How To Wear Checkered Skirt In 2022-2023

There are numerous styles of skirts made from plaid fabric, from bold or playful options for the youthful to classic and formal choices for the office.

These models are bell, sun, pleated, straight cut, and pencil.

  • Women with slender figures and long legs can choose straight-cut mussel skirts.
  • Shorter girls should look for slightly form-fitting midi skirts.
  • Miniature girls can visually elongate their silhouette with mini skirts in darker shades.
  • Fuller ladies will do well with maxi and medium-length skirts with a large oblique check. To look slimmer, we recommend choosing a plaid fabric where the vertical stripes of the plaid are slightly darker than the horizontal ones.
  • Hide a slight belly with flared designs and diagonal check designs to draw attention away from your thighs
  • Slim girls prefer products with a small checkered pattern; plus-size girls would do with a large checkered pattern.

Fashions of plaid skirts that will be on trend 2022-2023:

  • mini
  • midi
  • maxi
  • half-sun and sun
  • on the scent
  • trapeze
  • A-silhouette
  • Slits
  • plussed
  • asymmetrical

Skirts with belts, patch pockets, large buttons, full-length zippers, and other decorative elements will also be on trend.

A cage is not the same as a cage, so a piece of the same style but made of a different fabric will look different.

Despite the seemingly simple forms of the checkered pattern, many variations exist.

Small plaid

The small cage print adds a casual feel to any basic closet. It is more suitable for petite and slender women.

Large cage

Large cage clothing helps large and full girls hide excess weight by visually making their figures slimmer. If you wish, large and small plaid can be combined, as long as it does not look too variegated.

The large and small plaid can be combined, as long as it does not look too variegated.

Kletka tartan

A bright print consisting of several lines forming a plaid, one of which is necessarily a contrasting plaid. It takes its name from the male kilt skirts, which are popular in Scotland. The primary colors are red, blue, and green.

Checkered skirt

The popular slightly curved cage print in black and white is reminiscent of a goose or duck’s foot. Nowadays, in stores, in addition to skirts, you can find suits made of fabric with such a print, blouses, cardigans, and sleeveless jackets. By the way, the black and white check became fashionable thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel.

There are many color options for plaid skirts, but the most popular among designers and fashionistas have been:

  • black and white
  • gray
  • brown
  • red
  • blue
  • Green
  • yellow

Depending on the color and style, plaid skirts are great for creating casual, business, and evening looks. Preferably, wear them with simple things, but a tiny plaid print on other items in the closet is acceptable.

Use the following tips if you’ve got a plaid skirt and don’t know what to wear it with.

Red Plaid Skirt

This color’s shirts are more suitable for young girls: high school and college students.

To create the “college girl” look, combine a red plaid skirt with a white blouse or shirt. Top with a jacket, vest, or bomber the same color as one of the checks, and on the feet – long socks and stylish loafers or shoes with a small heel. High-heeled shoes would be inappropriate here: the image would turn out vulgar.

Black Plaid Skirt

The black skirt can rightly be considered an essential part of the closet. Such a piece is suitable for studies, work, and festive events.

The black plaid skirt is considered a basic part of the wardrobe.

Pair a mini skirt with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater for an everyday look. Wear a midi with a blouse and jacket for a business style.

Wearing a midi skirt with a blouse and jacket is a business style.

A Maxi skirt with a black turtleneck or blouse, classic shoes or booties, a long chain strap bag, and stylish jewelry makes an elegant evening ensemble.

White Plaid Skirt

This product will not leave you without the attention of others. Depending on the combination with other items in the closet, you can compose every day and evening images. The white skirt looks good with a black shirt or a blouse in white polka dots, but try not to go too much with the print in your clothes. Monochrome things are the best “partners” for plaid skirts.

Gray Plaid Skirt

The gray skirt can also be classified as a basic closet piece. It is ideally combined with white, milky, beige turtlenecks, blouses, and sweaters. An exciting image will turn out if you wear a gray straight-cut skirt to mid-knee length, a voluminous gray sweater on a lighter tone, and high black boots on a rough sole.


The look of a brown plaid skirt and a jacket of the same color (monochrome or plaid), a white turtleneck, and suede brown or black lace-up boots will help create a uniquely fashionable look.

A light brown coarse-knit sweater sloppily tucked into a flared skirt is exciting and even daring.


The green skirt can be interestingly beaten up with clothes of bright colors: blue, emerald, or mustard turtleneck make an exciting ensemble. Complete it with black tights and stiletto boots and go on a date.

Pair it with a top or blouse in primary colors for a more relaxed look suitable for office work.


