in front of the mirror, experiment with the length until you find the most suitable one. Even one centimeter can sometimes radically change the overall impression of the image. You can even try to sew a chiffon skirt of the right length by yourself or in an atelier.

Short skirt

A chiffon skirt to the middle of the thigh with ruffles or prints is suitable only for young creatures. Such a model implies frivolity and mobility. An adult woman in a very short puffed skirt will look vulgar, even if her figure allows her to open her legs.


Knee-length is suitable for women of all ages. Such a product can look good in a bright design and in a laconic cut. Skirts are versatile and have a place in the basic wardrobe.

Below the knee

Fluffy pieces below the knee create a romantic look in a retro style. Soft colours, classic prints, gathering at the waist, and a “sun” cut are appropriate here. Appeal to the new look silhouette and stylistic aesthetics suits young women.
Skirts for a trapeze shape below the knee will fit perfectly into any girl’s closet.

Long skirt

Maxi implies a floor length. You can go on a date or to a reception in such a situation. It is not very practical for everyday use. Due to the length, it increases age, so mature women better avoid it.

What To Wear A Chiffon Skirt With: Stylish Combinations

This piece of clothing covers the lower part of the body, so it needs a supplement in the form of a top, T-shirt, blouse, jacket or sweater.

With a blouse

A classic masculine style blouse will lower the degree of femininity. It can be added if you want to make the image with a skirt more casual. On the other hand, silk things with a bow will support the romanticism of a feminine image. Choose a combination of fabrics that will allow you to tuck the blouse into the skirt without creating crumpled folds under it.

With a top.

Combinations with tops are a summer classic. It can be worn loosely or worn into a skirt. Note that the top or other clothing can be worn in the French way. Tuck it under the waistband of the skirt only in front, and let the back of the top drape freely and lay in folds on the hips. You can create a relaxed and chic Parisian-chic look this way.

Putting on a pair with a t-shirt is also popular. White is a trend in the basic closet. Any skirt (pleated, printed or with sequins) will look modern in combination with a snow-white T-shirt and topical bright accessories. For a complete look, add sneakers or flat-soled ballet flats.

With jacket

An option for a woman who wants to show style and professionalism. This is a stylish office outfit and a Kate Middleton style look for the city.

What Shoes And Accessories To Wear With Chiffon Skirt

These closet items can accentuate or transform the image through contrasts and juxtapositions. As street fashion rejects the usual rules today, your choices should be solely determined by your sense of style. Sense of style needs training. It takes practice to form it and educate your taste:

  • Search the Internet and study street style photos from fashionable European capitals;
  • Follow the style of your favorite contemporary model, actress, or fashion icon;
  • practice, create new combinations from the things that hang in your closet, experiment;

Also, stylists advise to go to stores and collect images for yourself not for the purpose of buying, but to try out new models, colours and combinations. Be creative!


The nature of shoes can dramatically change the image. The same pleated skirt can become an evening outfit with heels or a casual outfit with sneakers. Choose a pair that fits your goals for the day. If a chic event is planned after work, pack a pair of ballet flats in your bag for the evening. The feminine look will work itself out.


Choosing accessories, show your imagination. You won’t make a mistake if you pair a delicate chiffon dress with a pearl necklace, but you will add a dozen extra years to your life. Act bravely: Add a leather bracelet or asymmetrical avant-garde earrings to feminine chiffon. Remember that one bright accent is enough to enliven the picture.

Beautiful Looks

Photo images with chiffon skirts will help spark your imagination. The most unconventional combinations of light and floating products allow you to showcase your personality. Remember that a bit of humor in an outfit will always benefit you.

Pay attention to the photos of chiffon skirts for the overweight. There is no need for too large prints or too long floor lengths. All this will make a large woman shapeless.

Chiffon skirts have always occupied a separate place in the closet of girls and women. These products are light and graceful, which make a figure more attractive and an outfit more elegant. Before you buy this or that model, you should be guided by your taste preferences, age and figure.

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