In summer, a long beige skirt can be worn with a white top or a roomy chiffon blouse; in the fall, a warm monochrome sweater or a plaid shirt tied in a knot at the waist. A short skirt can be combined with a monochrome T-shirt, T-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater in light or dark shades.

Short Plaid Skirt

The red skirt looks spectacular with monochrome black or white tops. Black or white – with almost anything in the closet. Items of other colors should be selected by color more carefully.

The red skirt looks great on almost any wardrobe item.

The shoes also play an essential role in creating the look. From massive tractor-soled shoes, ankle boots with a high heel or stiletto heel to ankle boots, sneakers, shoes, or sandals, just one pair of shoes can impact your whole look.

Long Plaid Skirt

The floor-length plaid skirt adds a touch of femininity and mystery to the look. It can be worn in the summer, but more relevant such models are in the cold season (autumn or winter). A turtleneck of dark color, high-heeled boots, beret, stole – and here we get a beautiful autumn look for a walk in the city or a photo shoot in the countryside.


The ideal option for office work, business meetings and negotiations, and evening look. It is better to complement this model with a solid fitted shirt or a strict blouse. When compiling an ensemble, it is better not to experiment with an abundance of color.

With Overlap

Scoop skirts characterize simplicity and elegance up to the mid-knee length. For a more casual style flared skirt would be better. Combine them with a plain top and a slim blazer or a jacket.

Stylish Straight Plaid Skirt

Laconic and stylish – these two qualities are combined in one skirt. Easy to combine with almost any top. Additionally, the piece can be decorated with drapery, inserts or other material, and large patch pockets.

Folded – Pleated

Folded skirts made of chiffon, silk, cotton, and other materials are as popular as leather ones. They are worn with voluminous blouses or sweaters, turtlenecks and jackets, tops and bomber tops fitted shirts, or oversize.

The pleated skirt is the best choice.

Skirt Shorts In Plaid

The most striking is its combination with an office jacket—an easy and casual look of a skirt-shorts, white T-shirt, and white sneakers. You can also combine it with shirts and voluminous sneakers.


The plaid trapeze skirt is perfect for women with a pear shape.

Bundle Skirts For Curvy Women

Girls with respectable figures should not deny themselves the pleasure of wearing a fashionable plaid skirt. The designer showed them a beautiful plaid pencil skirt with slits and buttons and a light summer sun top.

Pencil skirts are a good choice for women with an “apple” figure. These women usually have attractive legs, and they’re worth showing off. A round belly can be concealed by wearing a tunic.

For the cold season, beautiful plus size looks can be paired with skirts and coats offered in the same plaid pattern. On the other hand, in the warmer months, a lightweight sun skirt with a belt or a pencil skirt combined with a pretty blouse will do just fine.

You can also choose a mid-length or maxi skirt that expands to the hem. Such a cut balances out your proportions and accentuates your silhouette.

Cut Plaid Skirts

You can’t go wrong with a slit skirt. This model will stay on trend for a long time and will please its owner with a bright and versatile look.

This nuance of clothing makes you look sexy and helps create an attractive look.

The cut can be completed with a few front buttons or a stylish side slit from the hip. This version of the plaid skirt is always very sophisticated and elegant.

It will be the centerpiece of your outfit and set the tone for your entire look. It can be worn with a simple top and jewelry (but the slit is the main decorative element).

Tweed Plaid Skirts

Tweed is the perfect material for the cold season, so a tweed skirt is a must-have in every girl’s fall and winter closet.

Perfect for fashionistas of all shapes and sizes, this skirt is made of tweed and has a straight cut. For slender girls, this cut helps to accentuate the charms of the figure, and the piece can be enhanced with notches, patch pockets, and buttons.

If you prefer a more delicate look, we also have a plaid pattern in beautiful soft pastel tones that you can wear this spring.

Buttoned Plaid Skirt

Want a casual version of a plaid skirt that’s a little different from other models? Then you’re looking for a button-up model to elegantly and stylishly embellish your fashionable plaid midi or mini skirt.

Two rows of buttons on each side or one row in addition to the placket and cut of this season’s new skirts give them originality.

Stylish Plaid A-Silhouette Skirt

A-silhouette skirts stand out for their simple cut, such as a trapeze. Skirts of these models suit almost everyone and are very versatile. With their elegant silhouette, cute austere look, and versatile style, these skirts fit nearly any type.

These skirts are suitable for almost any style.

Warm Plaid Skirt – What To Wear With In Winter

Warm voluminous sweaters, turtlenecks with high necks, jackets, and cardigans are worn with the products of dense fabric. The footwear suits massive sneakers, ankle boots, boots, and jackboots. Outerwear – practically any, but preferably monochrome.


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